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Putin says No to the WEF Great Reset

The fake, and fading, coronavirus ‘pandemic’ has been used to create police states to implement anti-human policies on behalf of the globalist elites grouped around the WEF Great Reset project. But Russia just said no.

Since the lockdowns began last March, we have been hearing more and more about ‘The Great Reset’. This post is an attempt to describe the Great Reset, its promoters and apparent aims. There may or may not be a globalist conspiracy to create a single world government. But the West has for some time been dominated by an unaccountable state privileged globalist establishment. It is essentially parasitic. It lines the pockets of a tiny fraction of the world’s population. It is authoritarian and exploitative and is uninterested in human flourishing or, in some cases, survival. From the libertarian point of view these people are statist to the core.

They are also in a race against time. They are not just old white guys in a hurry. Like libertarians, they also recognise that state structures in the West which have served globalist elites so well are failing. The central banks know that their accelerating money printing will lead to the collapse of their rotten western Fiat ‘paper money’ currencies. The Great Reset is about controlling the inevitable destruction of state promises, especially state debt and currencies, by totalitarian means as the West’s economies contract. They want to hold on to power. Hence the police state which is meant to be introduced across the West under cover of public fear and hysteria about, er, the flu.

Clearly, none of the damage and suffering inflicted, and to be inflicted, by globalist elites on our societies could happen in free, stateless societies. These people – whether ‘public’ or ‘private’ sector – depend entirely on the widespread popular belief in the legitimacy of the state for their inordinate power and wealth.


The Great Reset is associated with a Swiss based organisation called the World Economic Forum (WEF). The WEF, also known as 'The Davos Crowd' after the location of their annual gathering, is headed up by Klaus Schwab. It is a grouping of hundreds of the world’s largest corporations, many of its most prominent billionaires including George Soros and Bill Gates, and much of the global bureaucracy gathered around the UN/WHO, the EU, and the central banks. The heads of the EU, the ECB and the IMF are former or current WEF board members. The new Biden administration is also heavily influenced by WEF supporters.

This is the globalist establishment. The bureaucrats in the international corporations are working hand in glove with globalist officials. They have used international regulation (i.e. the state power), including the provisions of so-called free trade agreements, to rig international markets in their favour.

The WEF comprises people who have benefitted massively from central bank money printing. This has pushed up the market for big company shares. It has also supported and funded massive government ‘sovereign’ debt markets which have enabled the survival of bloated and unviable parasitic state structures.

We have not had genuine economic liberty in the West for a long time. More and more markets have been turned into cartels – shared market rigging deals – at the expense of consumers and smaller competitors. Politicians love this as it creates a huge supply of corporate and billionaire donors. Remember, politicians do what donors want, not what voters want.

WEF members affect a ‘woke’ or politically correct allegiance. Partly this is camouflage designed to deflect anger about their ill-gotten gains. Partly it is a strategy to counter political opposition inside nation states based on loyalty to traditional cultural values and a sense of national identity. Globalists fear ‘populism’. They worry that people may stop voting for politicians bought-and-paid-for by globalist establishment members.

Worthy of note is George Soros’s Open Society foundation. It has been associated with promoting multicultural, politically correct ‘woke’ values to undermine social trust and stability in many countries. His foundation has been chucked out of his native Hungary as basically a troublemaker. It became sufficiently prominent in America last year for him to be obliged to deny that he was funding the BLM and Antifa rioting in the many US cities.

Bill Gates is the man with the interest in population reduction (in this he is just like Boris Johnson's own father – and Boris and Bill are reportedly close). He has been a very big contributor indeed to the World Health Organisation (WHO), alongside the UK government. Despite being an official body, WHO is evidently open to taking millions in private donations. And it seems to have been responsible for promoting the crippling lockdowns around the globe, which contravened centuries of accepted public health practice.

Bill Gates has also generously funded Imperial College, whose Professor Ferguson generated, and continues to generate, unsubstantiated projections of massive coronavirus death tolls. Indeed most (15 out of 16 at one stage) members of the UK’s key SAGE group of advisers came from WHO and Bill Gates funded institutions. He has achieved a similar institutional position in the US.


