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The Vindication of the Unvaccinated

Covid hysteria is, thankfully, receding. Let us not forget how much society owes to those whose courageous resistance prevented the imposition of a bio-medical surveillance state on Western populations.

Today’s offering is short. The video from ‘The Highwire’ to which a link is attached below is less than six minutes long. It is uplifting rather than depressing. A ray of sunshine is always welcome and never more so than after profound darkness.

The video’s subject is the recent costly and courageous victory of the unvaccinated across the failing West. It saved the bacon of the vaccinated population. It offered them a chance of redemption which, because of coercion and a preference for convenience, they risked losing. The resistance stopped inadequate, mendacious and sinister globalist public health technocrats in their tracks. It offered all of us the way to a much better future.

Whether we seize that better future remains to be seen. Readers won’t be surprised to hear that that future could eventually involve a lot less state bullying and robbery. That is just a way of enunciating the essential truth that we would all be better off if everything that happened to us was the result of voluntary cooperation. Win-win exchanges are always going to be a better deal than layer cakes of cooperation impeded by coercion.

One of the several silver linings of the current situation is that the Covid fiasco, whether it was conspiracy or cock-up, or both, has hugely accelerated the loss of public confidence in the legitimacy of government. This is a precondition for the disappearance of the overcentralised state.

We are now living the collapse of Western democratic socialism. It will be analogous to the collapse of totalitarian socialism in the USSR and Eastern Europe just thirty years ago. That’s because both are based on the same unworkable ideas about eliminating liberty and property. Liberty and property in oneself, as well as in one’s possessions, are so indissolubly linked as to be the same thing.

The EU is arguably the most technocratic state since the Soviet Union. It will vanish as suddenly and as chaotically. Russia then suffered ten years of inflation, chaos, stagnation and globalist exploitation, before embarking on its national recovery of the last twenty years. Expect similar outcomes in the West, and partial or total dissolution of some states.

The first order of business for those who believe in liberty is stopping and breaking the Globalist New World Order. That will take a sovereigntist (‘leave me alone’) alliance of conservatives, lefties, libertarians, and, frankly, nationalist states. We don’t want to be destroyed by Globalists. I note a recent assertion by Putin that the defeat of the West in the Ukraine, and the self-inflicted chaos, or rather ‘Davos Crowd’ globalist inflicted chaos, in the West, will lead to the eventual replacement of Western political elites.

Longer term, there is the fundamental political choice of the world. Are you free to live your life as you see fit (i.e. do you subscribe to Libertarianism or Voluntarism)? Or are you not free? In which case you choose to have sociopathic bureaucracies prey on you (i.e. you believe in Communism, also known as Fascism, Green Technocracy). There is no ‘Third Way’.

Social Democracy, Conservatism, even Classical Liberalism, are simply way-stations on perennially slippery slopes tending towards loss of liberty. Different people, and peoples, will make different choices, and should be free to do so. In an increasingly decentralised future world, there should be room for at least some beacons of liberty and prosperity.


So back to the recent success of the unvaccinated. What did we achieve? Two things. We created a control group. It is fundamental to real science to be able to test the effects of various courses of action in comparison to the effects of no action. That is what a control group does. The control group is making it clear that vaccinated people suffer higher overall mortality than unvaccinated people, even after correction for age and other factors. The vaccines are neither safe nor effective. Another way of saying it is; countries with higher vaccination and booster compliance rates have higher excess mortality.

Mainstream media slows the rate at which Western populations realise this is the case. But their influence and audience are shrinking, partly because of their lying about pretty much everything. They cannot prevent awareness growing. This is especially the case where genuine scientific information (not Public Health and Big Pharma disinformation) is ‘discovered’ in the course of more and more lawsuits, for example, against employers who bullied employees into taking sometimes lethal or crippling jabs.

Over time the persistence of big unvaccinated or ‘pureblood‘ control groups in Western populations will enable humanity to understand whether the excess mortality in the vaccinated group is getting worse or subsiding in the longer term, information that we still basically don’t have. Obviously, I hope the latter will be the case. I hope that most people will shake off the harm done by the RNA jabs. Indeed, new medical protocols are being developed to help the millions who have suffered injury from them.

It is encouraging that only a minority of people seem interested in taking more boosters. There appears to be evidence that the most ‘boosted’ people are struggling most. In particular a sizeable proportion of the most boosted population seems to be unable to avoid repeated, debilitating, bouts of ‘Covid’.


The second huge benefit of the courage and resilience of those who stood up for their freedom to control what goes into their bodies is that governments were prevented from introducing comprehensive vaccine passports. Kissinger, the mentor of the Davos Crowd’s WEF’s Klaus Schwab, reportedly said in a speech made nearly twenty years ago to a UN/WHO Eugenics Committee (why do they have such a thing?), that once vaccine passports were in place it will be game over for freedom. People would thereafter be unable to prevent the state from meddling any way it wants in their bodies.

The way to various ‘transhumanist’ (melding Artificial Intelligence into human beings, as in the Borg of Star Trek fame) and ‘depopulation’ (‘genocide’) agendas would then be open. Each is as sinister as it is insane.

Just a few months ago the vaccinated were being whipped up to start persecuting the unvaccinated. Globalist WEF puppets like Draghi and Macron were explaining that we should be allowed to have no place or, by implication, future in society. Both the UK and French governments lied that only five million unvaccinated renegades remained in their countries. The implication was that right-thinking people should join in reducing that small minority to zero.

It was almost as if both governments were working off a script prepared long in advance. Of course, the real proportion of unvaccinated was much higher than the politicians said. And interestingly, as the pressure on the unvaccinated to conform increased, their numbers did not significantly decrease. Many left their jobs instead. This was real resistance.

The current chaos owes much to shortages of healthcare and transport employees. The courageous ones resigned, and the desperately unlucky were crippled by the jabs. And who would want to go back to workplaces that cared so little for their people that they would mandate harmful injections?

Thank God, the West had enough disagreeable and determined ‘deplorables’ to prevent Western states completing the planned introduction of their bio-medical totalitarian state. I don’t expect to be thanked for my tiny part in this success. But I am perfectly aware that over the last few months a steady stream of sudden deaths from cancer and/or strokes has slowly modified many people’s understanding of the media and state-induced vaccine panic.

Let’s hope people won’t be so gullible next time. Meanwhile I think the short video below is some reward for, and acknowledgement of, the courage and rightness of the unvaccinated.

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