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Mass Formation, Resistance and the Modern State

In his recent interview with Joe Rogan, Dr Robert Malone discusses how Globalist Covid propaganda set out to induce mass hypnosis in order to deprive the West of its freedoms. But too many people have awakened to this reality. The push back may be violent.


The last ten minutes or so of the Joe Rogan interview with Robert Malone, discussed in my previous post, are about the possibility that Covid scaremongering was intended to trigger mass psychosis or hypnosis in Western populations. The link to this section is below.

Dr Robert Malone and Joe Rogan, Episode 1757, on Mass Hypnosis & Formation.

After all, if you can operate on hypnotised people without anaesthetic, you can certainly strip them of their liberty and indeed livelihoods with much less resistance.

The thesis is that the Covid planners aimed to create mass hypnosis in order to bring about so-called ‘mass formation’. In this condition most people are willing to attack anti-state dissenters and blindly support totalitarian rule. The pre-condition theoretically needed for such a propaganda campaign is a population where many people perceive their existences and roles as ‘meaningless’, and who are beset by what is termed ‘free floating anxiety’.

Along comes a would-be dictator, or globalist planners of New World Order technocratic totalitarianism, to scare the people (literally) witless. Public health makes an excellent scare topic so long as most people to see it as a health issue rather than as a political project. Intense propaganda bypasses rational mental faculties to strike straight at the brain’s fear responses. A re-engineered cold virus was just grist to the hypnosis mill. Suddenly all that unfocussed free-floating anxiety in society could be redirected by the powers that be against dissenters, or unvaccinated people – a notion which globalist propagandists began to develop in concert some months ago.

There’s never a rational justification for smearing such people, but by then mass-formation has taken over. Many people’s minds have closed and there’s no reasoning with them. Indeed, it can be dangerous to try. It is a stroke of brilliance to demonise the unvaccinated to encourage the mass to accept the end of their freedoms in the form of vaccine passports.

There are, however, a lot more unvaccinated people in the UK than the authors of the Covid project expected. According to UK government figures there are 15 million people who are eligible for vaccination (i.e. adults) who have not had even one jab. The British and French governments have been lying when they say that there are only five million un-jabbed people in their respective populations. Whether that means they are so desperate they are simply lying, or whether officials’ original estimate really was that there would be so few resisters two years into the plan, is unclear.

The share of the unvaccinated in the American population is, if anything, greater. Every booster shot campaign - have some more of this, it didn’t work last time! – brings fresh converts to the resistance fold. Nevertheless, we still have legions of hypnotised sheep in some Western populations. Many politicians are still desperate to mobilise them before enough of them come out of their trance to make totalitarian control unworkable.

In places they may yet succeed. In Austria the original plan is being pressed to the limit. Injection with potentially lethal RNA jabs is proposed to be compulsory – because you can never have enough Fascism …

Actually, in Austria, a senior judge has delayed compulsory vaccination by asking the state to provide evidence to justify it. Since there is none, Austria may yet escape. Nevertheless, in places like France, Germany and Italy, and in New Zealand, Canada and Australia, where Davos supporters and graduates of the WEF Young Leaders program are in the saddle, it cannot be ruled out that states will cross the threshold and reduce their un-jabbed populations to low enough levels to suppress them and inflict vaccine passports on all.

I do wonder if Britain’s recent Brexit struggle for independence against its own establishment politicians has made us more resistant than other Commonwealth countries.

Nevertheless, if Davos achieves only a patchwork of tyranny, then it will fail. Capital, and indeed productive people, will flee such places. Globalists carefully planned the Covid scare to be ‘global’ so that they really could win everywhere worldwide. Flight to remaining freer societies would then be impossible. People and capital would be trapped and ready to be stripped by World government.

Many less developed third world countries around the World still are labouring under pointless lockdowns and controls in obedience to this original Davos/WEF imperative of worldwide control. If it hadn’t been for America’s still somewhat libertarian constitution and politics, Russia’s stand against Western bullying and RNA jabs, and China’s unwillingness to merge their authoritarian system with Davos’s schemes, the Globalists might have got much further with their New World Order.


