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Viruses, Jabs and Lies

As we enter the second year of the disastrous state response to the overhyped Coronavirus ‘pandemic’, we can identify the lies used to keep the fake narrative afloat. It would never happen in a free, Private Law, society.

For what was supposed to be a site extolling the virtues and joys of life in future free Private Law libertarian societies, I have spent rather a lot of time writing about the alleged worldwide health emergency the world has been put through over the last year and a half.

Unsurprisingly, I am reluctant to deal with this topic again. There is little new information. The virus in England is well on the way to becoming just another part of the disease background along with tens of other winter cold bugs. They hang around waiting to help kill people who are already seriously ill. State centralized, hospital-based healthcare, and reliance on dumping the elderly in ‘homes’, have helpfully concentrated such vulnerable people, making mortal infection that much easier. Respiratory disease has been a big official killer in the UK since forever. That’s not going to change.

Still, there is enough information for an update about the virus and about the jabs which are being foisted, if not forced, on the population. Lastly there is, I feel, a need to explain that we have been lied to about nearly everything. Good people are going along with dangerous nonsense because they have been deliberately misinformed. They will do anything not to admit even to themselves that they have been duped. Which is why one just has to wait until enough people have awakened all ‘by their own’ - as my son used to say.

Below I identify the principal untruths which have blinded so many to what is going on. Then I discuss how this situation may have arisen and what might happen next, on an optimistic or a pessimistic view of the world.

Lie 1: Human beings are intrinsically vulnerable to disease.

We are supposed to be pretty much the same creatures we were before we became civilized. But we are not. Not when it comes to our immune systems. At the end of the most recent glaciation 10,000 years ago, we were living at very low population densities in hunter gatherer bands scattered across the the planet. Most interaction between groups of wild humans was lethal rather than cooperative. Human hunter-gatherer bands were too isolated and small to support endemic infectious disease, and were too mobile to catch parasites from their own waste.

Any incoming disease organism trying to transfer from animal to humans would quickly run out of new susceptible hosts because each isolated band had so few members. A virulent germ might kill many in a band and then die out. A mild germ would infect everyone, conferring immunity on the band, and then die out. Disease couldn’t get a foothold.

But at the beginning of the current warmer interglacial period, humans began to settle down. Much larger, sedentary, populations became possible as we learned to grow crops and raise livestock. Wild herd animals live in bigger, connected populations than hunter-gatherer humans. The newly domesticated livestock already had many endemic diseases, carried by germs adapted to survive in their large social populations. Every so often, germs and parasites from animals living cheek by jowl with us branched out to attack human populations. They often succeeded because populations were now so much larger than they had been. And they comprised weakened individuals stunted and weakened by inadequate nutrition – essentially over-reliance on grains. Each domesticated animal contributed some tens of disease organisms to the repertoire of human illness and parasitism. Man’s millennial struggle with germs and worms had begun.

It is possible that the relentless assault of incoming germs and parasites capped human populations in the easily irrigable valleys of the Middle East. These were the first places where comparatively massive, crowded human populations could develop. As documented by historian William McNeil in ‘Plagues and Peoples’, humanity ran an endless gauntlet of repeated lethal plagues inflicted by new and returning disease germs.

Over millennia, the dense populations of the Old-World agrarian civilisations acquired resistance to hundreds of germs. At the same time, as humans became more resistant, some disease organisms tended to mutate to become milder. Success, from a germ’s point of view, is not killing off potential hosts and then dying out but rather becoming a permanent, ‘endemic’ background parasite with constant access to new susceptible hosts.

The Old-World disease pool created a miserable, diseased, stunted, but immunologically resilient peasantry. It acted as an unintended but effective bio-weapon. It carried numerous disease organisms to which it had inherited immunity, or had acquired immunity after surviving childhood illnesses. As civilizations expanded, neighbouring tribes died off, leaving demoralized survivors to be ‘assimilated’. The most remarkable example of the evolutionary pressure exercised by infectious diseases is the near destruction of pre-Columbian American Indian populations. Their contact with all our diseases in the 16th and 17th centuries probably reduced their populations by somewhere between 95% and 99%.

By the early eighteenth century, with the last outbreaks of the Black Death in Europe and the beginning of recovery in Amerindian populations, a world-wide population equipped with very effective immune systems had finally come into being. The Industrial Revolution’s better nutrition standards then gradually made more of the world’s population effectively invulnerable to even serious diseases like TB. The idea that modern populations could be fundamentally vulnerable to something like a modified coronavirus is implausible.

