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The Telegraph Chart – It ended in June

This is a post based on a chart which appeared recently in the Telegraph, giving some hope that the mainstream media (MSM) may report the coronavirus mess properly.

The Telegraph is one member of the MSM which has allowed some reporting of the coronavirus sceptic case. It has thereby shown some courage in the face of intense globalist pressure to sell last year’s coronavirus outbreak as an existential threat justifying indefinite state bullying and impoverishment indefinitely throughout the West.

The chart from the Telegraph article below shows overall daily mortality in England and Wales in 2020 in black. It shows the five-year average level of deaths in blue. And it shows reported coronavirus deaths in red. The key thing to note is that last Spring death rates were materially higher than normal, and the excess daily deaths did largely mirror the deaths attributed to coronavirus.

These deaths were however not outside the range of normal experience of a ‘bad flu season’. All but 18 years in the past had higher mortality rates relative to population than Britain experienced in 2020.

But the outbreak ended by June last year, especially bearing in mind that deaths have tended to follow some weeks after the illness appeared.

Since that time there has been no material excess mortality overall. There was no second wave. The reported coronavirus deaths in the so-called second wave are not mirrored by a material increase excess deaths. These reported coronavirus deaths must in fact be deaths from other causes, mainly flu. With the PCR testing fiasco, anybody with a fake positive result who dies within a month counts as a coronavirus death regardless of the true cause of death.

Such deaths, by the way, increasingly include deaths caused by government policy, including NHS neglect of non-coronavirus sufferers, which will increasingly push up overall mortality. Remember the science is in. International comparisons show that police state measures such as lockdowns, masks and social distancing do not reduce reported coronavirus mortality but do cause many additional deaths, not to mention ruining lives and businesses.

Note that daily reported coronavirus deaths over the last two months are not higher than they were last Spring. They are not even close. Official reports of over a thousand deaths daily are not consistent with official statistics. The fact that such misinformation is being pushed on the MSM propaganda machine shows how desperate western politicians and their globalist, corporate handlers are to keep pandemic myth going.

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