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Fear and Loathing amongst the Globalists

Globalist factions and interests united by contempt and dislike for nation states and their populations manipulate political systems for power and profit. Fortunately, they have failed so far either to create ‘Covid’ bio-medical terror states, or to destroy Russia.

Behind our unimpressive, increasingly corrupt political classes, power is being exercised by numerically small Western elites working through unaccountable permanent bureaucracies.

As state power becomes more centralized and distant, it seems easier for corporate and moneyed interest to buy more of it for themselves. Current geopolitical events are most easily understood in terms of competing and cooperating ‘globalist’ factions made up of permanent bureaucrats and wealthy corporatists. They care about their power and wealth without regard for the wellbeing of the wider populations of nation states.

Such factions include the US/UK based ‘NeoCon’ world hegemony zealots with their US Military Industrial Complex (MIC) paymasters and allies. Then there is the UN/WHO/Big Pharma faction promoting bio-medical tyranny and depopulation. Next up are EU-based hydrocarbon-hating Greens shilling for the climate change hoax and for their own corporate mates amongst ‘renewable energy investors’. Linking them in the shadows are powerful old-money families and networks.

These globalists factions have, until recently at least, been fairly united. Referred to as the ‘Davos Crowd’, or ‘the Families’ or ‘the Cabal’, they share the fear that they are losing their assumed right to control and exploit populations in the West and in the non-Western world. They have been coordinated, or at least fronted by, Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF), whose annual meetings are held at Davos in Switzerland.

Generations of interventionist policies have created unsustainable, unreformable state sectors facing financial and currency collapse. The WEF has successfully promoted to politicians and permanent state bureaucracies the idea that overgrown governments face an unavoidable ‘reset’.State promises, financial and political, will have to be reneged upon, resulting in depressions and profound popular unrest.

Their worry is - how can elite control survive the meltdown and avoid the wrath of the dispossessed? The WEF answer has been to organize and promote a controlled collapse, called the ‘Great Reset’, to remain in control after 2030 (hence the UN Agenda 2030). To do that they need political cover, provided by fake emergencies (Covid, Climate, Ukraine), to deflect blame and to justify the totalitarian controls that they hope will save them. Then, they imagine, it will be safe to default on government debt - by replacing it with perpetual and non-interest-bearing bonds – pensions and welfare.

Davos-linked media created the fake ‘Covid’ narrative to create bio-security surveillance states based on vaccine passports. CBDCs would be linked to these mandatory passports to threaten dissidents with not being able to buy food and shelter. Vaccine passports would also make it possible to make ‘useless eaters’ – older people, dissidents, members of unpopular minorities – take jabs still more dangerous than the MNRA jabs.

‘Covid’ lockdowns, and now proposed 15 minute ‘Climate’ lockdowns in ‘prison cities’, are designed both to suppress our freedoms but also to crush independent businesses and the productive middle classes. High energy and food prices are being engineered using ‘Ukraine’ sanctions and ‘Climate Change’ to restrict supplies of both.

Commies always hate the ‘Bourgeoisie’. For simplicity, I describe as ‘Commies’ all those who doesn’t want you to be free to live your life as you see fit.

Banning sales of internal combustion engine cars by 2030 because of ‘Climate Change’ is another scheme to limit our freedom by making private motoring unaffordable for most people. This move is clearly going to be followed by reducing access to impractical and expensive electric cars. Because the goal is to take away our freedom of movement. And our ability to consume ‘their’ resources. It is as simple as that.

Deliberately destructive and unfeasible Zero Carbon policies are being promoted by the western political class. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) regulations designed to choke hydrocarbon explorations are policed by WEF aligned behemoths like Vanguard and Blackrock. With their allies, they typically have powerful 20% shareholding blocks on Western CEO’s shareholder registers. That includes the CEOs of media corporations, the most powerful of which are linked by ‘The Trusted News Initiative’. This was conveniently established in 2019, just in time for ‘Covid’, to ensure only state promoted narratives would appear in the mainstream media. Fortunately, it no longer includes Twitter, after Elon Musk and non-Davos actors spent around $40bn to buy it out of globalist control.

ESG intentionally throttles capital investment in finding hydrocarbon fuels – of which there is an abundance in the world. Green directives seek to cripple food production in places like Holland, Germany and Canada to make life difficult for more people. The UN estimates that over 100 million people worldwide are in danger of starvation as a result of the crippling, malign lockdowns. When Western governments close down farms to reduce emissions of nitrogen (the air we breathe is 80% nitrogen and it is not supposed to be a greenhouse gas), it is clear that they regard widespread hunger as acceptable, indeed desirable.


Surely to implement this dystopian scheme global elites have to manipulate political systems. How can they? The answer is corruption – using money and blackmail. How do politicians like Tony Blair, Zelensky, the Clintons, the Bidens, Jacinda Ardern and literally hundreds of others, have fortunes vastly in excess of their cumulative salaries from office?

