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The Endless ‘Pandemic’ and the Useless Jabs

The Globalist state-sponsored coronavirus fiasco has gone on for nearly two years.It’s about political control and not health. The RNA ‘Vaccines’ are just the latest failure.

Much as I might like to steer clear of this topic, it is in fact the most important battlefield in the fight for liberty. And there is some good news. When I started writing this blog it seemed unthinkable that a significant fraction of humanity would lose confidence in the idea of government. And yet here we now are with a critical mass of people totally disillusioned.

Support for secession and separation from mega state parasites like the USA and the EU regimes has been radically boosted (to coin a phrase) by the sinister folly of globalist lockdowns. Perhaps libertarians should thank power grabbing authoritarians the world over for bringing their incompetence and malice to wider public attention.


So what actually happened as this novel member of the old established coronavirus family of viruses arrived on the scene early last year and was dubbed ‘Covid-19’?

In Britain there was a peak in excess deaths in the late spring of 2020 (that is deaths in excess of age adjusted average mortality over the previous five years). This peak accounted for most of the 12% increase in excess mortality for all of 2020. In the spring the number of Covid deaths more or less corresponded to the excess mortality numbers.

This is wholly consistent with what a new virus would achieve, Covid-19 appears to be 80% genetically the same as Sars Covid 1 which apparently counts as ‘new’. So far, we had a more or less true account of what was happening, I think. And what was happening was an event similar to new respiratory virus outbreaks in 1957/8 and 1968.

The Covid-19 virus quickly spread throughout the population, picking out elderly immune compromised victims. Nearly all victims famously had at least one serious thing wrong with them (so called ‘co-morbidities’). Nevertheless, overall age adjusted mortality in the UK was lower in 2020 than for any year before 2005. Reputable experts pointed out correctly within weeks of the globally coordinated, WHO-recommended lockdowns that the new virus just wasn’t remotely as serious as Imperial College’s Neil Ferguson maintained.

We merely had the equivalent of a ‘bad flu’ year overall. Covid-19 was disproportionately lethal for very old or very fat people. And it was disproportionately mild for younger, healthy people. Practically no healthy children were said to have died from covid, and in (non-locked down) Sweden there were none at all in the 1.8 million school age population.

When summer began Covid-19 stopped in Britain. In temperate climes, it is a winter illness. So what should have happened next - and actually did – is that there would be another small second wave of mortality in the following winter. This small wave would just be the virus completing its passage through any regions and populations not yet affected when sun had stopped play in May. That is what shows up in the ONS UK excess mortality statistics.


But if you look at the UK covid deaths statistics you find that covid deaths last winter allegedly reached the same high level as during the initial spring outbreak. They were far higher than overall excess mortality. These deaths were handy to justify another damaging and pointless lockdown. What had happened to cause this fake covid death toll?

The answer was the coordinated introduction of compulsory masking and of the PCR test. The PCR test was an abuse of a technology developed for quite other purposes. Crucially, it was knowingly (as the CDC has confirmed) run at such a high level of iterations that it reliably produced lots of ‘false positives’. In other words, almost all people deemed by the PCR test to be carrying the virus in fact didn’t, or not sufficiently to cause infection. The masterstroke was labelling all (mostly false) positive results as ‘cases’. The trusting British public assumed that a case still meant somebody seriously ill. But it didn’t. It was just a lie.

The fundamental lie was that people who were not ill could nevertheless pass on the infection. To reinforce this misinformation, states impoised masks across the West. People were duped into assuming that healthy people must be a threat to each other. Because why otherwise would the UK SAGE advisory team, whose Bill Gates-funded members comprise rather more ‘behavioural scientists’ than epidemiologists, make people mask up?

The masks played another role, apart from signalling willingness to submit to the state. The coronavirus ‘pandemic’ was really a comparative non-event. If one sensibly avoided the mainstream media, one would not know it was happening, any more than most people thought much about the Hong.Kong flu in 1968. Few people knew anyone who had died, and practically nobody knew anybody ‘healthy’ as opposed to ‘death-from-old-age’ cases.

