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March 2021 Coronavirus Update

Courts and Common Sense are chipping away at the public delusions that the West is experiencing a genuine pandemic, and that that tyrannical government policies have done any good rather than immense harm.

Since Coronavirus is the story of our times it seems impossible and indeed pointless to avoid writing about it. The whole saga perfectly demonstrates how much harm that groups of individuals claiming the legal right to rob and bully the citizenry with impunity (aka ‘States’) can do. This unequal legal privilege is not just unfair and unnecessary but very dangerous.

To recap, the real science in the form of a veritable mass of studies across many different countries shows that lockdowns, mask mandates and social distancing all have done nothing to reduce coronavirus mortality. In any case even the WHO has belatedly admitted that it is just a bad flu in terms of its average Infection Fatality Rate (IFR). It always was clearly a trivial threat to the vast majority of the active population.

For more on the progress of the virus and mistaken policies of most governments see the links below to Ivor Cummins January 4th viral update and to an interview he did with Libertarian talk show host Tom Woods in December:

Lockdowns may well come to be seen as one of the worst ever public policy mistakes. It is likely that all-causes mortality – especially when measured in years of quality life lost – will turn out to be higher in countries like Britain which instituted the most draconian anti-liberty measures. Remember that nearly all coronavirus deaths reported during the actual pandemic last year involved people who were already seriously, if not terminally, ill so the total number of lost years of quality life will be low. Meanwhile lockdowns have caused loss of life due to medical neglect of non-coronavirus care, deaths of despair and abuse, and plain old lowered immunity due to depression and/or (house arrest induced) vitamin D deficiency and (booze and caffeine induced) vitamin B deficiency.

Vitamin B deficiency, for example, shows in the deficiency disease Beri Beri. For a long time it was thought to be a viral disease until somebody thought of treating it with Thiamine (Vitamin B1). Beri Beri’s symptoms resemble those attributed to coronavirus including the loss of taste and smell. Some lockdown deaths may well have been Beri Beri?

Coronavirus mortality has been compounded by the willingness of many medical professionals and key public health advisers to discourage or even forbid inexpensive medical remedies such as hydroxychloroquine + zinc, or the amino acid lysine. Why might this be? Well, in the in the USA, the FDA emergency authorisation to use untested gene therapies (so called vaccines) on human beings depends on there being no existing treatments, which there obviously are. This suppression of alternatives to ‘vaccines’ looks like a corrupt attempt to pep up drug company profits. The medical profession’s unquestioning pushing of vaccines is a scandal in the making. Especially as the UK government’s SAGE advisory group has been almost entirely recruited from institutions funded by Bill Gates. A similar pattern of Big Pharma influence buying appears in the USA.

Had public health professionals simply encouraged the population to take ample amounts of vitamin D, they could have reduced the death toll significantly. Most reported coronavirus deaths have been vitamin D deficient people. Darker skinned people, who have much more trouble making enough vitamin D in temperate climes, have proved more vulnerable.

Mainstream media’s culpable promotion of public fear and hysteria has delayed public recognition that these sinister state interventions have also caused enormous economic, social and psychological damage. These will be felt long after the alleged pandemic has been officially countered.

Evidence of harm of all kinds is flooding in, whether it is a UN estimate that 100 million people are being pushed into extreme poverty because third world countries with hardly any old people at risk have unwisely imitated the actions of western governments, or a near doubling in deaths of dementia patients suddenly cut off from family contact, or an increase in suicides, or simply the pain caused by the ruin of so many innocent business owners. Unemployment everywhere has increased, and would be off the charts in many places were it not being massaged down by unsustainable money creation and state spending. There is a well-attested connection between unemployment and higher mortality which will continue to kill for a long time.


It was clear last summer, after the end of the winter season for respiratory viruses of the influenza and coronavirus type, that the political system was anxious to maintain public fear in preparation for a second period of lockdowns this winter. Masks were introduced to keep people isolated and voiceless. But the main weapon was the fraudulent PCR test which was manipulated to produce a ‘casedemic’ – i.e. an upsurge in reported cases unconnected with significant increases in hospitalisation or deaths.

