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Take the Tom Woods Lockdown Test

On a lighter note, Libertarian commentator Tom Woods has put together a test based on comparing charts of official coronavirus data for various European Countries and American States. The test lets you demonstrate your understanding of the effectiveness of the lockdowns.

We were told a long year ago that profoundly damaging and depressing suppressions of our freedoms were necessary to tackle the most recent ‘Covid’ common cold virus. Most governments instituted (hopefully) temporary police state regimes. But not all of them, and with varying degrees of severity and duration. Therefore, comparison is possible between different approaches in different places.

Computer models created by the Bill Gates funded Imperial College said that these emergency ‘lockdown’ measures would avoid hugely higher mortality at the hands of the dreaded coronavirus.

Armed with this understanding, you should have no trouble getting a high score in this test by identifying the countries and states which inflicted the most severe lockdown measures. Because they will have many fewer deaths, cases and hospitalisations. Right?

But beware. A 50% score would mean that the whole thing was entirely random. That would mean that these measures had no effect on the ‘pandemic’. They would have been pointless as well as damaging. So please do your best in the test to avoid such an outcome. Here is the link, enjoy:

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