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Covid-19 Jabs, More Trouble than they are Worth

Today’s post showcases a short video to which I attach a link below. Using official data, and on a best-case basis, RNA jabs likely kill more than they save. Then I touch on our best chance of ending this nonsense – the ‘Omicron variant’.

My recent post about how official UN sponsored science doesn’t support any kind of climate crisis narrative seemed to be helpful to readers. So the first part of this post is a similar effort to use official data to understand the efficacy and lethality of the lucrative but untested RNA gene therapies. This time it takes the form of a brief video clip (see below).

The deaths data discussed comes from the official US Vaccine Adverse Reactions Reporting System (referred to as VAERS in the video). There are equivalent official EU European Medicines Agency and UK (Yellow Book) sources which also list deaths and much more numerous serious reactions including strokes, paralysis, palsy and blindness, caused by the RNA jabs.

As we now know, the jabs do not prevent Covid-19 infection, transmission, illness or even death. The information in the video that the Pfizer RNA Jab reduces the chance of getting Covid-19 by a miserly 0.8% is from ‘The Lancet’ – The UK’s principal medical journal. So much for the 95% effective vaccines the politicians told us about.

Without further ado please click the link below:

If anyone has spotted the flaw in the argument outlined in the video, please do tell me. Based on conservative official figures, it says that within 14 days of the injection nearly ten times as many people are killed by the RNA jabs as they could save from Covid-19. And that leaves out the serious side effects. It also assumes that official figures capture most RNA Jab adverse reactions, which is almost certainly not the case.

The underlying problem is that Covid-19 is no more of a killer than the common cold. Very few people actually die of it. It is very hard for even a well-intentioned vaccination effort to do much good because so many people have to be jabbed to notionally save just one life.

You may recall from a previous post that the Italian Government recently revised its Covid-19 death toll from well over 100,000 to below 5,000. That is just 1% of Italy’s annual all-causes mortality. A similar pruning of the UK’s inflated ‘Covid deaths’ would presumably have the same effect here. And yet Italy and much of the EU is rent by civil strife over attempts to enforce compulsory vaccination and vaccine passports. Why is this being done? If I, and now you, know the Jabs are, on balance, killers, governments must know too.

As with lockdowns, social distancing, travel bans and masks, so it is with the jabs. The measures are as near to being useless as makes no difference in countering this latest common cold virus. But they do inflict collateral medical, material and psychological damage. How much will become clearer over time. And they provide cover for a loss of individual freedom and well-being to the benefit of state sponsored elite vested interests.

In any case we now have increasingly mild ‘variants’. As an epidemic peters out because more and more people become immune, viruses evolve to become more transmissible but less virulent. More transmissible variants are better at finding the few remaining susceptible bodies in which to reproduce themselves. They can thus become ‘endemic’ (little noticed but always with us) rather than ‘epidemic’. This is what always happens in such situations, as epidemiologists, and historians it seems, know well.

A less virulent virus variant helps itself to fewer of the body’s resources to make fewer new viruses. The new variant therefore typically doesn’t make its hosts particularly ill, still less does it cause death. The host therefore gets out and about readily, enabling the variant’s offspring viruses to find the few new hosts. Meanwhile more virulent variants die out.


The terrifying multi-spike proteined ‘Omicron’ variant was unveiled to world-wide acclaim by scaremongers, power grabbers and Big Pharma salesmen on Thanksgiving Day in the US.

It is an important positive development for two reasons. Firstly, it is another, milder ‘variant’ exactly as expected. It is not very bad. Until yesterday there had not been any reported deaths from it, as far as I know. Yesterday Boris Johnson managed to come up with one to justify further medically pointless interference. I hesitate to imagine how many terminally ill people were ‘tested’ to come up with that necessary prop for the state’s pretensions and the MSM’s scaremongering. I must say, by the way, that it seems to me that many fewer people really believe any of this stuff anymore. The mood is different to what it was during previous muzzle mandate episodes.

Omicron is doing a fantastic job of outcompeting its aggressive Covid-19 relatives. It will soon be hard for even the least scrupulous to find any significant number of deaths. That should finally pull away the last supports for the Covid-19 crisis narrative in the minds of all but the most credulous people.

The other thing is that Omicron makes the RNA jabs narrative so obviously fake. The (we now know bogus) limited initial efficacy of the RNA jabs rapidly falls within months of the injection. This is meant to be because, surprise, surprise, the virus evolves to alter its spike protein configuration thus nullifying the high-tech RNA snake oil. Omicron seems to be rather less affected by the RNA jabs. The solution is endlessly repeated ‘boosters’, of course.

Diligent readers will remember that natural immunity is based on T-Cell memory of all bits of previous viral invaders and so cannot easily be fooled. The problem is going to be almost entirely restricted to the vaccinated. Their immune systems are being undermined by continually countering obsolete Covid spike proteins produced in their modified cells.

The likelihood is that the correlation between higher vaccination rates and higher excess mortality will become clearer over time. This may explain the haste to coerce the jab-free across Europe. If they clearly enjoy relatively better health, the ‘plandemic’ game will be up.

In any case, thank God, the USA seems to be outlawing vaccine mandates as the noxious infringements of liberty that they really are. There will therefore be a big control group of the jab-free in America - indeed nearly everywhere in the world outside the benighted EU and the unlucky Old Commonwealth countries. The truth, whatever it may be, will out.

On a lighter note, here is a link to an entertaining ‘variant’ of the classic ‘I will survive’:

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