Lie 2: The Virus has a natural origin.

Let’s consider the role of governments in bringing us this new virus. The next probable untruth is that the new bug had a wholly natural origin. It was said to be yet another transferee from an animal species, in this case from bats or pangolins. But right from the get go, independent experts said the new virus had characteristics consistent with a laboratory origin. For example, it seems to be adapted to living on human rather than animal cells. It is said to have characteristics which only genetic engineering could explain. And, anyway, no trace of Covid 19 has been found in any animal in China, which would not be the case if it had naturally transferred from animal to human in 2019.

While this still seems to be just a new member of the well-known coronavirus family, it does seem to have been kept and tweaked in laboratory environments and distributed around the world from them rather than via some poor animal in the Wuhan ‘wet market’.

Those who proposed a laboratory origin were pilloried, censored, fired and de-platformed as ‘conspiracy theorists’ by Big Tech firms acting as self-appointed censors of independent thought. Many careers and businesses were wrecked in the process by these corporations acting on behalf of the prevailing globalist and Big Pharma narrative. This globalist censorship and bullying has been pervasive and unprecedented. It strongly suggests pre-planned official misinformation.

But now the official narrative has done an about-face. It turns out that when Obama sensibly banned ‘gain of function’ research on viruses (i.e. research on weaponizing germs) in the USA, Dr Fauci’s organization was instrumental in shifting such research, and millions of dollars, to the Chinese laboratory at Wuhan. US Senator Rand Paul has just asked the US Justice Department to look into criminal action against him for lying to Congress about this.

So now the Chinese government is supposedly somehow to blame. This narrative plays into some pretty disreputable hands, elsewhere than in China. There are grounds for supposing that this is indeed just another narrative. Apart from anything else, Wuhan isn’t the only place that US funded gain-of-function research moved to, leaving aside the question as to whether it ever actually ceased in America. The Chinese government is reportedly asking for an investigation into the role of the US’s own Fort Detrick Biolab.

Our understanding of genetics has progressed so fast that we can now use it to work out the origin and dispersal of species, animals or germs. If a Martian landed and sought to understand human origins and migrations, he could quickly do so using genetic samples from around the globe. Where a population has existed longest (i.e. its place of origin), there will be the greatest variability of genetic lines. From time to time, individuals belonging to one of the genetic lineages may leave for pastures new. There the population will belong only to that founder’s lineage. That population will be less genetically diverse.

This analysis shows that Africa contains far, far more distinct human genetic lineages than the rest of the world combined. The rest of the world – despite its apparently greater variety of physical types – is occupied by just one original human lineage. It seems to be the result of a very small population crossing the mouth of the Red Sea (then much shallower during the last glaciation), possibly on a single occasion. Genetic analysis shows Africa was our place of origin. And it tells us about later migration around the planet.

Turning to the genetic analysis of the virus, what do we see? The place with the most varied lineages, the putative point of origin, would appear to be, ahem, America. Each overseas initial focus of Covid infection - China, Iran, northern Italy – harbours distinct genetic lineages consistent with separate local infection rather than a spread of the Chinese viral lineage by travellers. There have been persistent reports of the virus being present elsewhere in the world before the Chinese outbreak, and indeed before the international Military Games competition (to which the US sent a large contingent) in late October, 2019 in, er, Wuhan.

Lie 3: Far more people have died than usual.

Clearly something happened here in Britain in early 2020 because there was a sudden peak in excess mortality (i.e. more deaths than the five year average deaths for the same months) which then rapidly subsided in the early summer sunshine. This spring peak in excess mortality was followed by a much smaller excess peak around Christmas.

According to the Office of National Statistics, 2020 saw mortality of about 1,040 per 100,000 – just over 1% - in England. This figure is more than 10% higher than the average rate of dying over the preceding 5 years. It is higher than 2019’s 925 per 100,000. But 2019 was the lowest year ever. On the other hand, every single year up to 2008 had a higher mortality than supposedly terrible 2020. Certainly, the Hong Kong Flu outbreak in 1968 was associated with quite a lot more mortality but hardly anybody paid it any attention.