Interestingly, the Italian government recently reduced its reported coronavirus death toll from around 140,000 to less than 5,000 precisely because Covid just wasn’t the principal cause of death – even if it affected its timing – in many cases. Which is strange. The Italian government is facing large-scale civil disobedience brought about by its insistence on mandatory vaccination and vaccine passports over an illness it now agrees was insignificant.

Anyway, back to the fake narrative of a serious second peak in mortality last winter. The powers that be across most of the west sought an impressively scary second peak to keep the public in its submissive mass psychosis. So under cover of the PCR test, they shovelled deaths from many other causes into the covid column to inflate the numbers.

All causes excess mortality was much, much smaller than reported Covid second wave deaths. That could only happen if enough people stopped dying from all other causes - which they couldn’t be doing – or not to the degree needed to fix the figures. And the purpose of all this? Apart the state’s normal MO of keeping people afraid and therefore compliant, why was this fake second wave manufactured? The answer has to do with natural herd immunity.


Natural Herd Immunity is what always stops a general outbreak (an ‘epidemic’) caused by a new infectious disease agent like the newest coronavirus. The agent, in this case the virus, spreads itself rapidly through the population. There it will encounter some individuals who are immune-compromised - who may well be seriously ill and even die.

But it will find many more healthy people, at least in a basically well-fed population. Some will defeat the virus after a period of often mild illness and then have natural immunity. Some will turn out not to be susceptible at all and will show no signs of infection. They already had natural immunity through catching some other member of the coronavirus family (for example, people hospitalised for Sars Covid 1 are immune to Covid 19.)

Natural immunity is long-lasting – possibly lifelong - and solid because it is based on the body recognising all the separate bits of the micro-organism as being ‘bad’. For that reason, so-called ‘variants’ can’t generally re-infect the healthy immune because not all bits will have ‘varied’ and so the newcomer will still be spotted as an invader and headed off.

Natural Herd Immunity occurs when there are too many immune individuals in a population for a virus to reliably infect a new host before it’s booted out by its current host’s defences. The epidemic ends. The disease becomes ‘endemic’. It still hangs around. Along with other bugs, it helps to kill each year’s new crop of newly immune compromised people. But that’s all. The threat, such as it was, to the active population, is over.

In most places by the summer of 2020, Britain had achieved natural herd immunity. By early this spring, at the latest, we had achieved it pretty much everywhere. Otherwise, the excess mortality data would show far more deaths, and they would have continued to occur in the late winter as they had in the previous year. When people try to compare the trade-offs between these clearly dangerous so-called vaccines, they forget that the outbreak was over. The vaccines were pointless, even if they had been effective. They are of limited use for immune compromised people because vaccines can’t stimulate broken immune systems.

By the way, the official definition of ‘vaccine’ was conveniently changed to include the RNA jabs, just as the WHO had earlier been ‘persuaded’ to change the definition of ‘pandemic’ in time for Covid-19. Big Pharma and Bill Gates are, after all, the major donors in this area.

It was vital that people did not realise that the outbreak was almost over a year ago. The-Powers-That-Be needed a fearsome second peak at the beginning of 2021 to keep people afraid until the RNA vaccines could be given emergency use authorisation. Emergency authorisation could only be granted, legally, if there were no existing effective treatments, which in reality there are. Therefore, Western governments and media had to censor and persecute doctors who pointed out that many effective treatments do already exist.

I don’t think Big Pharma foresaw that cheap out-of-patent treatments for Covid-19 would be discovered by practitioners. Since these treatments reduce mortality from Covid by 50% or more, Big Pharma and its bought-and-paid-for supporters in the WHO, CDC, SAGE and Fauci’s NIAD, may well have on their hands the blood of 100,000s of people who could have been saved, but for the establishment’s rigid commitment to using untested RNA therapies.


Any sceptical observer of the events of March 2020 could already detect the distant drumbeat of the key message. New, expensive genetic modification therapies would be the only allowable solution to the newly redefined ‘pandemic’. The drive to mass vaccination and then to vaccine passports was just too profitable to too many vested interests in and around the tottering states of the West.

