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Putin Takes On the Western Globalist Elites

Pro-liberty voices have struggled against censorship to explain that Western states are controlled by globalist elites who sow chaos and wreck populations’ well-being. Now Russia has publicly said the same thing, and most of the world is likely to agree.

I began to write this blog in the spring of 2020. We saw then the globally coordinated implementation of totalitarian, medically useless public health lockdowns. Something was obviously very wrong. This blog allowed me to let off steam, chronicle the descent into insanity, and explain why we would be much happier without the state.

The alleged plague was quickly shown to be harmless to the vast majority. Not long afterwards it became clear that widespread censorship and intimidation would be used globally, and especially in the West, to suppress life-saving information about inexpensive treatments for Covid. It became clear that the aim was to panic populations into surrendering their freedoms and submitting to a universal bio-medical security state based on being jabbed with useless, dangerous but lucrative experimental gene therapies.

For me, and for many other libertarians, WWIII began then. This attack is an existential threat to future human flourishing and indeed, for many in the Third World and possibly the West, survival. It has been planned and intended as such for many years.

The thesis that we are indeed under deliberate attack by our ‘own’ globalist elites goes on not being falsified by events. Indeed, there are few if any viable alternative explanations for the extraordinary events we are witnessing. During Covid, the globalists centred on the World Economic Forum or ‘Davos Crowd’ (the WEF meets annually at Davos) took off the mask, openly describing most of the world’s population as ‘useless eaters’.

They narrowly failed to implement their vaccine-passport-based totalitarianism (see post ‘The Vindication of the Unvaccinated’). Still, their RNA ‘vaccines’ have left a legacy of very approximately 10% excess mortality, and possibly 10% fewer births.

Under cover of the convenient ‘covid’ and ‘climate change’ narratives, the globalists have also wrecked supply chains. They have imposed sanctions on Russia whose main effect has been to deprive the West, especially the EU, of access to cheap energy, raw materials, fertilisers and food. Now they are attacking farmers and food production directly, supposedly to reduce ‘nitrogen’, which happens to comprise 80% of the air we breathe.

More and more people are awakening in the West to the evil that people like Schwab, Gates, Soros and so many Western officials, oligarchs and corporate leaders are doing in the service of the globalist ‘New World Order’. But it has been uphill work in the teeth of censorship and propaganda. Now we may have official allies.


So far, the official help takes the form of two speeches, given by Vladimir Putin, and Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu, at an international security conference made up of diplomats and military men from the countries which have tacitly lined up behind Russia.

It is easy to forget that the vast majority of the world’s population, and most of its economic potential, is lining up behind the ‘sovereigntists’ alliance headed by Russia and China. The ‘golden billion’ people in the West are isolated and face cultural and economic oblivion.

It’s easy not to know this precisely because the heavily censored western media are concealing this fact. And, of course, these Russian speeches have not been reported here. But for most people on the planet, what the Russians said, publicly, may well become the generally accepted narrative.

The next few paragraphs repeat as closely as possible what was said. Below them I attach a link to a video by Alexander Mercouris reporting on the speeches in more detail. So, what does Russia have to say?

Putin identified and named the ‘Western Globalist Elites’ as an adversary. He said that they are engaged in a doomed attempt to hold on to global hegemony in the face of ‘objective historical forces’ moving towards a multi-polar world in which each country could choose its own way forward based on its own cultural traditions and values.

The world faces a choice between two systems, the multipolar sovereigntist grouping headed by Russia and China versus the unipolar ‘Western Globalist Elites’ faction (which we would identify as the Davos Crowd elites clustered around the World Economic Forum (WEF)). ‘Western Globalist Elites’ are publicly identified as enemies of Russia and its friends.

Putin said that Western Globalists are actively trying to subvert possible alternatives to their continuing dominance. One method they use is to deliberately foment chaos (his word). The personnel of the Globalist Elites are drawn from the West. But Russia regards the populations of the West as much abused victims of their own elites, and not as enemies.

Successful establishment of a new hegemony by the Western Globalist Elite would mean ‘stagnation for the world and civilisation, obscurantism and neo-liberal totalitarianism’. These elites have no loyalty to the states and countries that they control. They control states in order to promote their project. They inject alien ideas and values into societies.

Western Globalist Elites are trying to distract their populations from the consequences of their own policies, which are plummeting living standards, rising unemployment and socio-economic problems. They are not interested in the well-being of their own peoples.

He continued, in front of an audience largely composed of people whose countries experienced Western colonialism, or neo-colonialism, by saying that the Western Globalist Elites, and I quote, ‘wish to disrupt your societies and break down your states to take away your independence. They want to establish themselves as the place where rules are laid down while your laws are overthrown. Their aim is to sponge off you as the former colonial masters did’. And, yes, Putin did apparently use the Russian expression for ‘sponge off’.

Here is the link to Alexander Mercouris’s detailed discussion of the Putin and Shoigu speeches in Moscow (starting at the 4 minute mark)

The point is that the globalist project to create a totalitarian New World Order has now been outed publicly. Yes, the West will suppress news of this development and try to claim it is all just propaganda. That will merely slow understanding in the West. Elsewhere I suspect the idea of a sinister Western neo-colonialist project will take hold rather quickly.

As it does, will some of the information that other major states undoubtedly have about various past ’conspiracy theories’ start to see the light of day? Once institutional credibility fails, which can happen suddenly, previously unquestioned narratives may be revisited. For example, a Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman reportedly put out this tweet:


Lastly, I attach a link to an appearance by Tom Luongo on episode 2187 of the Tom Woods Show podcast. Tom Woods is an unfailingly cheerful and effective libertarian talk-show host with many books on economics and history to his name. Tom Luongo is the author of the Gold Goats ‘n Guns blog. He created the Davos Crowd meme as a description of the sinister oligarchs and officials behind the totalitarian, frankly communist, New World Order project.

Tom has also been popularizing the idea that the various factions within the Davos Crowd which cooperated to bring us the Covid pandemic and the attempted elimination of our freedoms have now begun to fight each other. This is partly because the globalist New World Order project for a single all powerful world state is foundering on the rock of Russian and Chinese led resistance. It’s also because powerful interests in the West have realized that the Davos template means their destruction. For more, please use the link below to access the podcast.

Tom Luongo and Tom Woods, Episode 2187

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