There is a video on its site about what the WEF predicts will have happened by 2030:

One should recognise that what they predict in the video is what they want to see happen. The first item in the WEF video is: ‘You'll own nothing and you'll be happy about it’. Everything you use will be rented and much of it will be delivered by drone. This is characteristic of the mixed technocratic and Marxist premises of the global elite. So, no private property for the masses, it seems. To a libertarian like me who recognises that private property, including ownership of oneself, is the basis of liberty itself this is deeply sinister. A good question of course is who will own everything if we don’t? WEF members?

According to the WEF video, in 2030, a billion people will have been displaced, allegedly by 'climate change'. Western countries will have to accommodate vast numbers of third world immigrants which will oblige them to become fractured ‘multicultural’ societies. We are told that ‘western values will be stretched to breaking point’. So, a very strong thread in the WEF worldview is the breakdown of culturally and ethnically homogenous or coherent populations in traditional nation states – which it sees as potential obstacles, correctly, to creating a single wholly undemocratic state in the West.

A de facto one-world government is desired by the Davos Crowd to cement its power over the populations of supposedly obsolete nation states before they get too rebellious. The Davos video is naturally keen on the end of the USA as the world superpower because it is seen as the main obstacle to a euro-centric world order apparently desired by the WEF. Any libertarian should have a clear interest in ending lethal US, and indeed UK, meddling abroad. But we wouldn’t share the WEF’s enthusiasm for transferring the reins of global hegemony to an unspecified ‘group of nations’ (such as the EU or the United Nations for example).

The attraction of both the CO2 global warming and the coronavirus narratives to the WEF and the international bureaucratic establishments is that they are supposed to be issues that can only be addressed at a global level. So the WEF video asserts that we will be on the way to a global zero carbon economy, promoted by carbon taxes and state planning.

Not to mince words, the manmade global warming narrative is another scheme which serves to justify more state-sponsored establishment theft and coercion. Like the whole socialist, politically correct project, it is wholly dependent on state control and funding of an overexpanded academic sector for its survival. It would never have got anywhere in a free society. Non state-funded scientists are generally sceptical, just as they are with the coronavirus pandemic narrative. Fortunately lies are expensive to maintain whilst the truth is cheap, so both the CO2 and ‘Covid’ narratives are teetering on the edge of failure.

Suffice it to say that the governments and peoples of the rest of the world are really not interested in returning to destitution by abandoning hydrocarbons. What is in play therefore with zero carbon, multiculturalism, hyper-inflationary digital currencies and indeed the globalist project as a whole, is how quickly the West shoots itself in both feet, economically and politically.


At first sight it may seem strange to describe the WEF’s Great Reset schemes as a Marxist project. Especially as Davos Crowd multinational corporations and globalist billionaires do not seem to fit with a socialist narrative. The link however is via early 20th century fascism.

Hitler explained in his book ‘My Struggle’ (Mein Kampf 1925) that the best way to achieve the Marxist socialist goal of total state control of the population was not formal expropriation. Instead, the Fascist aim is to gradually gut people’s personal and property rights through increasing regulation, justified by allegedly promoting public wellbeing. This leaves all aspects of life under state control and surveillance but it provokes less resistance.


The lockdowns amount to an authoritarian attack on what remains of liberty in the West. Whether it was preplanned or was merely an opportunistic grab by Big Pharma, the WEF and countless mini-Hitler politicians, it is simply an authoritarian clampdown.

The alleged justification for these highly destructive measures was the ludicrous idea of ‘combating’ what amounts to less than a bad flu, at least for the vast majority of the population. (Need one repeat that, on an age adjusted basis, every year up to 2003 saw higher UK mortality than we experienced in 2020?)

Once again, state measures have been shown to have no good effects, only many evil ones. Censorship and propaganda have been ruthlessly deployed to panic populations into complying with their loss of liberty. We are not all in this together. Many have lost their jobs, and independent businesses have been ruined whilst government and big company employees have been cushioned by red hot money printing (currently running at up to half a trillion dollars a month for all central banks combined).