And almost all of those who died from the virus had one or more ‘co-morbidities’. In other words, they already had something very seriously wrong with them. They died ‘with’ the new coronavirus rather than necessarily ‘from’ it. A recent Portuguese court decision indicated that, out of 17,000 reported Covid deaths in that country, only 152 (equivalent to around 1,000 deaths in the UK) could be considered to be actually caused by the new bug.

On the other hand, excess mortality has clearly been significant. What’s happening? Well, Covid-19 has changed the timing of deaths give or take several months. So senescent people who didn’t die in the very mild flu season of late 2019 died a few months later in the ‘pandemic’ of early 2020. And people who might have lasted into 2021 died months earlier.

Since the end of February, we have had around 10% fewer deaths than the 2015-19 average. (Did you know that so many fewer people have been dying this year or have you simply been taken in by incessant media scaremongering?) It’s quite possible that the average death rate for the three years 2019, 2020 and 2021 combined in the UK will turn out to be no different from that of the preceding ten years.

And the lockdowns killed too. There have been deaths of despair and deaths through NHS neglect. The virus doesn’t account for all of the reported extra mortality by any means.

Lie 3: The virus is not seasonal.

Inconveniently for scaremongers and assorted power-grabbers, this coronavirus, like the other related, longer-established coronaviruses, and the influenza bugs, is seasonal. In northern temperate zones like Europe, China and the northern United States, it operates during the winter months. This supposedly devastating existential threat goes away on summer holiday, leaving some weedy rhinoviruses to create a few ‘summer colds’. If the population realised that the virus doesn’t operate in the summer at all, they would have recognized that the simultaneous roll out of mask mandates in many countries last summer was just a coordinated sham designed to worry and intimidate them.

The problem was; how could European and northern US state politicians keep people cowed and miserable through the summer? Help was at hand. In subtropical areas of the world the virus is also seasonal. But it works later in the year. So the MSM consuming masses could be misdirected during their summer lull by fake narratives about places like India.

Lie 4: We are all in this together.

This is a double lie in fact. Two for the price of one. To make us go along with losing a year or two of our lives, with wrecking thousands of businesses and millions of jobs, and with losing our freedom, the globalists pulling the strings of our national political ‘leaders’ had to convince the population that there was a realistic threat – a significant probability of death – to all of us, healthy and unhealthy, young and old alike. But, of course, it wasn’t true.

As a threat to life this virus is less than a flu for younger, healthy people. It basically kills old people who are also very ill, and to a lesser extent fatter people amongst the under 60s. The average age at death from Covid has been in the low eighties. That is higher than total UK life expectancy. The chance of a child dying has been in the 1 in a million region. For younger adults it’s 1 chance in 100,000 or less. The risks were not big enough for any sane person to advocate closing down entire societies (assuming such measures worked).

The second sense in which we are not all in this together is that the state printed up huge sums out of thin air and used it to support government and their mates in big business, and their employees. This has been at the expense of incomes, savings and prosperity elsewhere in society. The pain and costs of the lockdowns – themselves pointless and damaging - has been pushed on to those least able to bear them by the politically powerful.

People who one might have thought had an underlying spark of human compassion (seeing as they keep on saying so) have been sitting on their hands as signs of distress multiply. I have been appalled by the callous approach the zoom-using classes have taken to the plight of their fellow citizens who have had to earn their living out in the real world.

Lie 5: The PCR test and the fake ‘Casedemic’.

At the beginning of this saga everyone understood what a case was. Somebody feels pretty unwell. They go to the doctor. The patient may well be admitted to hospital. This convention has been used and abused by the wholesale fraud of the PCR test. This was introduced and misused to frighten people again last summer when not much was going on. The PCR technology extracts and replicates many times over tiny scraps of genetic material until there are enough to reconstruct or research a significant part of a genome.

It relies on cycles of iteration. During each PCR iteration more copies are made of any genetic fragments found in the original sample. Long story short. If you have to go to more than 25 iterations to discern the most fragmentary part of a genetic sequence found in the new coronavirus’s genome (and indeed in many other, irrelevant, viruses) then what you have is something that is dead, caput and incapable of reproducing even in ideal laboratory conditions – let alone the hostile conditions inside the human body.

So official scaremongers run the iterations to more than forty times – which is completely contrary to (belated) WHO guidance – and create a raft of new positives results, almost all false positives. These they misleadingly called ‘cases’ so the public assumed that the hospitals were filling up with legions of new Covid sufferers. Peak ‘cases’ occurred in the autumn, although there was little resultant excess mortality. The case scam has been kept going for months since February 2021. This is remarkable because all causes mortality since then has been 10% lower than average, which shows nothing concerning has been going on.