One big giveaway is that Western governments have not allowed people to choose conventional vaccines such as Russia’s Sputnik V shot. Neither cheap conventional (genuine) vaccines, nor cheap conventional medicines (ivermectin etc), may be allowed to thwart Big Pharma’s and Technocratic Power Grabbers’ self-interested plans.

First there were tens or hundreds of billions of annual profits to be made by Big Pharma in the West from supplying endless booster shots to shore up immune systems weakened by the cumulative effect of their previous shots. Their profits will greatly exceed the up-front costs of all those donations to the WHO, the BBC, CNN and Imperial College – to name just a very few. Bill Gates has reportedly given US media over $300 million. Amazingly, when polled, a lot of Americans now identify the legacy mainstream media as their enemy.

What can we say about the jabs, through the haze of mis-information? Firstly, it is remarkable that neither governments nor Big Pharma are attempting to monitor the health of vaccinated as opposed to unvaccinated people. In fact, they seem not to want to have an unvaccinated control group at all. Yet the RNA therapies are untested. It does seem reckless not to collect data going forward. Wouldn’t you want to be sure you were monitoring the effectiveness and safety of vaccines if you obliged people to get jabbed?

What do politicians think will happen to them if it becomes clear that they have foisted dangerous jabs on most of their electors? Maybe they don’t care? Hopefully it won’t happen. But what if it did? They have no way of knowing what might happen after all.

Not coincidentally, the annual Davos WEF meeting of globalist corporates and officialdom early next year has been cancelled because of the volume of death threats. A lot of people have been pushed very hard by these blithely unaware, selfish and/or incompetent elites.

Be that as it may, despite my obvious irritation, it does behove me to treat what data there is with care. For example, it is the case that vaccinated people under 60 have higher overall mortality than unvaccinated people. But this need not prove the vaccines are harmful. Why not? Well, logically, if it is true that younger people are less likely to be vaccinated, and are likely to be healthier, than older people, then vaccinated people would naturally have higher mortality than unvaccinated people anyway.

We do on the other hand know that the RNA vaccines kill. They seem to have killed more people than all other vaccines combined over the past 30 years. Another sign that things are not quite right is that the RNA vaccines would have been withdrawn after the first hundred or so deaths, on the basis of past practice. As mentioned in my last post, reported deaths from vaccine reactions are getting on for 50,000 and the real figure is likely to be significantly higher. Will endless booster jabs each take the same toll? What will happen to people’s immune systems after 10 jabs. Can the body fight off disease whilst coping with ten different alien proteins being made by its own modified cells? Nobody knows, in fact.

We can by the way discount the fake ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’ narrative. It is based on unreliable PCR test results, outdated information and dishonestly including deaths occurring less than 14 days after the second jab as ‘unvaccinated’.

What seems to be true is that higher vaccination rates are accompanied by higher overall mortality in a society. I do not know whether it’s a strong (or even real) effect. It could be that the vaccine reduces death from Covid-19 but kills (and maims) more people than it saves. It is very hard to develop a vaccine for an illness with a 99.9% survival rate. You need to jab so many people just to save one life.

Even a small risk of side effects per individual jab can therefore cumulatively be too dangerous relative to any good done. I attach below a link to an article by Paul Craig Roberts about the apparent correlation between vaccination and mortality rates. Hopefully evidence disproving this will appear over time.


However, it is obvious that the government RNA vaccine campaign is at best a huge fiasco. Officials said that the vaccines would end the Covid-19 emergency. People wouldn’t be locked down or masked any more. Getting just 60%-70% of the population ‘vaccinated’ was going to create ‘herd immunity’, they told us. But now countries which have exceeded this level of vaccination are instead facing rising Covid-19 ‘cases’ and hospitalisations. It turns out that the vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission.

That means, of course, that vaccinated people can and do act just as much as spreaders of the fearsome bug. The vaccinated carry at least as high a viral load as the unvaccinated. Plus, they may be more vulnerable, if it turns out to be true that the jabs undermine otherwise healthy immune systems.

