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RFK Jr. Campaigns Against Elite Lying.

RFK Jr is campaigning for the Democratic Party nomination as its presidential candidate in 2024 against Deep State public health and military industrial interests which he describes as ‘corrupt at best, evil at worst’.

At the risk of trying readers’ patience to breaking point, I attach below a three-hour long episode of the Joe Rogan show on Spotify. In it, Mr Rogan interviews RFK Jr about his bid to win the Democratic Party nomination to be its candidate for the presidency in 2024.

RFK Jr is the nephew of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK), the 35th President of the USA who was assassinated in November 1963. In an earlier post I discuss the likelihood that he was assassinated at the behest of the American Deep State. He opposed plans to risk war by invading Cuba, to plan for a first strike nuclear attack on the Soviet Union, and to escalate the ultimately disastrous war in Vietnam. I referred readers to the excellent book ‘JFK and the Unspeakable, Why he Died and Why it Matters’ by James Douglass.

One remarkable example of JFK’s intellectual honesty and imagination came in a speech made in 1963 in favour of a nuclear arms reduction treaty. He asked the audience to imagine they were Russians. In World War II the Soviet Union had saved itself and the Western powers from Nazi Germany at enormous cost. Imagine, JFK suggested, that 1 in 7 Americans had died in a recent war where every settlement between the Atlantic and the Mississippi river had been more or less destroyed. Wouldn’t Americans be a little paranoid and mistrustful of foreigners? Perhaps it was time to talk about containing the Arms Race.

Then somebody shot JFK. When his brother Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy (RFK Sr. our subject’s father) ran for president in 1968 on a platform of getting to the truth of his brother’s death, somebody shot him too. But why all this about JFK when I am supposed to be writing about RFK Jr?

Well, firstly, very few distinguished careers actually come from nothing. Usually there is a family background of knowledge, precedent and contacts. For example, would Charles Darwin have achieved what he did without a grandfather, Erasmus, who belonged to the late eighteenth-century Lunar Society (they travelled to meet in the Midlands by the light of the moon) and who proposed a version of evolution? Or indeed if he had not married a cousin who was a Wedgewood heiress? The Kennedys are no exception, starting with multi-millionaire Joeseph Kennedy, and continuing through the ill-fated brothers.

Secondly, RFK Jr (hereafter ‘RFK’) is, it seems to me, fundamentally about combatting untrue narratives – lies in fact - promulgated by the few and unquestioningly believed by too many. They are tearing the USA and the rest of the West apart. Enough people now understand that the official narratives about the Kennedy assassinations (and that of Martin Luther King) are ‘suspect enough’ to make RFK a recognisable victim of the Deep State. By putting himself forward as a seeker after truth, he vindicates the intellectual courage and clear-sightedness of his uncle. He is almost a ghost, a revenant, from a time when it was very easy for the Permanent State to mislead popular opinion, to a time – now - when mainstream narratives are facing challenge because of the Internet.

Back then control of mainstream media (MSM), newspapers and TV enabled true dissenting voices to be easily marginalised. Now we have the Internet and, above all, podcasts. Evidence contrary to official narratives can now be mustered and disseminated much more easily. It is true that the establishment has gone a long way to censoring and bullying would-be truth-tellers. Until Elon Musk was enboldened to buy Twitter, the US Government and other Western governments were able to insist that all social media firms suppress dissident voices. Now on Twitter at least they cannot. Even before Twitter, the internet was already rife with informed dissent.

The whole thing is a bit like the Reformation in the 16th century which broke the credibility and power of the Catholic Church. It was based on the new printing press technology. Armed with mass-produced vernacular translations of the Bible, dissenters were able to promulgate the truth (‘conspiracy theory’) that the Bible didn’t say what the Church said it said. A lot of censorship, torture, and warfare later, the Church had to admit defeat. In the process some European countries eventually achieved a significant degree of personal freedom. In Britain and in its overseas settlements, this was enough to trigger rapid progress and bring about mass affluence.

Now, however, liberty and mass affluence are under concerted attack in the West, using bogus (i.e. censorship-dependent) narratives to divide populations. Fortunately, even before the Twitter takeover, Joe Rogan had already said goodbye to the state controlled mainstream media. He has developed a huge following based on podcasts where he patiently tries to get to the bottom of what is going on. Joe Rogan’s podcast interviews played a key role in breaking down the coronavirus and covid vaccination narratives. This podcast with RFK shows every sign of doing the same for Public Health & Vaccines, and for the attack on Russia via Ukraine. More generally he is impugning the trustworthiness of the Deep State. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he thinks that the 2024 election could well be a podcast election.

Mainstream media is rapidly losing its audience. In America, the most successful commentator left there was Tucker Carlson on Fox News. The Globalists had Fox fire him and lock him up in litigation until after Joe Biden’s increasingly implausible re-election in 2024. His response has been a series of brilliant short podcasts inserted free of charge in his Twitter feed. The Ukraine, the Biden Crime Family, the prevalence of bogus narratives, and the mainstream media’s refusal to talk about any of it have all been trenchantly dissected.

By now these Tucker Carlson podcasts have had well over 100 million views. Carlson’s reach is now greater than it ever was, while Fox’s ratings have slumped to join the other MSM dinosaurs.

So, what does RFK actually say? I summarise below some key elements of the interview podcast.