Next winter there will be more sick people in hospitals with respiratory illnesses. The PCR test may be used to generate thousands of false positive ‘cases’. Just like last winter, any death – famously including accident victims - will be arbitrarily allocated to the coronavirus death toll. But few will be real Covid cases, or at least not amongst the unvaccinated.

The powers that be are perfectly aware of the PCR deception. The CDC in America was caught proposing to run PCR tests at 28 iterations for vaccinated people but over 40 for unvaccinated people, just so unvaccinated people would be reported as having many more ‘cases’ than vaccinated people. The UK government still runs tests over 40 iterations – otherwise there would be no natural ‘rising cases’ with which to manipulate us.

Lie 6: Healthy people can spread the virus.

In order to justify lockdowns and loss of liberty, preparatory to inflicting RNA vaccines on entire populations, the globalists and their puppets in government had to assert that healthy people could be asymptomatic but still infect others. Otherwise, why prevent healthy people moving about? This is either a lie, or at least not true enough to be relevant. An example was manufactured of an asymptomatic woman allegedly infecting fifty something people. She turned out to be on flu meds - so not asymptomatic after all.

To infect someone you need to have enough of a viral load to transfer a lot to the next victim. One or two lone viruses doesn’t cut it. Anybody with enough of a viral load is almost always going to be pretty ill. Any anomalous exceptions don’t make a difference. So, lockdowns, social distancing and masks were wholly without medical justification. Except of course as a way of frightening millions, if not to death, then into mindless compliance.

Lie 7: Lockdown measures reduce mortality.

I’ll be brief. Mortality data from countries and states has been mined repeatedly in studies – over sixty by now I think - by real scientists (as opposed to politically and financially motivated SAGE mathematical modellers) to find any correlation with the use and severity of lockdown measures, including social distancing, quarantine, masks etc.

There is none. These measures make no discernable difference. It simply is not true that they have saved lives. And there are obvious reasons why this should be the case. We have examined the lie that healthy people are at real risk. They are not, or not to any significant degree. Therefore, keeping healthy people locked up can’t have any effect. Some basically healthy people may still get ill, but in that case they will tend to self-isolate anyway.

The vulnerable are not out and about in the first place. They have been helpfully concentrated in hospitals and old persons homes. In most places nursing home deaths have accounted for approaching half of all coronavirus deaths.

Governments employ smart people too. They know this as well as any properly informed layman. So they are knowingly misleading (i.e. lying to) their citizens when they assert that these lockdowns are intended to counter the virus or effective in doing so.

Lie 8: We have not achieved herd immunity.

The outbreak on the Diamond Princess cruise liner in February 2020 already showed to unbiased (i.e. non-state) experts that the new virus would be similar to a bad flu in overall mortality terms. It also already gave the lie to the story that people don’t have natural immunity to new germ species. A crowded cruise ship is a paradise for a highly contagious germ to spread itself. And yet 80% of passengers and crew on the ship were not ill. This suggests that most people have T-Cell cross-immunity which they inherited or acquired after exposure to any of the coronaviruses which have been endemic in humans for a long time. T-cells are an important anti-viral mechanism which remember sections of genetic material from past viruses (such sections will often enough be the same in related viruses including the new coronavirus) and destroy cells in the body which produce them.

The wool has been pulled over our eyes by the scaremongers focusing on antibodies. The story has been that few members of the population had antibodies to the new virus at any one time so everybody else had not been exposed and had to be locked up until the new experimental RNA gene therapies could be deployed. But antibodies are not a primary response, especially in people who are resistant anyway. Nor do antibodies generally stay in the blood stream that long. So this focus on antibodies was used to conceal the truth.

Respiratory viruses run through populations infecting as many people as possible when they are seasonally active. In early 2020 last year we had most of the real cases and deaths. The truth is that when the seasonal summer pause set in, in most areas and especially in London, most of the susceptible people had been exposed and become immune. The virus was losing steam. There were too few susceptible people left to infect. Herd immunity had been achieved in most places, and months ahead of the campaign of RNA gene therapy jabs.

Last winter, there were still some areas of the country which had not yet been attacked. And there was a fresh crop of people who had unfortunately become ill enough for whatever reason to be vulnerable to Covid. But by February 2021, when it was still winter and the virus could have been active, nothing was happening because there were not enough susceptible people. It was over, everywhere. And it was over before the vaccine campaign could really get going. Since then, overall deaths have been well below normal.

