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An Emerging Right/Left Alliance against the Globalists?

It’s time to recognise that governing elites’ usual casual contempt for their peoples has become a willingness to attack societies around the world to consolidate wealth and power in the hands of a delusional global technocracy.

Mea culpa. I have not ‘watered my blog’ here at for a month or so, which is not the way to treat my very select readership. I have written, then rejected, several drafts posts. So why this period of neglect?

This blog was originally based on a draft for a book on libertarianism as a practicable, perhaps inevitable, way of life, and earlier posts were adaptations of draft chapters. I should like to think that, if one read and took on board posts on this site, one would understand history and economics better than officials, economists, MSM talking heads, and other publicly subsidised ‘intellectuals’. It has been essential to keep repeating key messages, especially since the newly awakened are unlikely to go back to earlier posts, so for ease of access I have been considering creating a downloadable PDF of revised versions.

I have written at length about many of the ways in which the modern state has been sawing off the branch on which we, and it, are sitting, and this has led to a re-evaluation, a need to recast or reframe the blog’s libertarian anarcho-capitalist stance. Added to which, recent weeks have felt like the lull before a storm, even the Perfect Storm, at least in the West. Hence the gap in posts.

Burning questions of the day remain. Many of my posts discuss the unfolding coronavirus fiasco. The experimental genetic modifications (‘RNA vaccines’) foisted on the compliant are becoming discredited as a response to the over-hyped sniffles. These vaccines are reported to have killed thousands and injured millions, on top of damage resulting from lockdowns and other measures, causing pointless suffering inflicted by coordinated globalist state action.

Everything governments did during the coronavirus fiasco was wrong, giving rise to a new expression, ‘Fractal Wrongness’, and prompting the thought that, if the state were really trying to help and protect us, as is popularly supposed, then surely it would, even if only by accident, occasionally have done something right.


What is the connection between the Covid disaster and other unfolding disasters like the war in the Ukraine, potential food shortages, energy price spirals, and a now imminent financial and economic crisis?

All of them are state-made disasters, which could not happen without the state’s illegitimate power to rob and coerce others. They reveal the hand of international or ‘globalist’ oligarch, corporate and official interests pushing fake narratives for their own profit. And lastly they could only happen if governments and those pulling their strings were either incredibly stupid or were plain malevolent. Why not both?

Inevitably governments are nests of everyday incompetence simply because they don’t go bust when they do a bad job, and failing state activities often receive more ‘spending’ precisely because they have failed so far. Take, for example, the ‘war on drugs’ which has had no effect on drug use but has made the illegal trade very profitable for drug cartels and corrupt officials alike, just like the more recent ‘war on the sniffles’.

In contrast, genuinely competing private sector entities inevitably just disappear into bankruptcy if they don’t provide real value. They tend not to be incompetent. Nor, if they are sensible, do they show signs of ill-will, even to their most trying customers.

Governments on the other hand do also show ill-will towards their home populations. I think it is time to suggest that this is an inevitable characteristic of the state. Why might this be? In recent posts I have drawn attention to the high proportion of psychopaths in the upper ranks of government, and at the top of big corporations which have been fusing with government to form a corporatist or fascist, as Mussolini apparently explained, technocracy.


You just have to look at the globalist project as advanced by members of the WEF, Bilderberg, the UN and other elite institutions to see it is anti-human. According to Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Bill Gates and many other self-appointed global leaders, ‘you will own nothing and you will be happy‘. It doesn’t bode well for humanity, but any gathering of the old and not so old moneyed classes would be incomplete without the assertion that there are too many of ‘them’ by which they mean ‘us’ plebs. Toffs in Oxford’s Bullingdon club – home as students to UK Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and David Cameron – summed it up by strutting down the High Street breaking bottles and shouting ‘plebs’ at passers-by.

The WEF’s obsession with transhumanism, a merging of technology and AI with the human body and mind, is suggestive of mindless hubris, as is the notion of becoming immortal as an electronic entity. The AI fetish takes practical form in such things as the globalist drive to make sure everyone on the planet has a digital ID, ideally a chip inserted under the skin (and maybe whatever nanoparticles have allegedly been found in the vaccinated?). There is no pretence that chipping humanity would be for its own good.

In any case, we are easily and frequently referred to at the gatherings of great and the (in their eyes) ‘good’ as ‘Useless Eaters’. We just consume resources that could be better used supporting their elite lifestyles and their increasingly roboticised ‘help’. Unsurprisingly, our deeply unattractive elites have decided we need to be controlled by a bio-medical surveillance state, prior to presumably denying as many people as possible permission to reproduce. It seems to be a target to halve the world’s population. That cannot be done without great suffering and unrest. Hence the Covid Psy-Op with its vaccine passports and disabling ‘vaccines’ to create global totalitarian control. But it has failed, so far, except in parts of the West – especially bits of the Anglosphere and the EU.

