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Machine Customised Elections in the US

More information continues to appear about the attempted theft of the US presidential election. The mainstream media is supporting the Democrat and WEF/Davos narrative. This a bit of the alternative view.

Today’s short offering is a 30 minute video from the Mises Institute’s Lew Rockwell. It is a presentation of a computer analysis of the voting results in Maricopa County in Arizona. It explains that the Dominion voting machines there have a setting for weighting some votes at more or less than 1. Why would there be a such a facility if not to permit electoral fraud?

They also have a default setting to keep all the images of the ballot papers, but the powers that be decided to use the override provided to delete them, possibly contrary to federal law. Clearly the whole count must have been above reproach.

The voting results seem to be explicable if the software in the Dominion machine allocated 1.3 votes to each Biden ballot and then removed the same from Donald Trump’s total. The results feature voting totals to three decimal places, demonstrating that the software does indeed somehow create partial ‘votes’ not equal to 1.

Interestingly there seems to be a Venezuelan connection to this story in the form of Smartmatic. It seems Dominion may be offering the service of customizing election results. I have always wondered how come the regime there still manages to win elections despite the ruination of the country by a wealthy socialist and military elite. Now may we know.

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