Lie 9: ‘Variants’ are a genuine threat.

The scaremongers have relied on ‘variants’ to keep people afraid of an illness which is over. All viruses mutate and typically a new one will mutate to become less virulent. The rise of the so-called D or India (actually the same thing) variant is an example of just that. People who had Sars 1 over a decade ago are still immune to its 80% relative Covid-19. None of the thousands of new variants, as of a month ago at least, is more than 0.3% variant from the original bug. They are not a real problem, just a sign of everything quietening down naturally. The ‘scariants’ are simply intended to frighten people into getting jabs.

Lie 10: There are no existing treatments so the jabs merit emergency approval.

Let us not forget that apparently state entities like the FDA, the WHO and Dr Fauci’s organization get a lot of money from politically connected corporations, especially Big Pharma. The WHO was lobbied to revise its definition of a pandemic so that the forthcoming Covid outbreak could be described as one. And it adopted and promoted the lockdown regime as policy despite years of scientific consensus that it is dangerous, damaging and useless. Bill Gates is the second largest funder of this UN linked body. Interestingly a legally privileged alliance between Gates, Pfizer and Moderna called Gavi is the fourth largest WHO donor.

And Big Pharma does not have clean hands. They have mostly been fined repeatedly for misdeeds or misrepresentations. I understand that Pfizer is the record holder with a fine of over $2 billion on one occasion. Mistrust of Big Pharma ethics would appear to have a reasonable basis. Pfizer and Moderna both had RNA gene therapy technologies. They needed to get them emergency approval during some kind of public health crisis.

To get it there had to be no existing treatment for the novel virus. This was a necessary lie. And a profitable one - the vaccine companies propose to charge $125 for shots in future. If the whole Western world mandated them that would be $125 billion dollars of nearly pure profit for Big Pharma every year. But there are existing alternative treatments.

Firstly, there has been a marked skew towards Covid deaths occurring in people who are Vitamin D deficient, for example elderly people cooped up in flats and kept out of the sun by lockdowns. Vitamin D deficiency undermines immune function. After all, winter respiratory viruses operate in the winter in northern temperate climes precisely because immune systems are depressed when we don’t have enough sunshine-induced Vitamin D.

Nor should we forget Vitamin B. As mentioned before, the symptoms of Beri Beri (Vitamin B deficiency) are the same as those of ‘long covid’. Vitamin B absorption is blocked by booze and caffeine. Enough people unwisely subsist on booze or skinny lattes – especially during lockdowns – to cause lots of misleading ‘Covid’ cases.

Early on, hydroxychloroquine with zinc was found to be an effective early-stage treatment, despite an embarrassing, and soon retracted, smear job in ‘The Lancet’. But because President Trump said so, and because western medical and political establishments have been so in thrall to Big Pharma, many doctors have been censored, fired and otherwise abused for using this approach.

And then there has been the widespread use of ivermectin. It has been a safe, inexpensive anti-parasite remedy for years. It is cheap and highly effective against coronavirus. It is, on its own, a proof that there was no justification for giving emergency approval to the untested RNA ‘vaccines’, let alone trying to force western populations to take them.

It seems that in Asia ivermectin may be becoming the principal response to dealing with this disease, rather than so-called vaccines. Interestingly, the India Bar Association is, I understand, taking to court a senior WHO official. When some Indian states started using ivermectin, she put out a WHO backed tweet saying it should not be used. An Indian state that stopped using ivermectin apparently suffered more deaths than those which kept with it. If one assumes that the WHO at least should have known that ivermectin does work, one can discern the outlines of a case of crime against humanity by the WHO, there and also across the West where public health establishments suppressed lifesaving treatments.

Lie 11. RNA gene therapies are necessary, effective and safe.

We have already seen that there are effective conventional coronavirus treatments so there was never any justification for giving emergency approval for the RNA gene therapy jabs. They are not necessary. But it gets worse. There is a conventional one-shot vaccine – something that works by exposing the body to a safe version of the germ – in the form of Russia’s Sputnik V. It seems to be at least as effective and much safer.

