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RIP Covid-19 Except for some Bogus 'Cases'.

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

The news that people ought to be hearing and celebrating is that the latest coronavirus is now on the way out nearly everywhere. This is still not the message from health officials and MSM propagandists who have carelessly harmed tens of millions of people for no good reason, scientific or otherwise.

The news that people ought to be hearing and celebrating is that the latest coronavirus is now on the way out nearly everywhere. This is still not the message from health officials and MSM propagandists who have carelessly harmed tens of millions of people for no good reason, scientific or otherwise.

Don’t take my word for it. Google the daily deaths graphs for countries like the UK, Italy, or Sweden. You get the same rapid peak in deaths ‘with’ Covid around April and then a steady fall to basically nothing by the end of July. Since deaths are a lagging indicator the effective end of the epidemic happened earlier.

Britain is in its sixth week of having fewer deaths from all causes than is usual for this time of the year. So there is obviously no longer an epidemic of any kind.

As predicted by competent medical researchers from the beginning (as opposed to incompetent, attention seeking health officials and academics beholden to Big Pharma) this was just the equivalent of a bad flu season. More accurately it was not even a bad flu season for people aged 50 and under. Sweden had no lock-down or mask mandate. It lost just 70 people among the under 50s.

Unfortunately it was worse than a bad flu season for people over 70 with serious medical conditions. In several places, including Britain, New York and, unfortunately, Sweden, officials sent corona virus sufferers into nursing homes. As a result a third to a half of corona virus deaths occurred in those nursing homes.

You may remember our hapless Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, explaining that 500,000 people would die in Britain without a lock-down, based on Imperial College’s fatuous modelling. That means that Sweden, with no lock-down should have lost 80,000 people. Instead it lost fewer than 6,000.

Britain, which had a lengthy lock down, lost more people than Sweden, even allowing for our larger population. That remained true even after the UK government suddenly lowered the reported death toll by 10,000 to just over 40,000. That represents less than 0.07% of the population. It is less than a twelfth part of the 540,000 deaths which occur in Britain on average year in year out.

Studies show that lock-downs, social distancing and masks collectively have done nothing to combat the virus. But they have led, and will continue to lead, to more deaths from medical neglect of other patients and to ‘deaths of despair’ as governments can no longer paper over the economic wreck they have recklessly caused.

The virus did what these respiratory viruses do, regardless of governments’ actions. It infected the people susceptible to it. Something like 80% proved not to be susceptible in Britain. Perhaps they had immunity due to previous infection by one of the clutch of existing common cold coronaviruses. The latest coronavirus killed practically nobody who was not already seriously ill and (probably) Vitamin D deficient.

As potential victims became scarcer the virus followed the normal path of becoming less virulent. No doubt it will live on as just another bug to which the healthy population has acquired herd immunity. Total deaths in the first half of 2020 were comparable to the losses from respiratory illness that happen once or twice a decade on average. It is just that in the past governments didn’t close everyone down.

All of this was predictable, and predicted by non-government medics, in particular John Ioannidis of Stanford University. As he explained, the cruise liner put into quarantine at the beginning of this fiasco already told us what we needed to know. For most people the coronavirus was not a threat. A cruise liner is a perfect spot for an infectious bug. Locking people up together in close proximity also turned out to be a great way to spread this particular bug. The result should have been many, many deaths.

Nevertheless 80% of passenger and crew were unaffected. The remaining 20% became ill and recovered except for 12 unfortunates. That death rate was just over 0.3% of everybody aboard and about 1.5% of those who became ill. The age profile of people on a cruise liner is pretty old. Once corrected for age, the expected infected or case fatality rate for the population as a whole would be less than 0.3%.

So, Alan, you must be wondering, why are people still being assailed with propaganda about keeping safe from a bug that was never a danger to the vast majority of people, and is now basically done? There are basically a couple of answers.

First, in countries that are also continents, like the USA and Brazil, the virus takes longer to reach every corner of the country. So the chart of corona virus deaths in the USA, whilst down to around a quarter of the peak, shows the effect of the virus finding new parts of the country to infect.

Also in the US the Democratic Party is hoping to blame Trump for the whole sad train wreck. There has been much blatant exaggeration of the death toll as the election in November draws near. Still, the bug is really as played out in New York as it is in Northern Italy, London and other earlier hot spots.

Second, the number of reported cases is rising. This is a propaganda scam by the mainstream media (MSM) and government health officials. They seem determined to disrupt and harass the population for as long as possible, and sell a lot more newspapers, of course. A case used to be a very ill person appearing in the doctor’s surgery or in hospital.

Now, with much more testing, a ‘case’ is anybody who has or had corona virus without even noticing it. Not the same thing at all. But the politicians seem unable explain that the rising cases scare is only the result of more testing. Perhaps they don’t understand this themselves. Or they really don’t care.