Politicians these days get rich. For US Congressmen the biggest contributors are Big Pharma and the MIC defense contractors. Then there are plenty of book deals, speaking tours, loans and consultancies. George Soros is one of the leading lights at WEF along with Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab. He helped fund the Western Maidan coup in the Ukraine in 2014. He has claimed to have a third of EU MEPs in his pocket. Schwab boasts that he has placed people in most Western governments. It would seem impolitic to disbelieve them. It would help explain why national politicians feel safe persisting in unpopular policies.

Don’t forget the grift linking the Ukraine and senior American politicians, including Biden, Pelosi and Romney. Hunter Biden’s laptop shows he refers to his father, US President Jo Biden, as ‘Paedo(phile) Pete’. He is the ‘Big Man’ who gets 10% of corrupt deals there.

Elsewhere on the laptop are, I understand, videos of Hunter consuming cocaine with a prostitute, and engaging in sundry illegal activities with a minor. This is not a conspiracy theory folks. Even the progressivist New York Times confirmed the laptop is genuine.

Behind the scenes, there is a huge gravy train for politicians who are selected because they are not just biddable (weak) but all too often compromised in rather unpleasant ways. Remember Epstein’s and Ghislaine Maxwell’s operation enabling the powerful to have sex with underaged girls on ‘Lolita Express’ flights or at his Caribbean retreat. How convenient that he was ‘suicided’ or ‘Epsteined’ in custody before he could spill the beans. His won’t have been the only such ‘honeytrap’ operation collecting compromising material.


You may be thinking that what I am writing about are all just ‘conspiracy theories’. The term conspiracy theory was promulgated by the FBI and the CIA after the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963 to conceal the fact that his death was indeed the result of a conspiracy. Even the US Congressional investigation in the 1970s agreed it was a conspiracy, turning that conspiracy theory into fact.

Nor is theory what I write about the globalists behind Davos. ‘You will own nothing and you will be happy’ actually appeared on their website, and Klaus Schwab tweeted that cities were vastly improved during the Covid lockdowns. The goal of giving everyone a trackable digital identity under Agenda 2030 exists, as do plans to develop programable Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) designed to monitor and control all our purchases.

The fat cats really do fly into Davos on private jets – it seems that they prefer safer, unvaccinated pilots – to discuss reining in commercial aviation (still down around 30% since ‘Covid’) and limiting our freedom to travel in order to save the planet, of course.

They do promote a merger of AI and human beings into some Borg-like combination. They promote the use of nanotechnology to improve humanity. Perhaps they would like to explain why graphene oxide has been found too often in the blood of those who took the so-called vaccines for its presence to be a conspiracy theory. What’s it for? It seems to be medically unnecessary. Is it a nanotechnology experiment? It may be responsible for the excess deaths caused by the Covid shots. They were said to be effective and safe, when politicians and permanent bureaucracies knew they were neither.

That may be why members of the US Congress and their staff were exempted from taking the experimental ‘Covid’ injections. If other allegations are true, political elites in other countries, such as France, didn’t get jabbed either.


Which brings us on to the problem of evil. What I have written takes it for granted that elite families, corporations and groups use venal state structures to exploit, manipulate and harm home populations, and if possible overseas populations too. They don’t care about ordinary people. They seem to loathe or even hate them, especially the ‘deplorables’ as Hillary Clinton called those who voted for Donald Trump (and Brexit) in 2016. They are malevolent, whilst at all times remaining the good guys in their own imaginations. How could this be?

Jordan Peterson, who is certainly not a libertarian, defines evil as the willingness to inflict ‘unnecessary’ or avoidable suffering on others. Since states can only live by sucking value, energy and spirit from what could otherwise be flourishing populations, they are necessarily evil by this definition. But those who create and instill fear and despair to increase their power and wealth belong in a special circle of Hell.

As I have explained in earlier posts, psychopaths are attracted to leading roles in the criminal racket known as ‘government’. Power to take from the defenseless is catnip to narcissists and egomaniacs looking for their own safe spaces. It is a standing invitation to evildoers. The wonder is that anybody expects the state to be benevolent. The bigger the state the more malevolent its rulers are likely to be.

Another take on this is supplied by Jordan Peterson. The Russian writer Dostoyevsky said that people hate those whom they have wronged. The premeditation and manipulation behind the destructive Covid, Climate and Ukraine narratives suggest that some powerful people hate humanity itself.

As the death-eater Barty Crouch Jr. says in Harry Potter, ‘decent people are so easy to manipulate’. Especially vulnerable are Westerners brought up with the post-modern view that ‘everything is relative’ – implying that absolute bad, or evil, cannot exist. Libertarians and also, I would say, the faithful of many creeds, are better prepared to encounter and recognize evil in this world. But the secularized populations of the West have few cultural defenses against state-enabled abuse. They think ‘surely the powers-that-be would not want to harm us!’ In the face of Evil, ‘eyes wide shut’ won’t work.


A key part of the WEF future is a single global totalitarian state headed by the UN. They have to control everyone in the world. Why? Partly because that’s how megalomaniacs always think. But it’s really because, if Davos merely trashed the West, international capital would abandon the soon to be destitute ‘golden billion’ inhabitants of the West. It would go and party with the other seven billion inhabitants of our beautiful planet.

