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Who I am


A man who has had a good education, a varied experience of life and the opportunity to read widely, especially in history, economics and political philosophy.


I have turned my hand in my time to working in the capital markets, promoting a Channel Tunnel freight railway link, and advocating for secession from the EU.


Why I do this


I would like my children to live their lives in a peaceful, prosperous world. History shows the key is to let people live their own lives as they see fit. 


Too few now understand this Libertarian insight.  Until more people do understand, society will be downtrodden and impoverished by the state and its cronies.  I would like to help change public opinion in favour of belonging to free societies with no state.


What I can do for you


This website reflects the Libertarian understanding that everybody has the absolute right to use their lives, bodies and justly acquired property as they see fit.  The sole proviso being that nobody may directly attack, or threaten to attack, anybody else or their property.  This is the Libertarian ‘Non-Aggression Principle’ (NAP).


Libertarians see the state as just a criminal association of people claiming immunity from judgement.  Fair application of the NAP means there cannot be, and should not be, a state.


The posts describe arrangements that free societies developed historically for providing services, for example healthcare, education, policing, defence and welfare, which are currently provided, badly, by the state.


The posts also show how politicians, officials, crony capitalists and bankers use the state to exploit people to make them poorer and more dependent.  Almost all problems in society are caused by people mistakenly giving up their freedom to state sponsored predators. 

I want to remind people that in Britain in previous centuries it was believed that the state was a threat to liberty and prosperity.  It was, at best, a necessary evil.  Because of this support for liberty, Britain was the freest, most productive and creative society on earth.


Lastly, the site will introduce the curious to the Libertarian world, including the Austrian School of Economics tradition and a network of Libertarian websites and institutions. 


Alan Stevens

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