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Is the Pandemic Narrative Breaking Down?

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

After a long year of brainwashed compliance to Big Brother liberty crushing lockdowns the truth about these disastrous policies is coming out, especially in the US. Governments can either back down or reveal they are up to no good.

This post is intended to restate and update the truthful picture presented by pro-liberty – and plain honest professional – voices about the state-promoted demolition of our societies by most governments in the West. Thousands of lives and millions of businesses and jobs have been lost in the name of countering what in fact amounts to a flu, and one which disproportionately kills people whose health is fatally compromised, mainly by old age.

As over thirty scientific studies comparing national policies to outcomes now show, the government measures described as ‘lockdowns’, including not just home imprisonment, but also masks, social distancing and travel restrictions have done nothing to change the course of the coronavirus or reduce its mortality.

We are beginning to get government style cost benefit analyses, for example from Canada, the USA and Australia, indicating that even on governments’ own assumptions lockdowns deliver 5 to 10 times more loss than benefit. Of course, once one understands that lockdowns don’t work at all one can see that they cause pure loss. A New Zealand study found that an additional five days of ‘Alert Level 4’ lockdowns cost over 90 times the assumed benefits.

The people at risk from this illness are overwhelmingly the elderly. The average age of reported coronavirus death is over 80. Most deaths were of people with more than one other thing seriously wrong with them (so-called ‘co-morbidities’), which would probably have killed them within a year. That’s why it is obvious that lockdowns could not have saved many ‘Quality Adjusted Years of Life’, even if they had ‘worked’, which they haven’t. Many or most deaths in American states for example have been end of life nursing home deaths. For what it is worth, if our fragile state-driven societies hadn’t created centralized nursing home and hospital-based care, the two main causes of Covid-19 infections and deaths would have been eliminated.

The next biggest problem areas are obese people and people who are vitamin D deficient. (On the topic of obesity, nearly half of Americans have apparently managed to put on an average of two stone (29 pounds or 13 kilos) during the last year. So that’s another lockdown own-goal, as is increased vitamin B deficiency – Beri Beri – respiratory disease.)

Over 80% of reported coronavirus deaths are of vitamin D deficient people. One big reason for the variance in coronavirus death rates is the poor metabolic health – caused by nutrient-poor calorie-rich diets and poor lifestyle choices - of many western populations. Italians, for example, generally have low levels of vitamin D, making their immune systems weak, but Japanese people do not. Locking down Italian people indoors out of the sun, thus driving vitamin D levels still lower, was therefore stupid beyond belief.

Vitamin D deficiency would also largely explain the unfortunate over-representation of darker skinned groups in the coronavirus statistics. Europeans had dark-skinned ancestors too. They rapidly evolved white skins in order to maximise the Vitamin D they could make in Europe’s feebler sunshine. That’s because Vitamin D deficiency is a killer. A lot of trouble would have been saved all round if people were simply advised to take more Vitamin D.

I blame medical professions’ incestuous relationships with drug and vaccine companies for their long-standing refusal to acknowledge the value of vitamin D. It is cheap as chips, and therefore not in the Big Pharma’s commercial interest. Similarly, the attempts to censor and discourage other effective but inexpensive medications over the last year reek of systemic corruption. The WDA, like the WHO and the CDC, gets around half its income from corporate healthcare sources – these are not really ‘public bodies’. Under its rules, the WDA could not approve ‘emergency use’ of untested gene therapies (‘RNA vaccinations’) unless there had been a genuine pandemic, and no other effective treatments. Neither condition was true, so they and their legacy media allies have to pretend otherwise.

Governments, legacy or mainstream media, and public health insiders have lied about this for a year in order to bring home the bacon for their mates in Big Pharma and to prop up political power. What other explanation is there for the censorship and bullying of dissent which has been deployed against the sceptics? It’s another fake narrative. This corrupt corporate and official predation, and lying, could not occur if nobody was allowed legal immunity for misdeeds – i.e, it could not happen unless there were a state. This is exactly why most people would be better off in no-state societies.

Anyway, back to the current reality. Japan in contrast had few ‘lock down’ measures, and few deaths, in part because of high Vitamin D levels. Like the rest of East Asia, it probably also has very high levels of T-Cell cross-immunity to the novel virus. Its people will have had repeated exposure to outbreaks of similar viruses often arising in neighbouring China’s enormous population. For example, people who caught Sars 1 Covid in East Asia over a decade ago are still immune to its relative Sars Covid 2. This is despite the fact that the two viruses only share 80% their genetic material (i.e. are 20% variants of each other).