Turning the West, especially Europe, into an Orwellian dump whilst the rest of the World prospers is not the Davos goal. But it may be its legacy.

What was the key move in Davos’s plan to subdue the rest of the world? To destroy Russia and bring down Vladimir Putin, the man who told the West that he would prevent its elites from wrecking and pillaging Russia. Instead, it would be rebuilt as an independent society.

For this insolence, the globalists evidently feel the same seething, irrational, hatred that was also directed against Donald Trump. The ‘Russiagate’ hoax about Russian involvement in Trump’s election in 2016 has now of course been exploded, even in the mainstream media. But it must owe much of its initial success to this elite hatred of both Putin and Trump. It is really about a deep fear of loss of control.

The weapon to have their revenge on Putin and to begin the New World Order would be the Ukraine. The West would provoke a Russian attack on the Ukraine by encouraging its vassals in Kiev to abuse the Russians living in the Ukraine. It would make clear that the Ukraine would join NATO and the EU, and host US nuclear weapons.

Russia carefully explained that all three developments were unacceptable to them. It put forward a proposal for a long-term European security architecture preserving the Ukraine as a neutral state in late 2021. The West simply couldn’t be bothered to discuss them. By early 2022 the massive NATO trained and equipped Ukrainian army was in a position to crush the Russian Donbass separatists. Russia would have to intervene to protect historical Russian in the regions trapped in the Ukraine. The Russian military could then be stuck in a ‘meatgrinder’ being worn down by readily expendable Ukrainian soldiers.

Meanwhile drastic sanctions were planned to deliver the knockout blow wrecking Russia’s economy and causing political chaos. It would all be ‘Putin’s fault’. And after Russia broke, China would be the next domino to fall. Indeed, the NeoCons have already started the process of threatening and provoking China over Taiwan. These globalist elites are insane.


Spoiler alert, it isn’t working. Russia jumped the gun while Ukrainian artillery ramped up its fire in late February. It took the initiative with a general invasion of Ukraine, and not just moving to help the Donbass. By knocking out Ukrainian air defenses and creating a 1000 km front line inside Ukraine’s borders it immediately gained the upper hand in strategic terms.

In a state of near euphoria, Western politicians finally got to impose sanctions, their wonder weapon. By not only shutting off access to the SWIFT banking payments system, but also stealing Russian state and personal assets, the West has shown itself to be untrustworthy to rulers and ruled throughout the World. The West’s key strength for centuries has been effective protection of property rights. Now it isn’t true anymore.

But Russia has not collapsed. Quite the contrary. It continues to fund the war while running a trade surplus of over $200 billion at an annual rate. It turns out that the World’s key supplier of all manner of energy and other resources is surprisingly resilient. NATO is clearly not up to the task of tackling another advanced industrial power, as opposed to bullying people in the Middle East who can’t defend themselves.

Despite wall to wall lying from the West’s compromised mainstream media and politicians, the news is now seeping out that the Ukrainians are losing. They have been hurling untrained conscripts against increasingly professional Russian defenses backed by a 10 to 1 artillery advantage. The result has been the death of 150,000 or more Ukrainian soldiers, the loss through injury of, presumably, as many more, and the loss of thousands of tanks, planes and artillery pieces.

You can discount this as Russian propaganda but it seems possible that Russian casualties may be running at the rate of one Russian for every eight Ukrainians.

Meanwhile the Russians are steadily advancing in the Donbass. They are destroying Ukrainian infrastructure with missile attacks that the Ukraine cannot stop. Once the 300,000 new conscripts (and, by the way, upwards of 70,000 volunteers in addition) have been trained and deployed it is likely that Russian advances will follow. If so, the end of the Ukraine fiasco, the Ukrainian Army and the suffering of its people may not be so far away.

This would be the second major globalist failure. The Covid scam did not end in the implementation of compulsory vaccinations and vaccine passports. Despite all the relentless scaremongering and bullying, enough people refused to go along with their nonsense. And it is possible that the politicians will be unable to contain the blowback caused by their decision to make people take crippling, life-threatening injections.

The globalists still hope to escalate the Ukraine conflict into WWIII. The purpose of this would be to justify the further suppression of our liberties and living standards, and the Great Reset default on state promises and debts, as needed to support a (wholly unnecessary) war effort. Perhaps they could introduce ration cards instead of vaccine passports to introduce total surveillance. Well, time may not be on their side if a Russian success in the Ukraine pre-empts their continuing attempts to escalate to WWIII.

The Davos dream of the ‘New World Order’ global state is probably dead. Absent nuclear war and mutual assured destruction, Russia is surviving and thriving as an independent power. It is also rallying the rest of the world to distance themselves from the West.

Having failed dismally in the Ukraine, the West’s military capacity to threaten China is also looking less credible. Although that unfortunately doesn’t mean there won’t be an attempt to start a war in the Pacific too.

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