Various tests are indeed being deployed in growing numbers. Medical tests have a fair margin of error which results in so-called false positives. That is where a test finds you have an illness but in fact you don’t. Let’s assume that the test has a 10% false positive rate, which is by no means unlikely. Assume too that one million people are tested, none of whom in reality is infected. Hey presto! Another hundred thousand ‘cases’ magically appear.

It seems that around 90% of people in whom the tests discover some viral RNA (not necessarily even corona virus RNA) have viral loads so tiny that they can neither have had symptoms nor been infectious.

So, the more people you test the more apparently worrying the resulting rise in the number of ‘cases’. But the cases are just a mix of false positives and of people who never even had any symptoms. These cases are essentially bogus and yet areas which did the most testing, like the North of England, have been locked down again.

(Somehow one doubts the Tories will hold onto many seats there, after this.) The thing to remember is that the rising number of cases is not resulting in many hospitalisations, still less deaths.

Never mind. The whole thing is giving officials an excuse to prolong the panic. Let’s close everything down again! Let’s make people wear muzzles - which the government confirmed were useless months ago - for no reason! Do politicians care that they are deliberately hampering a return to normal life and the resumption of our lost freedoms?

No. Remember politicians don’t care about you. They care about the donor class - which includes vaccine pushing big Pharma (also among Mainstream Media’s biggest advertisers). This is most obvious in America where Congressmen receive a comparable amount in donations from Big Pharma as they receive from defense Industry suppliers.

In Britain projects like HS2 continue solely because of the wishes of vested and monied interests. So, in part at least, does this corona virus scare. It’s corrupt. Behind the veneer of ‘authority’, in this case that of discredited public health doom mongers, lies the usual mix of power grabbers, crony capitalists and self interested bureaucrats.

This has shown itself in America and to some extent in Britain. Health officials have attempted to stop cheaper non-patentable treatments from being used to save corona virus victims’ lives. One was the use of plasma containing anti-bodies to the virus. Another is the use of inexpensive steroids. Once again individual initiative finds solutions for problems while state vested interests get in the way.

Another important treatment involves using a combination of hydroxychloroquine (a veteran, cheap and safe anti-malarial drug), zinc and an antibiotic. Practitioners using this inexpensive treatment in the first 5 to 7 days of the illness report dramatically increased survival chances for corona virus patients.

This has not been welcome news to the health officials - some of whom are indirect beneficiaries of Bill Gates’ or Big Pharma’s generosity. The Lancet medical magazine piled in with an article disparaging hydroxychloroquine when used on its own and in the later second second stage of the illness. Once it was realised that it had not reported on the right protocol it withdrew the article. But the harm had been done.

In the USA the FDA has refused to allow this treatment, to widespread and public medical dismay. Doctors have been sacked for promoting it. Public suspicion that Fauci and others are acting on behalf of vested interests may account for President Trump finally sidelining him.

The idea that cheap treatments work, and that people will not be needing Big Pharma’s expensive, less effective drugs, or their lucrative mass vaccines, is not welcome in the corridors of power. Power grabbers’ hopes of imposing compulsory vaccination on us depend on there being no other treatments. Big Pharma, and its friends in officialdom and the MSM, remain committed to lucrative, authoritarian and medically questionable vaccination. They appear to be, to say the least, uncaring and self interested.

Leaving aside the whiff of jobbery and vested interest politics, the poltical class has got itself into a horrible pickle. They are realising that they have made a terribly damaging cock-up. They have implemented bullying and high handed measures which have destroyed tens of millions of jobs.

But their populations don’t get it yet. They still don’t understand that there has been no correlation between the heavy handed lock-down policies and deaths ‘with Covid’. (Lock-downs may yet turn out to have resulted in more corona-virus related deaths, judging by the outcomes of severe lock downs.) These measures certainly have not reduced the number of people who died ‘with’ corona virus. Studies show that on average no lives have been saved by these measures. None. The state’s bullying destructive interventions were not just medically pointless but counter-productive..

Many lives have been or will be lost as a direct result of the lock-down lunacy. The UK Government has already come up with an estimate that the lock-down will cost over 600,000 lost years of useful life through deaths attributable to NHS neglect of other patients, deaths of despair, and deaths associated with a weaker economy going forward.

The population, meanwhile, is still experiencing the mass hysteria that social media excess, vaccine pushing calculation and heavy handed propaganda recklessly created. Polls suggest that on average voters believe that 6% of their populations have died. In the UK that would be 4 million dead people out of the UK’s population of 68 million.

In fact, there has only been one hundredth of that number of deaths. Just 40,000 people. Most of them were generally already dying of something else. More people died of flu in past years, 64,000 two years ago for example, with no fanfare at all.

Despite the incessant propaganda, people will begin to understand that they have been duped. Then the political blame game will start in earnest.

Obviously in a free society none of this would have happened There would have been no lock downs, no masks or social distancing, no unemployment, no bankruptcies, no deaths of despair, no public panic, no rioting or looting. Also there would have been no lives lost due to suppression of effective treatments to appease government enabled vested interests. A few people might have noted in passing that there had been an unusually bad flu season. That is all.

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