It is also being made available for very little, if any, money. It is unclear why EU and the UK governments are not allowing their citizens to use it instead of the much more expensive and untried solutions offered by the influential Big Pharma companies. Still when you consider that practically every official body, and media outlet, in this saga gets a big slice of revenue from Big Pharma, its easy to see how incentives could have led to misinformation.

The story about the efficacy of these RNA gene therapy jabs is itself most unclear. No attempt is being made to compare health outcomes and efficacy against Covid 19 as between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. Nor have specific obvious concerns, including the risk of long-term reduction in fertility even been studied.

The studies supporting the emergency use application had, I understand, the following characteristics: more people in the non-jabbed control group had ‘coronavirus like’ symptoms than amongst the jabbed, but nobody in either group died of them. From which the most one can say is that the RNA experimental gene therapies do not prevent infection by Covid, but they do seem to reduce the severity of symptoms. It is not clear what can be said about the chance of preventing death from Covid on the basis of the trials. RNA vaccines don’t seem impressive in terms of efficacy. Hence, perhaps, confusion about whether vaccinated people should still be subject to public health measures. It does seem that, according to the BBC, half of ‘cases’ are people who have had the jab.

In any case, since we already had achieved ‘herd immunity’ and the pandemic is pretty much over in the UK, the jabs would seem to be mostly pointless.


Safety is another matter. The RNA gene therapies represent a new technology and are not vaccines in the conventional sense. Conventional vaccines introduce dead elements of a disease-causing organism, or an attenuated or safe version of it, into the body. Contact with the alien material stimulates the body to develop lasting immunity against the target organism. The invading material is eliminated from the body by its immune response.

With the RNA gene therapies this doesn’t happen. You get packets of RNA – genetic material related to DNA – injected into your body. It spreads around the body entering trillions of cells and altering their genetic make-up, possibly permanently, to make them produce copies of bits of the original virus. The body then develops resistance to these bits of virus and supposedly achieves immunity against the original virus – though not necessarily immunity against ‘variants’.

An obvious question is: when the body discovers that it can’t rid itself of the bits of virus which are still being made by what used to be its cells, will it not attack its own cells to end the perceived attack? In other words, won’t you get serious, chronic auto-immune responses as the body fights an endless war against itself.

Such responses can result in major blood clots leading to strokes and heart attacks. It seems that over half of people who had the RNA vaccines may have microscopic blood clots, according to the results of so-called Dimmer tests. These cut off capillaries and could reduce blood flow in organs like the brain, heart and lungs which cannot regenerate. The result would be a gradual cumulative deterioration made worse with each ‘booster’ shot.

Equally alarming perhaps was the decision to make your cells manufacture Covid virus spike proteins. Big Pharma chose to make your cells produce the bit of the bug that causes the illness. Experiments have shown that you can induce coronavirus like symptoms just by injecting spike proteins alone. They seem to be toxic. Contrary to original intentions, it seems that spike protein production does not remain confined to the muscles near the injection site but spreads throughout the body. They seem to accumulate in key organs including the ovaries. So long as more are being produced by the body, it is unclear whether they can be eliminated.

So, your cells are made to produce, incorporate and release the virus’s toxic so-called spike proteins, perhaps indefinitely – nobody seems to know. As Ron Weasley in Harry Potter would say, ‘have you ever heard of a plan where more can go wrong?’


The reason why RNA jab technology had not previously not received formal approval is because of safety problems revealed in earlier animal trials. Firstly, the jabbed test animals showed high rates of blood clotting, strokes and heart attacks as part of a general initial auto-immune response. After all it seems pretty likely that if you turn your own cells into genetically modified versions of themselves, you will trigger an autoimmune response as the body tries to get rid of its own alien cells. This is the problem discussed above.

Much more serious, though, in the tests was the greater die-off of inoculated animals, because of immune system over-reactions, when they encountered wild viruses related to the original target germ. So instead of having natural immunity against a virus and its variants as we mostly had by February, there is a danger that those inoculated with RNA therapies will be unexpectedly vulnerable to otherwise unimportant ‘variants’ and other common cold bugs. It’s called ADE, which basically stands for the immune system grossly overreacting and killing the body it is meant to protect.

If the latter problem also occurs with human subjects, which is currently unknown, then we will see more deaths and serious illness amongst the RNA vaccinated this winter when the ‘wild’ relatives of Covid-19, i.e. other coronaviruses and influenza viruses get to work at their appointed season. We will have to wait and see.


