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Updating the Coronavirus Narrative

Much of what the public is now realizing about the Covid lies and the dangerous RNA vaccines already appeared in posts here. It’s a sinister can of worms that should embarrass anyone who believes in the benevolence of the State.

Many posts have discussed the alleged coronavirus pandemic and the (in my view) pre-planned harm done by Globalist governing elites to their own populations worldwide, and especially in the West. This summer is the lull before many storms. One storm will be the fury that will at some stage break into the open as enough people wake up and recognize just how much harm has been done to them by lying elites that either do not care about, or actually loathe, their populations.

How many miscarriages, still births, young children and teenagers dying of myocarditis, how many collapsing athletes and footballers, how much of the new-fangled Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS), how many unexpected cancer deaths will there be before people understand how much more frequently these are occurring among the vaccinated?

The more vaccinated a country the higher its overall mortality tends to be. Justin Trudeau, the head of the Canadian regime, is said to be panicking because approaching 90% of those who get hospitalised and/or die of Covid are compliant shot-aholics. We all know vaccinated people who got ‘Covid’, often repeatedly.

Here’s another clue. The UK regime is proposing imprisonment of up to two years for the crime of disseminating information about Covid contrary to the official narrative. This may stem the flow of my posts on the topic. It certainly suggests that the regime’s story is bogus if people contradicting it need to be silenced.

Somebody ‘in authority’ is concerned about what might happen to the globalist bureaucratic and corporate overlord class when the plebs really understand that they have been duped and, basically, attacked by their supposedly protective state. They should be.

The UK’s Conservative Party has suffered two more by-election defeats. Its problems would be still worse, were it not for the fact that the Labour Party alternative is also staffed by WEF/Davos globalist sycophants, many of whom are compromised in various ways. People would be shocked if Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein’s client list were ever published and revealed how many members of US and European political elites figured on it.

Or maybe many already know, just as they have rumbled the vaccine fraud. Vaccinated people who thought I should be locked up for wanting to kill Granny a year ago now reportedly admit to others I was right about the toxic jabs. (Not to me of course because, as Professor Dumbledore in Harry Potter explains, ‘people find it much harder to forgive one for being right than for being wrong’.) The worm of public opinion is evidently turning.


At one level I am not sure what remains to be said. My previous posts have explained and/or foreseen the damage to our societies that is becoming evident. However, for those who have not read my previous posts, what follows is a brief summary and a partial re-appraisal of what I wrote.

This blog started in early 2020 when governments across the world made a coordinated attempt to literally lockdown their populations. Despite widespread, severe, fearmongering in the media it soon became clear that Covid was no worse a disease than a flu. Moribund people were the ones at risk (i.e. people with existing co-morbidities). They are rarely members of the active population. Therefore, Covid could not be addressed by locking down the active population.

There was a clear intention to rely on rushing out untested so called ‘RNA vaccines’ which would be made compulsory. As a result, huge pressure was exerted on dissident doctors who successfully used existing medicines to treat Covid. Successful treatments would make emergency use authorization of the untested RNA vaccines unobtainable, preventing their use.

It was crucial to introduce the gene therapy known as RNA ‘vaccines’ as a bio-weapon, as a long-term population reduction technology, and as the excuse for the introduction of global ‘vaccine passports’. Vaccine passports would be the basis of a global bio-medical surveillance state and would pave the way for Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) enabling total control of the lives of the plebs. Such at least that was the Globalist plan.

This way lies insanity. Thank God that resistance to the vaccines scotched that scheme for the time being in most countries. The globalists at the WEF and its minions in the West will no doubt come back with more schemes until they are physically removed from the scene.


The globalist agenda was supported by systematic lying on death certificates to pump up ‘Covid deaths’ (including, famously, road accident victims), and by reliance on the discredited PCR test. The PCR test was designed using influenza viruses since nobody has ever isolated the Covid virus. Influenza therefore disappeared as a cause of death, as deaths usually attributed to it were transferred to the hyped-up Covid count.

The PCR test was introduced in the summer of 2020 after the natural winter virus season had ended. Coronaviruses, and flu viruses, go dormant in Northern Temperate Climates like the UK in the summer. The PCR test’s job was to create the completely false impression that a pandemic was continuing through the summer to keep us afraid, and to justify the introduction of medically harmful, fear-inducing compulsory masking.

PCR technology was never meant to be used as the basis of a test for anything. It is used to replicate a massive number of copies of even tiny genetic fragments. It’s very good if you want to reconstruct genetic code from scanty fossil remains. But as a test it is useless.