It seems that they do not even prevent hospitalisation or death from Covid-19. The disillusionment is much greater on the Continent. Largely unreported by the mainstream media (of course), most countries there are experiencing rising civil disobedience in response to draconian lockdown, mask and vaccine mandates. Vaccinated and unvaccinated alike are being oppressed – there is no other word for it – by state machines which earlier promised that taking the useless jabs would end the nightmare.

How do we know they are useless? Because a booster shot is needed every few months because the original didn’t work. One wag has suggested that Bill Gates is applying the Microsoft business strategy. Sell something that is vulnerable to ‘viruses’, and then sell endless ‘booster’ updates when it doesn’t work. Perhaps the difference between a computer virus – which can be eliminated in principle – and a real one with alternative animal hosts – which can never be eliminated – is not even understood by our ‘midwit’ betters. It would be the ultimate techie error!

To sum up, the RNA vaccines are at best a similar story to the original government lockdown measures. It has been shown by countless (by now uncontested) studies that government lockdowns, masks, etc had no effect in countering the ‘pandemic’. It is likely that neither lockdowns nor jabs actually make any difference to Covid-19 outcomes. But they do have very damaging side effects. How bad, literally nobody knows. We will have to wait and see.


How convenient that on Thanksgiving Day when the maximum American audience would be sitting in front of their televisions, a new terrifying ‘variant’ mysteriously made its debut. A few months back there were over 30,000 Covid-19 variants in existence so we should have run through the Greek alphabet 1,000 times if it really mattered. But it is only about the politics of control and not about public health. As noted above, as an epidemic fades in the face of growing natural immunity, viruses mutate to be more transmissible and less virulent. Omicron is just such another milder variant. It is not a reason to panic.

This new ‘Oh My God’ variant has so far only appeared in a few ‘cases’, mostly in vaccinated people. The South African health minister said that it had not resulted in hospitalisations, still less deaths. For anyone with a healthy immune system, Omicron is yet another nothing burger. In fact, the best thing that could happen would be if Omicron outcompeted all the other more virulent variants thus terminating the whole groundless pandemic narrative.

Below I provide a link to a thorough discussion of the whole coronavirus pandemic. It is quite long – perhaps something to listen to in the car - but worth it. (Password is ‘Rational’.)


The last link is to a report about a proposed legal case in India trying Bill Gates and others in Big Pharma for murder. It may be doubted that such a case will be tried, or even should be.

But the official decision by the public health establishment in most of the West to suppress the use of ivermectin and other effective treatments, and persecute their advocates, predictably resulted in a large, wholly avoidable death toll. Which could look very bad, especially if the lucrative RNA vaccines turn out to be dangerous and not just useless.

The other story which could give rise to real legal and political trouble is the drive to vaccinate the young. Healthy children and young people just don’t die of the bug at all. The Swedish school population of 1.8 million had no instances at all of such a thing. Yet it is well known (at least to governments and independent commentators) that young people have been suffering and dying from heart problems caused bv the RNA jabs. That means that officialdom knowingly pushed vaccination campaigns for the young which could only cause death and serious injury. Causing death deliberately or recklessly is, legally, murder.

I am mystified. What are these political frontmen going to say when enough parents who have lost children to the jabs make this apparently open and shut case? Maybe they think state legal privilege will make them immune from any responsibility? I’m not so sure.

I certainly don’t think that Pfizer (the Big Pharma firm most frequently and heavily fined for alleged misbehaviour), or Moderna, will find the politicians protecting them if the jabs really do a lot of harm, no matter how much bunce has been dished out to the relevant ‘leaders’ and public health officials. The fiasco about Pfizer’s application not to reveal what’s in their jabs for over 50 years looks like the beginning of a belated damage limitation exercise.


Let me once again point out that none of this nightmare could ever have happened in a free, private law society. At least many more people understand this now than they did two years ago.

Below please find the links referred to in this post:

1) Paul Craig Roberts article from the Lew Rockwell Blog

2) Ivor Cummins Covid Chronicles (Rational)

3) Indian Case may put Bill Gates on trial for Murder

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