What we can say so far is the following: a study suggests that one is 15 times more likely to die within three days of a jab than the un-jabbed. But since the chance of death in any three-day period is tiny this may not be a material objection.

The US Vaccine Adverse Events Reports (VAERS) indicates somewhere between 6,000 and 12,000 deaths within 48 hours of getting the jab (the CDC is claiming that higher figure is an error). Reports of large-scale blocking of attempts to submit reports of death and serious injury, added to traditionally incomplete VAERS coverage, make it likely that the US VAERS deaths and injuries could be much higher, especially since additional deaths and serious injuries occur more than 48 hours after the injection, but are not included. Many more serious injuries have been reported, including strokes, heart attacks, palsy and paralysis. The EudraVigilance organization reports about 19,000 deaths, and 1.8 million injuries, in the EU from the Covid vaccines.

All things considered, it would seem reasonable to report that these novel vaccines have killed tens of thousands of people in the West and seriously injured a few million. These deaths include those of many healthy younger people who could otherwise have had decades of quality years ahead of them. Those who have actually died ‘with’ Covid have on average had perhaps a year or less of quality life left ahead of them.

These deaths and the serious illnesses are presumably the results of the blood clot/auto-immune problems already seen in the unsuccessful animal trials, since the ADE wild virus die off will be a seasonal winter problem, if it occurs at all.

It is improbable that there is any truth in governments’ claims that genuine Covid ‘cases’ are increasing in northern temperate climes, simply because it is the wrong season for such cases to occur. However, we might well be seeing RNA vaccine casualties making their appearance. With many vaccinated people being hospitalized, people are beginning to wonder what was the point of having the RNA vaccines in the first place.

The jabs are clearly a couple of orders of magnitude more dangerous than, say, the old flu jabs. The USA used to suffer around 150 deaths a year from all vaccines annually. The US government halted a vaccine program against Swine flu in the 1970s after just 25 reported deaths. So why are these deaths and injuries being ignored by media and politicians?

Apart from everything else, healthy children and young adults are invulnerable to the more serious effects of the virus. It must be clear that vaccinating them with the novel RNA therapies will cause more death and illness, not less. And, again, the pandemic as a natural phenomenon is basically over. The Covid risk to younger people is now really small.


In a Free Society it would have been impossible for anybody to compel people to obey general restrictions on freedom such as lockdowns, masks, social distancing and travel restrictions. People would be free to take their own precautions. Individuals and businesses could certainly isolate or close, or insist on any measures they saw fit on their own property. But such actions would result in loss of business, except of course if a disease outbreak proved to be serious enough. Then cautious measures taken by individuals and firms would be imitated, which would be a classic example of society finding the correct level of response to a new problem through small-scale adaptability.

Healthcare questions would be in the hands of rival healthcare firms with a keen interest in disseminating the best possible information about outbreaks and how to tackle them. Nor would such firms be in thrall to pharmaceutical companies. They would be properly sceptical about the value of many patented drugs and vaccines. Big Pharma depends on the existence of big state-controlled health sectors riddled with Spanish customs and rife with kickbacks and bad incentives. I can’t imagine that any insurance company in a free world would even underwrite RNA vaccines.

But instead we have politicians and health officials. They have collectively made one of the worst public policy messes ever. Politicians work by blathering away until problems are solved by voluntary cooperation and then claiming the credit. They must never admit they were wrong. But what if a tissue of lies leaves them no cover to worm out of responsibility? As Boris Johnson said, if not now, when do they call a halt? They must soon allow civil society to heal rather than collapse.

Maybe, just maybe, many states have just made a colossal error in agreeing to make their populations act as guinea pigs for badly misconceived products. If so, the truth will out. But it will not be pretty.

The key point is that none of this mess could have happened in a genuinely free, ‘private law’ based society. For this much misery and damage to be inflicted, you need the modern state. Only the state’s legal privilege of robbing and bullying the populace, without their having redress, could make such colossal corporate and state mischief and mayhem feasible. In a free society nobody would risk the reputational damage, and the law suits, that non-stop mis-information of the sort we have seen would engender.

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Globalists, Collectivist Politicians and Fearmongers claim that the World is ‘Overpopulated’, but without presenting any justification. The Reverend Thomas Malthus was a British scholar and clergyman.

Ukraine Facing the Abyss

Western populations are being prepared for the idea of a stalemate after the failure of the recent Ukrainian offensive. The real prospect is of collapse in defeat. There is a map on the internet show


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