Before asking what might happen next, I want to mention the possibility that the pre-conditions for mass formation as described in the Malone interview are themselves the creation of the modern state. Let’s start with ‘meaninglessness’. Somehow, I don’t think that a population of free men and women who are cooperating voluntarily to produce as much value as possible for themselves and their families will feel that their lives and work are meaningless.

On the other hand, people in today’s huge state and corporate structures could well feel their jobs are meaningless. Their roles and their employers exist, at least in their current form, because of the state. Most people’s wellbeing in modern state-ridden societies is more dependent on the state’s edicts than their own efforts. Which is discouraging enough.

Nor would the same free-floating anxiety exist in a free, stateless, society. Governments work by spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) to convince their populations that they need the state’s protection. Narratives such as global warming, Covid and other health scares, various wars on ‘Terrorism’, ‘Drugs’ and ‘Crime’ etc., Russian or Chinese ‘threats’ etc, cement the state’s alleged centrality in people’s lives. They are also vast money-making scams for globalist elites.

Anxiety is a major by-product of this constant FUD indoctrination. Even school children are said to be having nightmares about the entirely bogus global warming FUD campaign – which is another mass-hypnosis project. It would not be the same in a free society.

Then there is the anxiety created by the state’s numerous failings. Are you anxious about poor education, unaffordable housing costs, the dwindling value of your salary or savings, the chance of losing your job and/or pension, or widespread criminality or an invasion by illegal immigrants? Well, those and many more bugbears are all problems caused by the manifold deficiencies and dreadful incentives of the state itself. They wouldn’t exist in a free society.

Nor, in a private law society, could Marxist power grabbers have infiltrated nearly all key institutions, including churches, schools and universities, to wreck traditional cultural values in the name of crass historical ignorance.

The state’s overwhelming contribution to popular free-floating anxiety and to a sense of meaninglessness prompts the question: Does the modern state tend of its very nature to create conditions ripe for mass formation and totalitarianism?


The Covid pandemic scare was launched, possibly prematurely, shortly after a failure in the US overnight money markets in late 2019. This indicated the likely beginning of a major financial crisis generated by a crisis in EU sovereign debt. Two years on, the world’s central banks, especially the ECB and the Federal Reserve, have printed massive quantities of new money to fund western governments’ destructive lockdown policies. The money printing and the lockdowns put the lid on that incipient economic downturn.

Now however comes the reckoning. Supply chains and energy supplies have been disrupted, often intentionally, and many businesses wrecked. A lot of money has been printed to paper over the cost of keeping Covid obsessed zoom-class employees fat and happy. Now we face the likelihood of 10% to 20% inflation. If public confidence in state FIAT money were seriously dented, a much worse fall in purchasing power would occur.

At the end of every state sponsored money printing spree – as the Austrian School of Economics explains – there must inevitably be a slump. It’s inevitable because of mistakes (‘malinvestment’) made during the monetary expansion under the influence of artificially low interest rates, and because, in the long term, interest rates reflect people’s time preferences and must rise back to their natural level.

This they finally do during the slump. Money printing effectively ends (if necessary, simply because state money becomes literally worthless). Interest rates rise as scarce real savings come to be in great demand to rebuild productive assets.

The slump is the cure that finally purges all the malinvestment from society which has been steadily undermining prosperity. Every public or private activity which has been undertaken because of cheap and unsound money must be painfully liquidated or re-converted to productive use before real progress can restart. After decades of repeatedly re-inflating asset bubbles with newly created money, the accumulated malinvestment in the West (and as it happens in China separately) has become epic.

All of this has merely been worsened by another two years of rabid money printing, politicised malinvestment (including in zero carbon projects which will all bite the dust in the end) and capital consumption. When these bubbles will eventually collapse cannot be known, but nor can the true deflationary slump be avoided indefinitely.

Governments that ‘hoped’ that their debts and obligations were going to be defaulted on painlessly during the WEF’s planned ‘Great Reset’ face problems. Western states are behind schedule in implementing Covid Passport Fascism. Political classes and elites face resistance without a police state to rely on. State finances are way out of balance. The political costs of reining in entitlements and spending seem unacceptable. But the cost of failing to rein them in will be more inflation, and a further slump in production and tax revenues.

