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Does Covid-19 Exist?

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

The West has been propagandized into fearing invisible threats such as Covid-19. Is it possible that Covid-19 was simply a hoax that never existed.?

I started writing this blog soon after, and directly because of, the beginning of the so-called ‘Covid-19 Pandemic’. It was clearly a planned, and therefore pre-meditated, attack on humanity. It was the moment when the modern state took off its barely credible mask of benevolence and tried instead to make us wear masks of dumb submission.

It was another ‘psychological operation’ (psy-op), just like the Twin Towers psy-op in 2001 in its reliance on using panic and hysteria to bypass most people’s reasoning faculties. I discussed in a previous post the implausibility of three steel-framed skyscrapers experiencing controlled freefall speed collapse, an hour or so after two of them had been struck by planes.

The aim of ‘9/11’ (not coincidently, the emergency telephone number in the US is 911) was to panic people into giving up freedoms under the ‘Patriot Act’ and to accept the idea of a significant terrorist threat. In reality there was almost none. It was also the opportunity for the US/UK NeoCons to commit the West to a wish-list of regime-change operations in Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Lebanon and Syria (but bizarrely not Afghanistan whence the attack was supposedly launched). None of these regimes were plausibly connected with the 9/11 attack. But they were on Israel’s and the NeoCon’s bad guys list. The result was twenty years of unprovoked mayhem. No wonder the Arab world is abandoning the West.

Just as the Patriot Act and the list of regimes to be changed both emerged ready-made within hours of the attack, so the promoters of the Covid-19 psy-op also announced their goals from the start. They said that the only possible response to this supposedly dangerous virus would be novel MRNA ‘vaccines’. These could not go through the years of testing needed to meet safety concerns. Therefore, they needed Emergency Use Authorization. That authorisation could only be granted on the basis that Covid-19 was a serious risk, and that there were no existing treatments.

Once the vaccines appeared, the population would be forced to take them, and compliance would be underpinned by a vaccine ‘passport’ system enabling the state to isolate dissidents and deprive them of employment and liberty. The vaccine passports would form the basis for a programmable Central Bank Digital Currency which could be manipulated to punish dissidents and reward compliance, as well as permit endless money printing and unavoidable taxation. Recently Christine Lagarde, head of the European Central Bank, admitted exactly that to spoof telephoners. In short, Covid 19 was a blatant power grab.

Clearly, the MRNA vaccines were a hugely successful gravy train for Pfizer and Moderna (the latter company had not managed to get any earlier MRNA products to market because of uniformly dire safety test results). They and their partner in the Swiss based ‘Gavi Alliance’, The Gates Foundation, have made out like bandits. But the vaccine passports control agenda is obviously part of a more general globalist scheme.

After all, how were the passports going to help with public health? There are tens, or even hundreds, of species (depending on how you define ‘species’) of bugs out there which cause roughly the same, very low, apparent rate of fatality. There was nothing so special about Covid 19. Why not have a vaccine passport for each of the other bugs, or tens of MRNA shots annually to counter each of the other bugs?


As reported in a previous post, the pandemic was ‘war-gamed’ at a New York gathering in late 2019 attended by The Gates Foundation, Big Pharma, and the UN’s World Health Organisation (WHO). Several Tech firms also promised to censor social media to ensure compliance with public health authorities’ diktats.

The attack on us was launched by the WHO, whose biggest private sector contributor was, coincidentally, the Gates Foundation, with Big Pharma and compliant media in support. Obligingly, the WHO watered down the definition of ‘pandemic’ to mean any illness which occurred in more than one country. It also promoted lockdown measures which had never been accepted as medically effective or justifiable.

Then we had the suppression of information about effective treatments for Covid-19 which already existed. Otherwise, Big Pharma would never get Emergency Use Approval for its poisonous potions. We had masks, PCR tests, non-symptomatic carriers, lies about the efficacy of lockdowns, and scary ‘variants’. We had rampant reassigning of deaths into the Covid listings to allow large death tolls to be used to terrify panicked populations. All this was intended to ‘scare the pants off’ us, in the words of Matt Hancock, the UK’s complicit, nitwit public health minister.

Then we had the lies about the efficacy and safety of the untried gene-altering ‘vaccines’. The powers-that-be knew they were neither. The charade culminated in the meme that people needed to get vaccinated for the good of others. Obviously, this couldn’t be true if the vaccines actually worked. People who were worried enough to take the vaccines could do so, and those who thought it was just another cold needn’t bother. Its only purpose was to support the drive to totalitarian identity documents, in the form of vaccine passports.

The Davos globalists’ vaccine passport and compulsory vaccination schemes failed. Thank God. About 30% of adults in the UK, and similar proportions elsewhere, refused to knuckle under. Many others became refuseniks after the first shots. That’s too many people to round up, especially as resistance has also promoted a slow but steady awakening amongst the formerly compliant. It was a famous popular victory. We should be encouraged by it.

The globalists then failed to break Russia, despite using unprecedented sanctions and ample Ukrainian cannon fodder. This is another globalist defeat. On behalf of the WEF globalists, the NeoCon-dominated Biden administration is trying to push the poor old USA into an unwinnable war on two fronts against Russia and China. ‘Wartime’ controls could then be imposed on restive Western populations. Plus, the USA could be destroyed, itself a long-standing objective of the WEF’s George Soros. Fortunately, most of the rest of the World is not going along with Western Globalists.

From the beginning, I tried, in a very small way, to track and explain the bizarre progress of the so-called pandemic. I discussed what was happening in terms of the likely appearance of a new member of the coronavirus family of winter colds. I recounted the evidence in early 2020 that it appeared to have a very low fatality rate. It would infect those who were not already immune. It would kill a few elderly people and then largely vanish, like other bugs, once enough people recovered and became immune.