And with impeccable timing the WEF decided to show how out of touch and anti-human it really is. Klaus Schwab tweeted “Lockdowns are quietly improving cities around the world” along with a photograph of a deserted street. These are people who think that humanity is a blot on the landscape, or at least the streetscape. The tweet was deleted by the WEF because of the hostile reaction it generated – for more please see the link below:


Depressing as all this is for those who don’t want to live on Herr Schwab’s planet we should remember that the Davos Crowd has broken cover precisely because their world is falling apart. Authoritarian clampdowns tend to appear, historically speaking, when ruling groups sense that their hold on power is failing. Such has been the case over the last few decades. Faith in politics and in politicians, and in their allies in the media, paper money banking and what I call corrupt corporates (big firms who also use state power to feather their nests at popular expense) has been in continuous decline.

At the same time the finances of Western states have become unstable, a trend made much worse by the casual, stupid and callous crippling of tax bases by lockdowns (see post ‘Lockdowns are Pushing States into Coffin Corner). The UK Government reported that its folly has reduced recorded national income by 10% in 2020. This may be the worst economic mess in three centuries. It demonstrates stellar state incompetence.

Once one removes the statistical fluff of state non-output from national income accounts, the true level of useful activity in the productive sector of society must have fallen by somewhere between 15% and 20%. The only response has been even more out-of-control money printing. This must destroy western currencies, and sooner rather than later (see post ‘Hyperinflation, Bitcoin, Gold and FIAT Currencies’) taking globalist officials and corporate hangers-on down with them. This is the reset the WEF doesn’t want.


In 2016 the Brexit referendum and Trump’s election shocked the Globalist elites who had been happily spinning a tangle of international regulation and control for mutual profit for many decades. The ‘populists’, ‘deplorables’ or plain ordinary folk tired of falling living standards and politically correct aggression rejected their politician front-men. For the One-World-Order green fascist agencies and corporates gathered around the World Economic Forum (WEF), the UN, WHO, the EU and the main central banks, that was unacceptable.

The coronavirus clampdown can be seen as the response to the aftermath of the populist successes in 2016. In the US they were certainly seen as a way to bring down Trump. Though he contributed to his fall by not spotting the coronavirus scam for what it was. The damage done by the lockdown measures is naturally being welcomed by WEF leader Klaus Schwab and by globalist politicians. They are incautiously talking about breaking down our existing (highly productive) economic structures to enable them to ‘build back better’.

Build back better is described as a ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ based on robotics, artificial intelligence and renewable energy (see post ‘The Machine Stops, and Inevitable Socialist Failure’ on the impossibility of making central planning work by using AI). So, bizarrely, at the moment when the West may be headed for a collapse similar to that of the Soviet Union’s centrally-planned economy thirty years ago, globalists are trying to prevent their loss of power by relying on, er, central planning. This is the clue to the main takeaway point. Only liberty enables people to cooperate effectively to achieve high and rising levels of prosperity. Everything else - central planning, socialism, fascism – green or otherwise, and globalist technocratic surveillance states cannot work. What they can do, however, is create miserable, impoverished societies before sooner or later they collapse.


All of which makes Vladimir Putin’s speech at the recent virtual Davos gathering in January so relevant. In diplomatic terms, he told them that the Great Reset and the zero carbon and AI based ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ were unworkable. The world should be organized as a community of nation states, not a despotic one-world government. He said that the Great Reset is a blatant device for destroying the world’s productive middle classes for the benefit of a tiny number of privileged globalists.

Russia has spent a generation rebuilding a new middle class out of the ruins created by technocratic central planning. There is no appetite there for fresh destruction in the name of central planning, or indeed fascism. Nor is Russia certain to go along with police state controls like vaccine passports. So that is a no to the WEF’s Great Reset from Russia and, in a more muted stance, China and its Eurasian Silk Road ensemble of member states. For more on Putin’s comments at the WEF see Gold Goats n Guns’ Tom Luongo’s article below:

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