Underneath all this, western societies are becoming deeply polarised. On the one hand there are the globalists, with their establishment corporate and state structures supported by hypnotised human sheep. Theirs is the Great Reset with its ‘woke’ Marxist theology and its legions of the unthinking sleepers. Their badge is the gene altering jab. Their motto is entitlement, theirs that is, with continuous wealth transfer up to them.

On the other hand, there is the Awakening. That is not too extreme a term. Every day more people conclude that something is very wrong about the official Covid narrative. Is it simply politicians’ refusals to admit they were wrong that has led to endless moving of the goal posts? Are the repeated failures of the Covid response really accidental?

Many people cling to the idea that this is just another cock-up by useless state officials (in which case why cling to the state, really?). But more are concluding that it was always political, in fact a conspiracy, and that it’s time to stand-up for freedom. Their badge is non-compliance with vaccine mandates and passports.


The Canadian Trucker protest looks like a new stage. It feels a lot like the summer of 1989. Totalitarian socialism collapsed suddenly and totally in Eastern Europe (without it seems globalist political elites getting the memo). It started with the Hungarians opening their border with Austria. Thousands of East Germans jumped in their Trabant cars and drove into Austria without being stopped, still less shot. Suddenly there wasn’t any point in guarding the Wall in Berlin. East Germans could just drive to freedom anyway through Hungary. The rest is history. By Christmas the Romanians were shooting their dictator.

Unreported by the MSM there have been very big street protests against the Covid tyranny for over a year, especially throughout Europe. The MSM kept most people unaware of the scale of dissent. But the 70-mile-long trucker convoy in Canada has broken through the MSM narrative defense. It’s too public, too big, too generalised, too popular and too damn cheerful, to be suppressed. It is likely to be imitated in the US, and possibly the UK and the EU.

CBC, the Canadian state TV operation started out ignoring the protest, naturally. Then they, and the BBC, tried claiming the truckers were Russian stooges. That was unwise. Truckers don’t look like anyone’s stooges. The MSM faced the choice between covering the protest (with as much bad grace as possible) thus giving the game away by revealing that large scale dissent exists - or not covering it and proving that they are bought-and-paid-for propagandists. Trudeau meanwhile went into hiding, which says it all.

Will this protest bring the Covid jab fascist regime in Canada to a halt? Who knows? People, especially globalists, are however going to be surprised by the vigour of popular resistance. The more the WEF and its globalist sociopaths push on the levers of state repression, the more radical the push back may be.

The resistance is rapidly becoming politically radicalised. Let’s say the Canadian truckers succeed in making Ottawa scrap the Canadian Bio-Medical Security state. How do they know that the politicians won’t do it again as soon as their back is turned? We already know they are untrustworthy. The answer may be profound and workable constitutional changes. Successful push back against technocratic totalitarianism may start to undo much of the Western state’s century long self-aggrandisement. It is unlikely to be easy or peaceful. But over the next decade or so surprising progress may be achieved in the luckier jurisdictions.

Western governments which abandon all Covid bio-medical Fascist measures in short order may defuse tensions in their societies, for a time anyway. Boris Johnson is trying to achieve this by ending most lockdown measures and ostensibly ending vaccine mandates.

Even here the bureaucracy is still at it, trying to ensure that new and transferring NHS employees need to take the noxious jab. The government’s SAGE advisory group (all of whose members at one time came from institutional recipients of Bill Gates or Wellcome Trust cash) is still pushing vaccine passports, even for children, whilst admitting, correctly, that the vaccines don’t really affect transmission. It seems that some unpleasant human beings will not willingly surrender any portion of their power to rob or bully their fellows.

Depending on just how much long-term damage the jabs, lockdowns and the globalists will have done, radicalism is likely to be fused with revenge. The globalists live in a bubble. They care nothing for the welfare of those under their political control, whom they despise.

Many people in Western societies know what the elites think of them. They have had years of declining living standards, endless state propagated FUD, and a sustained ‘woke’ Marxist attack on their values and traditions. The lockdowns have made everything much, much worse, but they have not cowed the people or at least not enough of them. What we may see is a great deal of popular anger,

Let me leave the last words to V and Evie in the film ‘V for Vendetta’.

V: ‘What they did to me was monstrous’

Evie: ‘And it created a monster.’

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