Anti-globalist regimes (‘sovereigntists’) also had to be broken on the altar of globalism so that a One World Order could arise. This would be a single UN-based global government with nowhere for dissidents to run to. I used to think that Bond villains were ridiculous and implausible. I was wrong. The globalists are quite open. They don’t care that their annual meeting at Davos, which this time received global coverage, inspires mistrust and indeed hatred in so many people.

The Davos crowd sought the controlled demolition of everyone else’s lives before the Western financial, monetary and political system came crashing down of its own accord. But it looks as though the crisis may be upon us before they have their control and surveillance systems in place. The WEF is facing the failure of their ambitious Great Reset scheme. Perhaps some elite globalists and their bought-and-paid-for politicians will face the wrath of the deplorables without being protected by their longed for technocratic totalitarian security state. It couldn’t happen to nicer people.


A key part of the plan was for the WEF and NeoCon controlled Biden administration to provoke war with Russia to ensure world government and their control of Russia’s vast resources. Faced with sanctions on Russian exports and payments, Western globalists imagined that Russia’s own oligarchic elites would quickly dump their politicl leaders and betray their own population, just like Western Oligarchs. Then China would be next.

But this has not worked out as expected. Russia got the jump on the Ukraine’s NATO trained and equipped army before it could attack the separatist Donbass. Now the Western power brokers are selfishly fighting to the last Ukrainian as Russian artillery grinds on. And the sanctions backfired. Russian export earnings have grown and the ruble has risen strongly. China and other countries accounting for over 80% of the world’s population have sided with Russia and against Davos’s embattled western globalists. It looks possible that the Great Reset will mean the end of the Western dominance which it was meant to perpetuate.


Huge modern governments have acted as a paradise and a magnet for anti-human sociopaths and grifters who don’t mind if our lives are made hell, indeed want them to be. How do we recognise these people for what they are? There are three relevant topics which the mainstream media, mouthpieces for political elites, are refusing to comment on:

1) Who were Epstein’s and Ghislaine Maxwell’s customers? If Maxwell is a criminal for supplying underage sexual company for the great and the good, those same individuals are presumably also criminals. We know that Blair, Gates, Prince Andrew, both Clintons (!) and many other billionaires and politicians were Epstein associates, and/or frequent flyers on Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’.

2) The Hunter Biden laptop was derided by the MSM as a fake when it appeared just before the 2020 election. But the New York Times, no less, recently confirmed that the emails on it are genuine. These emails indicate that the ‘Big Man’, now US President Joe Biden, enjoyed a 10% cut on corrupt deals in the Ukraine, that his son Hunter was involved in funneling money to the US biolabs there, and that Hunter is almost certainly guilty of sex crimes.

3) Pfizer has been made (by a US court, not by the US Government) to release information about their RNA vaccine’s clinical trials. It reveals a miscellany of mis-management, an awareness of side effects that are now becoming common knowledge, and indifference to an apparently 80% potential rate of miscarriages.

All these things suggest an elite statist system which is corrupt and depraved. It is a place where unlovable old white men spin Woke and Save the Planet agendas simply to grab and keep power and wealth. They use state power by manipulating officials who are not just bought-and-paid-for like Zelensky, Ardern and many humbler grifters, but actually deeply compromised by corrupt and deviant behaviour.

Has it always been like this? A good question. People like to think it was somehow more honest and salubrious in the good old days. I don’t know, but the big change is that the dissident, essentially pro-freedom, community can now use the Internet to spread information which politically well-connected media magnates were previously able to keep hidden. All this is comparable to the way in which the Reformation was pioneered by the new printing technology. It became possible to disseminate widely enough the news that the Bible didn’t actually say what the Catholic Church said it did. The implosion of the legacy MSM media may yet be one of the biggest stories of our turbulent times.


The logic of government power – the ability of those claiming to be working for the hallucination known as ‘The State’ to rob and bully their fellows with impunity – attracts the unhealthier and more dangerous individuals who crave power. That is why libertarians say nobody should have unequal legal privilege, and therefore there should be no state.

As the sociopaths align themselves behind the Great Reset and other elite projects, parallel realignments are occurring amongst the despised ordinary people. I attach below links to other podcasts and videos suggesting that conservatives, old style traditional lefties and libertarians are realigning into a group of those who want to be left alone by the crazies.

From every conventional political point of view, as ‘recovering democrat’ and leftie broadcaster Garland Nixon explains in a podcast linked-in below, what appear to be ultra-progressives, wokesters and neocons all look like the same power-seeking fascist extremists. They use words as weapons to say whatever each conventional political tribe wants to hear. They don’t mean any of it. In Voldemort’s words at the end of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone ‘there is no good or evil, only power and those too weak to seize it.’

The best way to understand our situation is to assume that everything the state says is merely a self-serving lie, in fact just lies upon lies. Covid, Climate Change, Modern Monetary Theory and so much else are state narratives which have no objective reality. They create FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) in populations to facilitate control and theft.