It is worth noting that the most different of the ‘variants’ now being used by state propaganda to prolong public fear and misery is only 0.3% different, not 20%. So, as Mike Yeadon explains below, it is likely that people with natural or vaccine-acquired immunity to the original version of this coronavirus are perfectly safe from them.

The variants are another scare/scam story. We have been lied to and we are being played by people using state privilege to feather their nests. The whole mess is a microcosm of the over-all ‘Great Fiction’ that the state is a force for good, or that it is run by people who are on our side. It isn’t. That’s why when I say so, people get upset. What if the pseudo-parent state, big daddy or, better, Big Brother, resents or despises us?

The big lie is ‘we are all in it together’. The idea is that we were all equally vulnerable to a new plague with a big 3% chance of death (‘Case Fatality Rate’) if we became infected. This was not true, and repeating it, at least after the first few weeks of panic, was culpable. Right at the beginning, the outbreak on the Diamond Princess cruise ship showed that the likely fatality rate was more like 0.2% or less (as the WHO was forced to belatedly confirm).

Worse, from the point of view of scaremongers, 80% of people cooped up on the ship were unaffected, despite being on average much older than normal populations. That strongly suggested that many people have natural immunity (‘T-cell cross-immunity’) to this and other members of the coronavirus family of bugs. Indeed, the rapid rise and fall of the coronavirus a year ago, and its failure to wreak widespread death and destruction this winter are consistent with the rapid acquisition of herd immunity by the minority of the population that was not basically naturally immune anyway.

The reality is that this was a bad flu for very ill, mostly elderly people, and irrelevant to the active population. The coronavirus was never going to kill people in the active population, or be spread by them. When the lockdowns came in, the coronavirus continued not killing healthy, active people. It just killed inactive unhealthy people who already weren’t out and about anyway. Basically, lockdown schemes hurt the population which was not at risk, while giving the virus free rein in care facilities. It’s as stupid as that.

Figure 7: In England, daily deaths due to COVID-19 started to decrease in mid-January 2021

Number of deaths occurring on each day from March 2020 to February 2021¹, five-year average and range, England

Source: Office for National Statistics - Monthly mortality analysis

Let us briefly review the UK government’s own mortality statistics as shown above.


We can discount the so-called coronavirus deaths in the chart which were reported after the introduction of the PCR tests last autumn. The WHO and its sister organisations have admitted if PCR tests are run for 30 or more iterations almost all positive results will in fact be false positives. If people arriving at hospital last winter got a positive test result – almost certainly a false result – and then died for any reason at all that was counted as a coronavirus. The fact that governments have not revealed how many PCR test iterations they have been using suggests malfeasance and a continuing desire to manipulate the number of ‘cases’ by covertly adjust PCR test iterations. The British government has by the way admitted that reported coronavirus deaths are too high by 23%, which should relate to this much hyped PCR test related ‘second wave. This 23% is likely to be an underestimate of the scale of falsely reported coronavirus deaths.


What we see in the chart above is an expected initial spike in deaths last spring, followed by a steep fall. This fall was partly seasonal and partly the result of natural herd immunity developing in most of the country. People who were not already immune became immune after fighting off the illness, often without noticing any symptoms.

Around Christmas there was a much smaller spike in excess mortality. This is likely to have been caused by a mixture of; coronavirus returning to attack people who had become frail over the previous six months; delayed achievement of herd immunity in places which had been affected later than others; and deaths of NHS neglect and despair precipitated by the renewed lockdown. The next winter season should see this coronavirus, and its practically identical ‘variants’, relegated closer to the status of just another seasonal respiratory bug.

I suspect that the excess mortality in January includes deaths caused by the beginning of mass UK inoculation of the elderly using untested gene-altering therapies. They are not vaccines (which work by exposing the immune system to live or dead bits of bug) but rather instructions to alter our cells to produce alien bits of the bug. What could go wrong?

The American CDC VAERS register of adverse reactions is showing around 3,000 deaths and 10,000 serious injuries as of mid-April associated with these jabs, and many more problems may not have been reported yet. Given the scale of the UK’s jab campaign – only Israel I think has jabbed a higher proportion of its population – there were likely some hundreds of vaccine-related excess deaths in England in January. For contrasting views on the jabs see the links to Mike Yeadon’s and Jay Bhattacharya’s views below.

If you average revised reported UK coronavirus deaths over the last two winters, they are surprisingly comparable to respiratory disease deaths for the preceding two winters. UK mortality at 0.9% in 2020 is not significantly out of line with experience over our lifetimes. Many countries had fewer than usual deaths (Ireland) or normal mortality (USA) in 2020.

Lastly it seems likely that deaths in the UK are now running far below average, and yet the government is very reluctant to take its foot off our necks.