There are plenty of fragments of viral genetic material wafting through the air all the time. It is quite likely that a PCR test will reconstruct some kind of material from some people’s throats, especially if run at too many iterations. The imperfectly reconstructed material could be bits from months-old dead Covid 19 viruses, other very similar members of the coronavirus family, or indeed scraps of influenza viruses.

Running the PCR test at more than 30 iterations were agreed by the CDC to create invalid results. But public health bureaucracies, enjoying the public limelight and the public’s misplaced trust, nevertheless ran them at 40 or more iterations.

For all these reasons the PCR test helpfully generated a high rate of so-called ‘false positive’ results - at least a 2% false positive rate, and often much more. Politicians and officials never revealed what the PCR false positive rate was. That would have given the game away.

I include here a worked example designed to help readers understand the implications of the PCR false positive test. Many people, including evidently mal-educated politicians and members of the public, just do not understand at all. A 2% false positive rate doesn’t sound much, does it? But it is crucial.

Let’s assume that in the summer of 2020 1 to 2 million people daily in Britain took PCR tests which had in reality a false positive rate of 2%. Let’s pretend that 20,000 to 40,000 people tested positive daily - giving rise to panicky headlines and scary utterances from our elected and unelected officials - and these are more or less typical numbers from 2020.

Here’s a question for you. “Based on the assumed 2% false positive rate of the PCR test, how many of the reported 20,000 to 40,000 daily positives were fake, assuming 1 to 2 million people were tested?”

The answer is: ALL OF THEM. The 20,000 positives typically generated by testing a million people are simply false positives (20,000 = 2% of 1,000,000).

The truth was that much of the time practically all PCR positives were in fact false, especially in the summer when neither corona nor influenza viruses are active. Nothing was happening except a global exercise in duping populations for political and corporate gain.

Governments then built on the lie of the fake PCR tests to claim that all positive tests were ‘cases’, i.e. people who were actually ill. But, in so far as it detects anything at all, the PCR mainly detected unviable fragments of God knows what in the throat, which is actually an external surface of the body. It said nothing about infection or illness. The so-called cases were nearly all perfectly well. They were ‘asymptomatic’, i.e. they were not ill.

It was one lie upon another. Next came the assertions that asymptomatic people could spread Covid to any significant degree, that inflicting face masks on healthy people was therefore ‘justified’, and that face masks could prevent infection. That is three more lies.

Apart from anything else, if the virus were the size of a football, the gaps in the mask material would be a mile wide. It’s obviously daft. The masks were not intended to protect but to control and show who was boss – the almighty state and its tedious devotees.


But surely Alan what about all those Covid deaths? Well, what deaths? Do you mean those who were denied treatment by American doctors when they could have been saved by inexpensive treatments including Ivermectin, Vitamin D or even antibiotics.

It is even possible that people don’t generally die of respiratory viruses. It seems that the millions of people who died in the 1918 ‘Spanish Flu’ epidemic in fact died of untreated bacterial pneumonia. It was untreated because there were no antibiotics at the time. Ever since antibiotics were developed serious ‘flu’ outbreaks have not been accompanied by really noticeable increases in overall mortality. The Spanish Flu was probably neither flu nor Spanish. One does start to wonder about flu jabs and indeed reported flu mortality too.

As I mentioned in earlier posts, overall mortality in Britain in 2020 was lower than for any year before 2008. If you lined up each year of my life in order of overall mortality in the UK in that year, then 2020 and 2021 would be insignificant entries down towards the bottom of the chart.

And, remember, countless studies have shown that lockdowns had no overall beneficial medical effects, but they did do enormous societal harm. The harm of course includes mortality from (continuing) deaths of despair which helpfully – from a fearmonger’s perspective - swelled overall mortality during ‘Covid’.

It is all very odd. Just why did America have 30% excess mortality in 2020 when Canada had none? Both areas had broadly similar, punishing lockdown restrictions. This was especially true in the northern States closest to Canada in climate and geography. Did our terribly dangerous virus lose its mojo on crossing the Canadian border, or did the Canadian health service hand out antibiotics like candy and accidentally ‘cure’ Covid?

American doctors were under intense pressure not to treat Covid patients at all, even with antibiotics, and it was supposed to be a virus (and so not treatable with antibiotics which are for bacteria). Except of course for ventilators (97% mortality) or patented, expensive and often lethal anti-viral drugs such as Remdesivir (known as ‘Run, Death is Near’). Its signature side effects of liver and kidney failure starred on many a Covid death report.