I also looked at the idea that the virus might have been engineered by gain of function research. It might have been developed and released by the Americans, or leaked by a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan, spending US government funds. Subsequent posts covered the medical uselessness of the highly damaging lockdowns, the likelihood that PCR tests were largely false positives, the systematic censorship and persecution of medical dissidents, and the fraudulent conduct of the tests used to establish the efficacy and safety of the vaccines. Naturally, I also explained that nothing like this fiasco could happen in radically decentralized societies with few if any state institutions.


Moving on, could it be that Covid-19 never existed at all. There are two main lines of attack leading to such a conclusion.

Firstly, there isn’t much evidence that it exists. There are procedures for isolating and describing viruses. Covid-19 has never been isolated. Its genetic code cannot therefore have been established. What we have is computer models of what the make-up of Covid-19 might be like. How could RNA vaccines have been developed with such ‘information’?

One is strongly reminded of environmentalist, Patrick Moore’s, excellent book ‘Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom’. It debunks fake narratives including Climate Change, scary viruses including Ebola and Zeka, and even the ‘Patch of Floating Plastic the Size of Texas Visible from Space’. This last, by the way, is not only invisible from space but doesn’t exist. Covid-19 is also invisible, and perhaps doesn’t exist either.

Covid had surprisingly little impact on reported mortality in most countries. The normal pattern is that 2020 was, well, normal in terms of overall mortality. This is true of, for example, Canada and Ireland. The reported Covid-19 death tolls in most places were simply reallocated deaths from other causes. But in 2021 and 2022, we saw a general rise in overall mortality of 10%-20% (along with an otherwise inexplicable fall in birth rates), correlating with the take-up of the RNA vaccines.

Over the last two years, ‘Covid’ has persisted as an illness in the statistics, despite the fact that normally a real novel infectious germ largely fades away after 18 months. Covid is now a description of chronically ill vaccine-harm cases. We can’t be sure, of course, because all state systems are refusing to study or release information that they have but insist on concealing. The logical conclusion is that releasing such information would reveal a fraud.

I reported that there was no correlation between the severity of lockdown measures in individual states and countries. Either positive or negative. That could show that lockdowns were totally useless in countering Covid. But it could instead suggest that there was no pandemic outbreak and no Covid-19 to be countered.

The counter argument for Covid’s existence is that the US and the UK did show some excess mortality in 2020. In Britain 2019 had the lowest mortality as a percentage of population ever. It was therefore quite likely that 2020 would have higher mortality. And yet 2020 still only had the twelfth lowest mortality reported in the last 80 or so years. Excess mortality in 2020 was hardly noticeable, still less a sign of a dangerous ‘pandemic’. NHS hospitals, and the emergency Nightingale hospitals, were little used during the alleged pandemic peak.

Britain and the USA are leading countries whose examples many other countries follow. It was necessary for the Covid psy-op to work that both countries have some excess mortality. Both countries also have many WEF-affiliated globalist billionaires, corporations, banks, politicians and officials. And both are very much in thrall to Big Pharma.

With remarkable foresight, the British government reportedly ordered double the usual stocks of Midazolam, a drug associated with assisted dying initiatives. They used it up in 2020. If you put a population under psychological pressure (which undermines immune systems), send many patients to nursing homes where their families cannot visit them, and then liberally dish out a dangerous drug, you can achieve the limited excess mortality Britain actually managed in 2020 – without needing any virus at all.

In America, there was a blanket ban on treating suspected Covid cases. They were to be sent home untreated, since Big Pharma was keen to ensure that the illness was untreatable. Otherwise, it could never get an Emergency Use Authorisation for its inadequately and dishonestly tested RNA vaccines. Reportedly antibiotics use in America declined markedly in 2020. If it is the case that many patients had respiratory or other bacterial infections, then withholding antibiotics would have been a death sentence for hundreds of thousands of Americans. There was however also recourse to ventilators (which caused 90%+ mortality) and to the lucrative Remdesivir drug, known as ‘Run, Death is Near’, with similar effects to those of Midazolam. These abuses were enough to explain excess mortality in the US.

So, it is possible that Covid is the virus that never was.

A second reason for supposing that Covid-19 never existed is that a non-existent virus is a much more reliable tool to use in a psy-op. How did the planners of the pandemic know that there would be a conveniently threatening virus to work with a few months after the pandemic planning session in late 2019? What if the chosen virus immediately mutated to become totally innocuous before enough fear had been generated? What if such mutation invalidated all attempts to create credible RNA vaccines or required their replacement? Much safer surely for the globalist psy-op to manipulate public fear of yet another threat that would always be invisible because it didn’t actually exist.

Many people are going to be profoundly hostile to the idea that Covid-19 never existed, including many dissidents who have risen to prominence through trying, as I have, to understand and counter something we all thought actually existed. We would look a little wrong footed if it didn’t.

As the accompanying articles linked below mention, other interests are served by the narrative that Covid-19 exists. Firstly, there are public health officials and Big Pharma executives whose cover would be blown and careers finished if Covid were a demonstrable hoax. If Covid did not exist, that would be a proof that the pandemic was really a psy-op.

Secondly, there are those who seek to pin responsibility for creating and releasing Covid-19 on China. There is an effort underway to lure the useful Idiot US/UK Neocons into starting a war on China as well as Russia. If the wretched virus really doesn’t exist, that’s one less excuse for going to war. And a lot of people in America are desperate for war with China.

Delingpole Article on Conservative Woman:

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