The PCR technology is a creation of the revolution in genetic science. It was designed to rapidly create, in the laboratory, a lot of copies of often fragmentary genetic material. The more copies, the more likely that a complete copy of part of a genome could be reconstructed from overlapping genetic fragments. To achieve this, the technology involves copying everything again and again, i.e. for a number of iterations. The more iterations, the more (by orders of magnitude) fragments of genetic material would be created. Some would be incorrectly copied but this doesn’t matter for the PCR’s original purpose.

Anyway, long story short, it was recognised from the beginning by independent scientists that PCR tests with much more than 30 iterations would generate overwhelmingly false positives. Needless to say, governments have refused to say how many iterations they were employing on their PCR tests but it seems generally to have been over 40 iterations. The fact that governments won’t come clean about such things is a major indication that the coronavirus scare or at least the recent ‘casedemic’ is, sadly, a put-up job.

Recently officialdom has relented in part. Lo and behold, the information that limiting PCR tests to 30 iterations would reduce reported coronavirus cases by 97% has appeared. The WHO recommended that results using much more than 30 iterations would not be valid. So, it would seem that the public’s anxiety about rapidly increasing numbers of cases at the end of last year was simply manufactured by the state.


I mentioned in my recent post about living in a future free society (see post ‘Visions of a Better Christmas Future’) that there would be few if any dominant fake narratives such as those currently being promoted in our world by bought and paid for mainstream media. Global warming alarmism, the coronavirus apocalypse, ‘wars’ on ‘drugs’ or ‘terror’ and the viability of big government itself are all stories foisted on us by self-interested individuals in, or allied to the state. In a free society, such parasites - even if notionally private sector corporations - could not exist. They all depend on the state’s alleged right to rob and bully with impunity to survive.

Instead, in a free society, the quality of information, and the standard of debate around it, will be much higher. This is partly because a reputation for honesty counts for much more in a world where the state cannot reward manipulators of opinion or use regulation to shelter bad actors from honest competition. It is also because the law courts of a free society would play a big role in evaluating factual information properly. Courts (when not venal or intimidated) are rigorous information evaluation agents. I mentioned that notions such as CO2 being ‘bad’ for the environment would not last long in such an environment.

Well, starting with a little-reported decision by a Portuguese court in late November, courts around the world have begun to undermine the fake PCR case narrative. The Portuguese court decided that lockdowns based on a ‘casedemic’ caused by running PCR tests for more than (I think) 32 iterations were unlawful. In these unremittingly politicised times, some courts are still doing their job a lot better than the politicians seem to have done theirs.

Large tort class actions are being put forward to make officials or at their advisers liable for the damage caused by the lockdown lunacy. If the states of the West prove unable to consolidate the police states they have been building under cover of manufactured public fear and hysteria, their legal systems may yet bring a bit of rigour and common sense to understanding what will prove to have gone so badly wrong.

By the way, although the mainstream media has not been reporting it, there are signs of significant unrest caused by the second wave of lockdowns. This is especially the case in parts of the EU where the public mood has become much more distrustful of the state. Public unrest at one end of the spectrum, and the ascent of Bitcoin at the other (see post ‘Hyperinflation, Bitcoin, Gold and FIAT currencies’) may both be signs that the EU/UN Davos Crowd Great Reset green fascism agenda may not triumph, at least not everywhere.


After my recent posts on the virus, I was criticised for asserting that in Britain the pandemic basically ended last June. Whilst I pointed out that there would be some more cases, especially in areas where herd immunity had yet to be achieved by the summer, the virus would not come back on a large scale. Up until Christmas there were few excess deaths above the age adjusted five-year average. In January however overall deaths were nearly 30% higher than the five-year average number but were beginning to tail off. Even if the excess deaths are all attributable to coronavirus, which is highly unlikely, this is a much smaller excess deaths figure than in the spring last year.

It is hopefully also worth repeating that even in relatively ‘hard hit’ Britain the overall mortality has only regressed to that experienced typically in the early 2000s and earlier. As the Ivor Cummins presentation (see above) explains, this episode is equivalent to a bad flu year. Indeed there are many countries such as Ireland and, I believe, the USA where overall mortality in 2020 was completely normal. There was never an existential threat of any kind.

