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Welcome to Awah.UK, a new English Libertarian website.  It is intended to expand awareness of the true alternative to ever increasing state interference in all our lives.  Instead this site explains how Free Societies based on Libertarianism will be more prosperous, stable and secure.

In these posts you will find some of the greats of the Libertarian movement and of Austrian School of Economics; Mises, Rothbard, Hoppe, Bastiat, Molinari, Say, and even Cantillon.  Mises and Rothbard explained how Liberty, where everyone can live their lives as they see fit, leads automatically to high levels of voluntary cooperation and trust.  The result is always progress.  Taxation and state legislation offend against the key Libertarian Non-aggression Principle.  They are tantamount to robbery and coercion.  They do not create prosperity or preserve Liberty.

The Austrian School understood that a sound society depends absolutely upon sound money, almost certainly silver and/or gold.  Sound money underpinned Britain’s staggering success in the 19th century under the Gold Standard.  In contrast Keynes, and Keynesianism, ushered in the end of the link to gold and the bogus science of macro-economics.  It has paved the way for unreliable state currencies.  They have enabled the state, bankers and favoured corporations to steal from productive people through inflation. These unbacked ‘Fiat’ currencies will fail in the near future, taking the welfare warfare state with them. 

How is this to end?  Well the enormous Democratic Socialist governments in the West are broke.  They cannot honour their promises and so are losing popular consent.  The establishment, politicians, officials, bankers and heads of the corrupt corporates dream of the technocratic, totalitarian socialism proposed by the Davos Crowd’s WEF.  This will fail, sooner or later, like all Marxist projects.  Secession and radical decentralisation will be the way forward for all societies who wish to regain their Liberty.

Free Hands - - A Libertarian Per

AWAH. A Libertarian Perspective To A Different Way Of Life

Alan Stevens -
Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author

A man who has had a good education, a varied experience of life and the opportunity to read widely, especially in history, economics and political philosophy.

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Other Sites You May Find Of Interest

There is a growing community of libertarian thought and commentary. 

Office Conference
One purpose of this site is to introduce you to it. 


Below I list some sites which I find interesting and informative. 


They generally come at things from a small-state or no-state perspective.

The Mises Institute

The principal academic stronghold of Austrian Economics and Rothbardian Libertarianism.

Lew Rockwell

A founder of the Mises institute whose personal site sends out a free daily collection of libertarian and other dissenting articles from many sources.

Institute of Economic Affairs

The most influential think tank in modern British history.  It has an excellent book club, regular speaker meetings and a formidable program spreading the word of Liberty and Austrian Economics in schools.

Tom Luongo, Gold Goats n Guns

A feisty mix of geopolitical and financial markets analysis from a resolutely libertarian standpoint, with subscription lists for a monthly newsletter and engaging,  twice weekly podcasts. 

Tom Woods

A prolific Libertarian commentator who does a daily podcast show which is on Spotify.  He has written many books on American history and wrote a considerable part of the Ron Paul Homeschooling Curriculum - a boon to many during the lock-downs. 

Ron Paul Institute 

Ron Paul is a veteran Libertarian/Classical Liberal Congressman and would be Republican Candidate in 2012. 

David Stockman

A mainly subscription website with daily emails written by former President Reagan's Budget Director, with a focus of American government and capital markets issues looked at from a conservative point of view.

Martin Armstrong

A heavy-duty geopolitical site, with some but not all posts restricted to subscribers, analysing current trends in western societies.

War is the Health of the State, as the saying goes.  This veteran site offers an informed overview of the wars stoked up by states across the globe.


A big independent aggregator of non-mainstream media (MSM) articles including many with a libertarian and/or contrarian or social conservative slant. A place to discover new voices.


A commercial precious metals custody and trading operation, but with thought provoking weekly articles on monetary matters by Alisdair Macleod.

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