To some extent the whole coronavirus fiasco reflects contrasting understandings of the nature and importance of ‘expertise’. Many people assume that you just ask highly specialized government diplomaed individuals what to do in the case of apparently highly technical arcane problems and then follow their advice. But in the hyper-specialised academic western tradition, experts typically have little knowledge of even closely related fields, none at all of economics, and often no intellectual ability to formulate or understand logical arguments or make trade-offs. I attach a link about people waking up to how bad the ‘experts’ at Imperial College really were.

It is a key general pro-liberty insight that even if an expert, or an official, were the smartest guy in the room, he could never be smarter than the room collectively. That is why the pro-liberty case favours the greatest possible degree of decentralization of power. That way as many people as possible are free to work out the best thing to do. Overall, this works much better than centralized statist approaches.


America’s fifty states show the virtues of decentralisation. While the vast over-centralized EU lurches through repeated failures towards increasingly likely unrest and disorder, ‘Red’ (Republican or ‘conservative’) and ‘Blue’ (Democrat or ‘progressive’) states are trying different approaches. Following on from South Dakota, which never locked down at all and is buoyant as a result, the big red states, Texas and Florida, have opened up completely.

Florida ended its lockdowns early and governor DeSantis has even suppressed local county or city mask mandates and banned vaccine passports. Unsurprisingly – to believers in liberty – people and firms are leaving places like New York and California in droves and are moving to Texas and Florida. This is precisely the kind of separation out of pro-liberty and pro-state populations envisaged in several posts on this site. The ‘pro-state’ blue states are losing their tax bases. If they raise their already higher taxes then the trend against them will worsen along with their higher unemployment rates.

However, that is not today’s point. Readers, as the well-educated free-thinking people you are, already realise that the coronavirus response by most Western governments has been a disaster. It is easy to forget that many people actually still believe what the government, BBC and legacy (i.e. ‘dying’) mainstream media say. Many still really imagine that if it were not for the government’s measures far more people would die.

Remember that 500,000 people in the UK were supposed to die of coronavirus in the absence of lockdown measures, and nearly 100,000 in Sweden? Sweden helped showed early on that lockdowns in fact have no effect on coronavirus deaths. But lots of very frightened people in the US genuinely expected massive death tolls in re-opening states.

But this simply didn’t happen. Fauci told the servile media that thousands more people would die in places like South Dakota and Florida. Tens of thousands of people there went to so called super-spreader events such as sports events. Nothing happened. Fauci can’t explain why this is the case. So even hitherto brainwashed normal people (‘normies’) in blue US states are noticing that no die-offs actually occurred. Meanwhile it’s the still locked-down states that have more ‘cases’ and deaths – and worse unemployment.

California’s has a similar climate to Florida. It has locked down hard. Yet now California’s coronavirus mortality is worse. This is especially remarkable given how many more old, medically vulnerable people Florida has than youthful California. Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi have joined Texas and Florida in an anti-lockdown axis.

What a pity that the UK’s devolved nations didn’t show some independence of mind rather than adopting even more ill-conceived policies than Boris. Reopening their societies could have made the political fortune of national leaders, as it has for Florida’s governor deSantis.

Still the coronavirus orthodoxy may finally be on the defensive in the popular mind, especially in the US. If governments persist in this folly, in the teeth of the evidence debunking their policies, they and their fellow travellers will be seen to be up to no good. The longer they persist the greater the damage and the ensuing political reaction will be.


It has been said in that people go mad in crowds but come to their senses as individuals. And, one might add, rather slowly. Whether the original reasons for the lockdown lunacy were innocent and misguided, or corrupt and self-interested, the result has been an attack on our freedoms which is getting worse, and an acceleration of the rate at which the public space is being submerged by censorship and lies.

I attach a video by a Scottish nurse who explains that everything said about the NHS and its response been a lie. She has resigned and joined the anti-lockdown Feedom Alliance party.

I also attach a link to a recent Mike Yeadon interview. He was a senior executive at the vaccine maker Pfizer. He explains that most everything the UK government says about the coronavirus is systematically and demonstrably misleading, if not simply untrue.

Tom Woods’ podcast with Jay Bhattacharya strikes a lighter more optimistic note, but it also reports the intimidation of dissent that has been happening because of this tyrannical, patently wrong state policy. Bhattacharya reports, and I have heard elsewhere and experienced it myself, the formation of stronger friendships based on mutual support and a common interest in human flourishing and in the truth - rather than secrets and lies.

Lastly there is a recent, characteristically lucid Ivor Cummins interview, also with Tom Woods. As ever, salt to individual taste. Here are the links:

On the next page of this post, I attach an amended email from the World Doctor’s Alliance, which seems to me to be very much worth listening to and supporting.

The World Doctors Alliance (WDA)

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