There is every reason to expect the current WEF scorched earth policy of damaging ‘sanctions’ and deliberate supply chain and energy production destruction to be continued and intensified. Petrol prices have been forced up so that lower income workers in the US can’t get to work. Tens of millions of chickens are being destroyed across the West as food shortages loom in order to combat ‘Avian Flu’. Let’s assume it’s just another statist scam.

An interesting example of the lunacy is the abrupt closure of one of only two American baby formula manufacturing plants, resulting in shortages and panic. Four children had allegedly died from infection by a bacteria. Government inspectors visited the plant and found no sign of this bacteria anywhere at all. But in the staff canteen a different bacteria was discovered. The inspectors suggested the canteen be sterilized as a precaution. The next thing you know, the plant is closed. Here are some possible explanations:

- Bill Gates has just started a competing artificial milk formula business.

- The WEF controlled Biden regime in Washington is wrecking food supply chains.

- The regulators are not malicious, just idiotic and totally out of control.

You pays your money and you takes your choice. Meanwhile a lot of food processing plants are burning down. And the US government insists that more of America’s dwindling maize crop must be diverted into being blended into gasoline. The result will be accelerated engine damage, lower mileage and more cost for drivers of internal combustion cars.

There is a high likelihood of starvation in the Third World within months, thanks to the lockdowns and subsequent supply chain breakages. The 80% of countries considered ‘friendly’ by Russia will however be getting some Russian fertilizer. ‘Unfriendly’ European countries may not be getting it any time soon. So food shortages may also be a problem here in what was the First World.

The problem is that for the globalist lunatics every dead ‘deplorable’ or ‘useless eater’ is a win, whether caused by the WWIII that the Neocons have been so desperate to provoke or by starvation. In defeat they may just go scorched earth to wreck everything. It is not just physical production of everything that contributes to populations’ standard of living that is the target of their malice. They are discarding the rule of law which protects property and so enables commerce and civilization to survive.

Now they steal from Russians without being interested in making any legal case. It’s just arbitrary confiscation. The German hyperinflation was actually triggered by the government abruptly confiscating 10% of private wealth in 1922. Because after that there is no way to have any trust in society, still less in state currency. The same seems to be in the works now. Wealth in non-elite hands is intended to be siphoned off to the globalists.

It’s depressing, but forewarned is forearmed. There may be no easy way out of what our political masters wish to inflict on populations that they both despise and, deep down, fear.

I attach a link to a post by Martin Armstrong on the move towards arbitrary state theft:

In the piece below there is a podcast conversation between Tom and Garland Nixon about the growing convergence of ordinary people of theoretically different political persuasions who just want to be left alone by self-appointing power-seeking establishment crazies.

Lastly there is a round table discussion with Tom Luongo, Garland Nixon and the CryptoRich, a UK podcaster, expanding on the theme that Davos is losing but it will cause a great deal of damage, especially in Europe, and quite possibly England. The link is below:


So, what about the future after the next decade or more of difficulty caused by the failure, intentional or not, of modern state structures?

The globalist elite depends on its subject populations at the same time that it wants to cull them. It has already failed to incorporate most of the world in its utopia. Indeed, it may not prevail in some parts of the West, especially in the US whose population is still, thankfully, heavily armed. American culture is also still somewhat imbued with originally 18th century libertarian notions, unlike compliant and disarmed populations elsewhere in the West.

Enough resistance has occurred from non-Western governments and at a popular level to make the New World Order global government impossible. With no world government, local WEF-inspired technocratic regimes will be much less likely to become permanent.

Nevertheless a great deal of damage has been done already and there will be more chaos before the Globalists are through with us. At the end of the resulting dissolution, the West’s political structures, and most existing Western FIAT currencies may well have disappeared, along with their planned Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) replacements. The latter are understandably much feared as a stepping stone to total loss of personal freedom. But once the original FIAT currencies have been completely rejected as valueless, it won’t take long for CBDCs to collapse in value too.

The ruble and yuan may be with us, but probably as stabilized commodity or even gold-backed currencies. With the discredited Western FIAT money will also go centralized bureaucracies, elites, state doles and scams, woke ideology and massive security and military establishments. They cannot survive without the ever-increasing money printing which enabled them to develop. Both the EU and the USA will probably have broken up into several political fragments.

Those fragments of the exhausted West whose leaders want their populations to recover and rebuild will have to restore sound legal practices and predictable and low taxation in order to attract international capital, which by then may be concentrated in East Asia.

One cannot rely on a profound crisis like the one we are in to produce good outcomes. Many formerly prosperous places will become Venezuelan style hell holes. Nevertheless, somewhere in the world there could well be new opportunities to create surprisingly free societies. Enterprising human beings are likely to be resilient and optimistic enough to take advantage of what such societies could offer. They will have had the opportunity to understand the importance of not recreating the state next time around. Will they learn?

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