Daily deaths in the 12 months to January 2021 in England

Number of deaths occurring on each day from February 2020 to January 2021, five-year average and range, England

Source: Office for National Statistics - Monthly mortality analysis

The first thing is to recognise that the deaths attributed to Coronavirus is a product of the ramping up of false positives from the expanded and chaotic PCR testing campaign inaugurated last autumn. Everybody who received such a false positive, for example upon being admitted to hospital with any cold like symptoms, and then died within 28 days for any reason at all has been counted as a corona death.

Flu deaths have disappeared from the record, elbowed aside by coronavirus in the statistics. (As a digression it may be worth pointing out that only a small minority of flu death cases used to test positive for the flu. Maybe the winter deaths attributed to respiratory viruses of the influenza/coronavirus group always had very diverse causes – including bacteriological and/or dietary deficiencies.) But the rise in deaths attributed to coronavirus didn’t make so much difference to overall deaths – particularly bearing in mind that there must be a trailing load of additional deaths caused by earlier lockdowns – until right at the end of the year.

The noticeable increase in excess deaths in late December and January is associated with a fresh round of lockdowns. These have been much more depressing and dispiriting for those many souls who went along reasonably happily with the first lockdown last spring. At the same time closure during the usually busy Christmas season must have destroyed the hopes of survival of many businesses.

In my recent ‘Telegraph Chart’ post, you can see in the chart itself an increase in non-coronavirus deaths during, and presumably due to, the first lockdown. I would suggest that the depressing and harmful second lockdown has added a significant mortality load. In due course studies will hopefully show whether this was the case.

Another question is whether the beginning of mass injections of the novel and untested Pfizer and Astra Zeneca gene therapies added to mortality at the beginning of the year. The UK program started with the oldest people and has processed several million people. By now it has reached the healthier sixty-year-olds who will be more resistant to any side effects. The mainstream media is not paying attention to jab related deaths. But it seems reasonable to suppose that the jabs accelerated some deaths amongst the most elderly. We will see. I have included a link to an article suggesting extra mortality is associated with Israel’s jabs.


Following several recent legal decisions highlighting the PCR problem, the WHO belatedly recommended that PCR tests not be taken to more than the low thirties iterations, coincidentally on the day Biden was sworn in as President. This gives the political class generally the opportunity to back down gracefully and return our freedoms. All they need do is roll back the PCR testing and claim victory on the basis of the inevitable seasonal end of influenza type illness later this spring. This may be their last chance to do so.

Polls, at least in the UK, do indicate continuing public support for lockdowns. This could reflect the high level of public hysteria. But opinion polls nowadays are often very wrong, even when they are not being manipulated. The mood in Continental Europe in particular seems very unsettled. A second testing centre has been bombed in the Netherlands and half of French health workers are said to be refusing the jab. There may be signs of an anti-coronavirus hysteria, and anti-WEF bloc developing in eastern Europe, but the Czech Republic has just gone into a very severe lockdown.

In the USA, governors Cuomo in New York and Newsom in California, two proponents of the most severe and damaging lockdown measures, are under threat. They are respectively threatened by lawsuits alleging avoidable nursing homes deaths and by a recall petition nearing the needed 1.5 million supporters. But the Blue Democratic Party states by and large are still squeezing the life out of their economies.

In contrast Red states are opening up. Texas just cancelled all lockdown and other interventions. Texans have been told it is down to individuals to take the precautions they may deem necessary. North Dakota has banned mask mandates anywhere in the state. Governor de Santis of Florida is becoming a national figure on the basis of his much earlier and evidently popular rejection of the lockdown madness. Needless to say, the streets of Florida are not clogged with dead bodies as a result his decision, even though Florida has a big elderly population. Instead, people are flocking to the freedom of Florida from places like New York.

It will become clear over the next few months whether politicians in each country or state are going to take the opportunity to back away from such harmful policies. If they try to create a perpetual police state based on spreading fear of new ‘variants’, serious civil unrest will become much more likely. Even this degree of public hysteria must end at some point.

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