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‘The Real Anthony Fauci’

Robert Kennedy JR has written a meticulous expose of corruption in the Public Health establishment. It is the US top best seller, despite everything done to suppress it.

Today’s short post is about ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’, by Robert Kennedy Jr. It is the best-selling book in the USA at the moment. Its subtitle is ‘Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health’. It is by all accounts a magisterial compendium of meticulous research, with ample footnotes substantiating what is being explained in the text. It is based on contributions from many noted experts in their fields.

It is, in its own way, probably tearing down the globalist ‘Covid’ narrative as fast as the nonsense surrounding the rather inoffensive but much hyped ‘Omicron variant’.

It is in short a respectable work which shows the pervasive corruption and cynical opportunism of establishment factions that profit from manipulating and exaggerating successive public heath ‘threats’. I haven’t read it, not least because it is sold-out on Amazon UK. Until I can read it, I am relying on voices in my own community which I trust. This is what most people do after all. The author, by the way, will collect no royalties.

One big indication of the book’s merit is that so many Americans have bought this heavy non-fiction tome despite the obstacles that I am about to describe. This post is not so much about the book as about the obstacles put in its way. The media establishment is apparently afraid of the information contained in it, and unwilling to tolerate any competition to its own worldview.

Few US publishers would publish Kennedy’s book. When it was published, a video of the occasion was put up on Youtube. Youtube promptly took it down, alleging (unspecified) fake information. This is what Big Tech has been doing to censor content. That is why Youtube rivals and Bitchute, and the Brave browser, are growing fast.

The book was not reviewed at all in any major US newspaper, nor so far as I know has there been much newspaper commentary about the books meteoric rise to best seller status. No US TV station said anything about it except the courageous Tucker Carlson on Fox News. Otherwise, mainstream media silence has accompanied the book’s success. I don’t suppose it has anything to do with Bill Gates paying $319 million to US media firms, or indeed lesser donations to the likes of the BBC and others on both sides of the Atlantic. It is probably just symptomatic of mainstream media’s collaboration with vested interests.

Respectable chains of bookstores didn’t put the book on display, or sometimes even stock it at all. The New York Times chimed in with its own particular manipulation by putting this book in seventh position on their best seller list. Everybody agrees that the book is in fact the overall number 1 US best seller. But the NYT has its own distinctive methodology which gives disproportionate weight to suitably Progressive book store proprietors. In this way non-Progressive views can be systematically under-reported.

A number of reflections would occur to a fair-minded person considering this book’s runaway success. For example, that the book may well have some merit. That it probably contains a significant measure of truth. And presumably the book will go on selling well and spreading its message by word of mouth for some time as it taps evident latent demand.

The mainstream media (MSM) are trying to prevent you from reading the book. They are seemingly afraid of what it says. Or at least the MSM is acting on behalf of other elite vested interests to conceal their actions. It is not on the side of truth or ‘the people’.

Another thought could be that it is now possible for properly presented non-establishment opinions to prevail despite the MSM’s (and Big Tech’s) censorship and bias. Word of mouth and internet-based marketing have worked to achieve success. The ability of interlocking bureaucratic and corporatist vested interests to control public narratives in the West is under threat. The underhand behaviour described here may bring the MSM’s failure closer.

On a personal note, I would like to add my own two-pennyworth. I am quite reconciled to having a small audience for my website It is a kind of personal diary of the Covid years and I have enjoyed writing it immensely. My views are a minority taste, and may be unsettling for some. But more readers would be welcome, as I believe the economic and historical framework set out here could help many.

I upgraded this website a year ago in part to ensure that it would be picked up by Google’s search engine and so potentially brought to a wider audience. There is a procedure which website developers follow to inform Google of a website’s existence and identify key words for its search engine to pick up on. Google has however not responded in my case. To that extent it has hampered the diffusion of ideas not dissimilar to those informing the splendid ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’ book. Make of that what you will.

For more on this you may wish to listen to Tom Woods Interview with Robert Kennedy Jr's publisher:

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