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Tom Luongo & Alex Krainer talk Geopolitics

Tom Luongo and Alex Krainer cover several current topics including the escalation of NATO’s proxy war on Russia in this irreverent and cheerful 90-minute podcast.

As a contrast to my recent near dissertation-length post about the Ukraine, here is an easy listening podcast tour of the world geopolitical battlefield to liven up your next car journey.

The appearance of a competent and uncensored body of independent commentators on the internet may yet nullify the Western Establishment/Davos Crowd/WEF advantage in controlling and censoring the handful of legacy or mainstream international media companies. This podcast appears on Rumble, one of a number of internet sites circumventing state and social media controlled outlets.

I was particularly interested to hear that private polling reveals that European populations now have more sympathy for Russia than for Ukraine. If this is true, it is an encouraging result achieved in the teeth of unremitting, wholesale establishment media propaganda.

Click here and enjoy:

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