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Joe Rogan Interviews Dr Peter McCullough

Peter McCullough’s recent interview with Joe Rogan had tens of millions of views on Youtube before Youtube hastily took it down to prevent people listening to it. By all accounts it is a fundamental blow for liberty and against medical fascism.

Sometimes one voice enjoys an almost inexplicable success in influencing and perhaps turning round popular thinking on a major issue. Joe Rogan’s nearly three-hour interview with epidemiologist and cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough is just such a success. It may well be decisive – at least in the English-speaking world. I attach a link to it below. If you are planning a long drive over Christmas then listening to it in the car could be a good use of your time.

This is especially the case if you are in the car with someone who is in the 40%-50% of the population which is uncommitted, and kind of going along with the crowd assuming it’s all about public health. I‘ve been told that this interview often converts such people. They get that something is very wrong, and that Covid was always about political control and not health. It even works, sometimes, with medical people. Psychologically medics have most to fear from acknowledging the deceit, corruption and callous cruelty to which they have been made accomplices.

How does it do this? Well, it largely avoids politics and explains everything in meticulous medical detail, backed by oral citation of the relevant studies. So that’s the last time anybody says to me that what I have been saying is ‘Your science, Alan’ not ‘The Science’. The interview is simply a treasure trove of fact.

Dr McCullough describes how the medical establishment in the West did everything wrong. It soon became clear that Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Monoclonal Antibodies and other treatments in various combinations pretty much cured everybody with Covid-19 who was not in fact dying of something else. And yet the establishment persecuted the doctors who developed and applied such treatments. What alternative did the establishment favour? The answer was not treating people at all.

For nearly two years, as the pandemic flared up and then burned out, people were left to die untreated. They could mostly have been saved. The beneficiary was the Big Pharma’s narrative that the population must wait for untested RNA ‘vaccines’. Somehow a common cold outbreak that western medicine knew, or should quickly have learned, was treatable became the pretext for a reckless mass experiment in using RNA therapies - not real vaccines – to genetically modify people’s cells, probably permanently.

There is a long discussion about the RNA vaccines and what they contain, and about myocarditis and the other serious health problems that they cause. I could type out a precis of what Dr McCullough says, but he says it better in the linked interview, and in a more reasonable tone. But it’s worth repeating his observation that the human body is amazingly resilient. In particular most people who stop taking more Jabs may well be fine longer-term.

Because Dr McCullough is so clearly conscientious and knowledgeable, he does a much better job than I can at explaining all this, and more, actually persuading people. He is the kind of person that the public assumes is advising governments, rather than the self-interested Public Health officials who actually are advising them.

Let me finish with an anecdote and then you can decide whether to listen to Dr McCullough.

I was making my way back to Marylebone Station from a lunch in London. I talked to the cabbie as one does. He said he and his friends all listen to Joe Rogan. Rogan is probably the biggest individual presenter or communicator in the US alternative media which is displacing the compromised Mainstream Media. Now it seems he has a following here too.

The cabbie said that this interview, although long, was amazingly persuasive. He had converted, or awakened, some of those around him with it. He pressed me to listen to it, as have others subsequently. Then he explained that his 32-year-old sister-in-law had had the jab and suffered a stroke as a result. She is still very unwell.

Last Saturday I went on my first march against RNA jab mandates and therefore passports. It was a good, solid and surprisingly cheerful crowd – probably a pretty full Football Stadium’s worth. But there were a lot of anxious people facing the loss of their livelihoods.

I was amazed by the look of shock on many shoppers’ faces in Oxford Street when we poured past them. If you only look at MSM you just don’t know how many jab deaths (50,000 in the USA according to Dr McCullough) and injuries there have been, and how many protests, across the West. We were a bolt from the blue.

There is anger beneath the surface of my new friends’ cheerfulness. I expect to see more of that in 2022, especially on the Continent where the EU in general, and Germany in particular, seems determined to go full fascist, again, under socialist and green parties.

Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof, as Shakespeare remarked. For now, I would just say that on Saturday I was delighted to be hailed enthusiastically by a fellow marcher. It turned out to be my cabbie.

To listen click on the link below (if you don’t have Spotify you may want to download it):

Below I also attach a link to a post from Martin Armstrong. It is a report about the recent case filed in the UK with the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court alleging that various officials, pharmaceutical executives, and others have violated the Nuremburg Code and committed war crimes and crimes against humanity. Amongst the listed perpetrators are Boris Johnson, Christopher Whitty and Matthew Hancock in the UK. The international list of alleged perpetrators includes Bill and Melinda Gates, Anthony Fauci and Klaus Schwab.

Whether that case makes progress or not, the post then goes on to discuss aspects of the RNA vaccines. One which may be of note is the story that they contain graphene oxide molecules which have no therapeutic use but do damage blood vessels. In Germany, Dr Andreas Noack put out a video about this on 23rd November. He was then arrested by the German police. After release he was attacked and killed on 26th November. Make of that what you will:

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