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Pandemic Fear-mongering, and my Mea Culpa

Another Covid-19 related post, this time highlighting the artificial but intense fear-mongering that has driven this essentially fake, controlling narrative. Plus, a correction of an error in the last post.

Today’s offering is a couple of 10-minute videos which seem to me to be casting important light on the fear-mongering and lack of rationality around the medically unexceptional but grotesquely hyped Covid-19 ‘pandemic’.

After the videos, there follows a discussion about incorrect information related by me in a previous post about Italian Government Covid death statistics.


This is not an official video, notwithstanding initial impressions, but it seems to be a good summary of information relating to the Covid-19 outbreak in the Canadian Province of British Columbia. The key points are the minor impact of Covid-19 mortality, the way that the 74% lockdown-induced increase in deaths from drug overdoses greatly outweighed the Covid toll in terms of cumulative overall years of life lost, and the positive correlation, after the usual winter hump, between hospitalisations and the RNA gene therapy ‘vaccinations’.

There’s a useful section on the Big Pharma and, by implication, Big Government corruption which has fuelled so much self-interested propaganda and scaremongering. Here is the link:


GB News is another instance of a new media outlet created in response to the fact that the mainstream media (MSM) has gone rogue. No longer does the MSM systematically under report information supporting non-establishment narratives. With very few exceptions, it is just not reporting any at all. For all practical purposes divisions in our Western societies are being made worse by the way each side is relying on two largely separate data sets.

Governments and Public Health officials are systematically refusing to collect data about anything other than overall mortality. No attempt is being made to track the health outcomes of RNA jabbed people. There were no animal trials on these revolutionary products – and disastrous outcomes from animal trials of earlier versions of RNA jabs – so in a sane world you would think somebody was checking to see if anything was going wrong.

Sceptics like me have access to a mass of information from the internet which Big Tech is gradually losing control of because of its egregious dishonesty. Inevitably, in at least partially free societies, new competitors are growing rapidly. As discussed below not all of that information is necessarily reliable.

The start-up MSM broadcaster GB News is currently showcasing Nigel Farage, the former leader of UKIP and the Brexit Party, who evidently retains his interest in, and understanding of, the popular mood. GB News does a good job of including rival views, which MSM outlets are meant, and indeed supposedly obliged, to do. It has to operate within the regulatory framework in the UK which was conveniently modified right at the start of the ‘pandemic’ to enable OFCOM – the UK media regulatory agency – to prevent any views contrary to official policy on Covid-19 from being aired. So, GB News treads a fine line while finding its feet.

Neil Oliver is a respected writer on history and archaeology, amongst other things. Once again, that may well enable him to bring knowledge and sense of context to a debate that seems largely devoid of both. He explains in the video why he doesn’t believe the official narrative and doesn’t think people should put up with it.

His principal point is that the now-famous 2020 Christmas parties in various political and media offices don’t just show the double standards and hypocrisy we have come to expect. More importantly they show a total lack of fear. That’s because those offices are full of people who know the narrative is fake and that the fear is their handiwork.

Before we get to the link another word on the Omicron ‘variant’.

The chair of South Africa's Medical Association concerning Omicron,

“Let me be clear: nothing I have seen about this new variant warrants the extreme action the UK government has taken in response to it.” “No one here in South Africa is known to have been [hospitalised] with the Omicron variant, nor is anyone here believed to have fallen seriously ill with it.”

The UK government nevertheless came up with an Omicron death to bolster its case for further controlling limitations on our liberty. It refused to provide details about this unfortunate event. Perhaps because it’s not really, you know, true? Could it be another victim of one or more underlying causes or co-morbidities? Here’s the GB News link:


A reader pointed out that my statement that the Italian Government has massively reduced its official death toll from Covid was incorrect. I apologise for the error.

Reports in Italian newspapers seem to refer to an official statement that indicates that only around 4,000 people died ‘from Covid’ in Italy, rather than the roughly 130,000 or so that died ‘with Covid’ but in fact had other co-morbidities. This is old news for readers here. The Italian government is still, naturally, relying on the higher figure to maintain public fear.

As readers already know, most people who died with Covid were severely immune-compromised. They were often basically dying of something else – and in any case might well have been saved by ivermectin. In more sensible times the co-morbidities would have been listed as the cause of death on many death certificates. And that’s before the outright fraud of the PCR false positives, and fake Covid attributions, reported here ad nauseam.

As previously discussed, COVid-19 seems undeniably to have created an excess mortality peak in early 2020, and a rather smaller one last winter, as any novel respiratory virus would. The peaks are bigger than the low thousands of deaths ‘from-Covid’. The virus must have brought forward ‘with Covid-19’ deaths that might have occurred quite a bit later. The first mortality peak probably killed some people who would have died, in Britain at least, ‘with flu’ in 2019 but didn’t because we had a very mild flu season. Overall UK mortality was an all-time low in 2019. There was a lot of ‘dry tinder’ available for Covid-19.

In any case, the point made in the British Columbia video above is valid. An average of some months of life lost per Covid-19 victim pales into insignificance beside the years of lost life represented by suicide cases and ‘deaths of despair’ from drug overdoses.

Plus, I would add, there are unrecognised losses from younger deaths due to alcohol abuse and related covid-like Vitamin B deficiency disease – ‘Beri Beri’ – and due to under reported deaths and crippling injuries caused by the RNA jabs themselves.

I am trying to sift through the torrent of very alarming stories from the internet about the problems caused by the RNA jabs, because they might often, or even always, be ‘alarmist’. Such information is often anecdotal and from single sources.

Today, for example, there was a report from Lew Rockwell from apparently reputable academic circles suggesting US deaths caused by the RNA jabs could have exceeded 300,000. Such a toll would be a little more than 10% of normal mortality. It could be hiding in the US (and UK) statistics where there has been unexpected persistent excess mortality after the natural epidemic ended. Do I know whether this could be true? No. Does anybody? I am continually looking out for better substantiated research before tackling the possible adverse consequences of this, at best, reckless genetic experiment.


I need hardly add that in a free, private law, society none of this medical, economic and social damage would have happened. Big Pharma’s reckless behaviour would have resulted in them, and associated healthcare entities, being sued into oblivion, merely on the basis of the official toll of jab deaths and serious injuries, as opposed to the true toll which may be much greater. Plus, independent healthcare entities in a free society would never risk being sued over hundreds of thousands of cases where they withheld effective medical treatment, thus ‘killing’ perhaps half of those who died ‘with Covid’. Certainly there would not have been the pro-state censorship that is making it hard to get at and report the truth.

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