In Britain a smaller uptick in mortality in April 2020 is associated with a state decision to issue twice as many prescriptions for the similarly powerful drug Midazolam (over 40,000 versus less than 20,000 in 2019) for use by GPs in nursing homes. A coincidence, no doubt.


The official figures from US, EU and UK Vaccine Adverse Effects Reports Systems (VAERS) combined are now 77,000 deaths and several hundred thousand serious injuries, like paralysis, blindness, permanent incapacity, strokes etc. In the past a vaccination effort would have been cancelled long before things got so bad. Especially as the vaccines now have no significant effect in preventing transmission, illness or even death from Covid. Indeed, we now hear they have ‘negative efficiency’ – after a few months the immune system is weakened enough to make the jabbed more vulnerable to Covid, and much else.

Reporting to VAERS is voluntary. There are persistent stories of deaths and injuries being deleted after submission, and of people being pressurized not to send in information. There is clearly a great deal of under-reporting of injuries. It is estimated that only 1% to 10% of adverse reactions are reported. As far as anyone can tell, half a million people, or more, may well have died in the West from the vaccines so far, with literally millions of serious injuries and permanent debilitating illnesses. We would know more if governments exerted themselves to investigate properly, but of course they don’t want to.

In Canada, with roughly 3% of the West’s approximately 1 billion population, the Canadian Government’s vaccines injuries compensation scheme has already attracted the 400,000 maximum permissible number of claimants. This would equate to 13 million vaccine injury claimants across the West as a whole.

There are so many separate instances of huge percentage increases in mortality amongst groups of younger and fitter people. These include the 40% increase in life insurance claims amongst prime age men, many times more myocarditis cases than before, more, and rarer, cancers, and illnesses of the immune-compromised generally.

There seems to be a certain amount of ‘sudden’ and ‘unexpected’ death around, although death is often that way even in normal times – especially among those whose work puts heavy loads on hearts that may have been damaged by RNA vaccines.

For a very anecdotal take on whether aircrews and baggage handlers are experiencing adverse effects from the MRA Vaccines here is a short video. As ever, salt to taste.

It would seem that monkey pox has been revived to describe shingles (photos of shingles cases have been used as ‘monkey pox’ exhibits) and other skin lesion side-effects of the vaccines. Monkey pox seems to occur in countries which use the Pfizer vaccine.


Fortunately, an American Court forced Pfizer to reveal a mass of information from the trials on their vaccines which they and the US Government wanted to keep secret for over 70 years. I have touched on this before but suffice it to say that more mismanagement of the trials has been revealed in each successive data dump (there are many more documents to be released).

In the trial the control group was closed down before the conclusion of the trial. Deaths were reallocated or misreported between vaccinated and unvaccinated groups. However, serious side effects were indeed uncovered and reported to the FDA and CDC, and the US federal agencies, by granting emergency use approval, became party to a cover up.

No work was intended to be done on human fertility issues during the trials. But in animal studies toxic vaccine generated spike proteins accumulated in ovaries. 300 women became pregnant during the trial. Defects in the unborn were found to be significantly more common amongst vaccinated subjects. Of the thirty or so women where the eventual outcome was known, 80% to 90% lost their babies (depending on some not finally reported outcomes). What of the other 270 women and their babies? We are not told, so far as I know.

If Pfizer, and other Big Pharma firms, were not protected from civil liability by the state (I suspect they will turn out to have criminal liability notwithstanding), they would be facing bankruptcy under the weight of lawsuits from literally millions of victims. Once again note the superiority of law (especially Common Law based American law) over politics as a means of getting at the truth.


So we had ‘safe and effective’ RNA vaccines foisted on us without any possibility of informed consent by people in government and Big Pharma who knew they were anything but safe and effective. The jabs didn’t prevent transmission, infection or death.

Instead, it is becoming clear that the more you ‘vaccinate’ people the higher overall mortality becomes. The vaccines need boosters because after a few months they achieve ‘negative effectiveness’. They make you more likely over time to fall ill with something that could be diagnosed as Covid. It is likely that some at least of those who were misled or even coerced into getting the jab are developing VAIDS – Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Their immune systems may not recover properly, making them more vulnerable to cancers, shingles and other illnesses that healthy immune systems keep under control.

It’s important not to exaggerate. Highly vaccinated populations do have higher overall mortality but the signal is still quite small and may diminish if the booster jabs cease. Let us hope so. If so, it will be a lucky escape for the populations and officials whose blind faith in modern government could so easily have led to something much worse.

As ever, the price of liberty is constant vigilance against the harm that the state may do.

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