RFK is a keen angler. He got involved with Hudson Valley commercial fishermen whose livelihood was being destroyed by pollution. He became an environmental campaigner. He used law and litigation to help bring about a great improvement in the ecology of the river. The Hudson Valley has become an example of profound environmental transformation.

Along the way he learned about mercury, a toxic heavy metal. At his meetings about mercury and other poisons in fish, he found a group of women who were convinced that their children had been handicapped by the mercury used as an ‘adjuvant’ in vaccines.

He therefore asked the head of a public health agency why pregnant women were advised not to eat fish because of relatively small levels of mercury in them, but were expected to take vaccines which contained a much higher dose of mercury.

The official answer was that two different kinds (compounds) of mercury were involved, ethyl or methyl. One, found in fish, stayed in the body and caused neurological harm, while the other, found in vaccines, had been found in a study of children to have left the bloodstream within days and so presumably had left the body. So far so good, except that both the official and RFK knew perfectly well there had been a subsequent study on monkeys which showed that the mercury in the vaccine left the bloodstream because it crossed the blood brain barrier and stayed in the brain causing inflammation there. RFK explains that at that moment both parties, he and the official, knew the official had been caught in a lie, on behalf of Big Pharma’s business. The official promised to send RFK studies justifying his agency’s position, but none arrived.

RFK also explains that harmful heavy metals, including mercury and aluminium (the latter, in particular, may well be implicated in causing dementia) and other toxins are routinely used as ‘adjuvants’ to vaccines. In vaccines which contain dead viruses, the body will not develop a suitable immune response unless adjuvants are also present. These shock the body’s immune system enough to make it develop a resistance to the viral material.


RFK is accused of being an ‘anti-vaxxer’. He points out that this is an establishment tactic. This is designed to smear him so that people do not listen to his arguments. He does not advocate banning vaccines. People should simply be free to choose, but on the basis of sound scientific information which is not currently provided. This position on vaccinations is, he says, what the majority of Americans would agree with. Vaccines should be safety tested just like other medicines. Sounds reasonable. But they are not tested.

How come vaccines, uniquely, are not safety tested? And why are drug companies granted legal immunity in the US from paying compensation for injuries caused by their products?

Apparently in the 1980s, President Reagan asked the vaccine producers why they could not accept the same safety testing applied to other pharmaceuticals. They replied that vaccines are by their nature unsafe. Deaths and injuries would inevitably be caused by any large-scale vaccination program, but the costs were thought to be outweighed by the benefits.

During the 20th century, there was a remarkable decline in deaths from infectious diseases. The public has been allowed to assume that this was the result of (mainly childhood) vaccination. But a glance at the graphs of declining deaths from major infectious diseases rarely if ever shows any impact from introducing vaccines, most of which were developed when most or even all of declines in mortality had already occurred. His explanation is that steadily improving nutrition, due to rising living standards (i.e. free-market economic growth – my words), reduced the proportion of malnourished individuals whose compromised immune systems made, and make, them vulnerable to infectious disease. In other words, modern medicine cannot necessarily claim that reduced mortality from infectious disease is the result of vaccines. It is possible that vaccines overall cause more harm than good.

Surely, you say, the drug companies have tested each new vaccine by comparing samples of vaccinated and unvaccinated people to see which group had more deaths and injuries from all causes. It is not just about whether the vaccine works against the diseases it is designed to address. Fauci assured RFK that such tests were carried out. After a year of litigation, Fauci had to admit that they had no such studies for any of the now 73 vaccinations/doses that children are expected, indeed virtually compelled, to receive in the USA.

RFK is the author of ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’, a book about Fauci’s past record in promoting expensive and dangerous Big Pharma products with sketchy scientific, or indeed ethical, cases. It was a bestseller, despite being ignored by mainstream media and bookstores. The book is disturbing. But, as Joe Rogan says in the podcast, if any of it were untrue RFK would already have been sued into oblivion, but he has not been.

RFK cites an example of what proper testing and appraisals of vaccinations might show. For a long time Bill Gates and the Danish government ran a scheme to vaccinate children in Guinea Bissau in West Africa against diphtheria, whooping cough and another common illness. The Danish government asked Bill Gates to demonstrate that the program represented value for money. As it happened, there were detailed records enabling the fate of vaccinated and unvaccinated children to be compared.

The good news was that the vaccinated children did not die from the diseases the vaccines were intended to tackle. The bad news was that vaccinated children still had higher all-cause mortality than unvaccinated children, presumably because of vaccine damage to immune systems. The vaccination program was shown to be profoundly harmful.

You would have thought that Big Pharma would rush to carry out studies of this kind to show their products are not harmful overall. Well, apparently not. Any company can develop what it asserts is a useful vaccine against yet another microorganism. No proper tests are needed. And if there is a problem the victims can’t sue the company anyway. RFK, and others of like mind, could be silenced instantly on this subject if proper analyses were performed and published which showed that childhood vaccines reduce mortality and serious injury overall. But somehow, strange to relate, it hasn’t yet been done.

Congress will happily add any product to the bulging pile of effectively mandated childhood vaccines. It is full of elected representatives who retire as very wealthy people. Their two biggest donor groups are Big Pharma and the arms manufacturers of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC). Our ‘democratic’ politics are donor led, not electorate led. Occasionally figures emerge who are impervious to lobbyists’ blandishments. Trump and RFK are able to be their very different, but authentic, selves saying what they actually think. They are vilified by the political establishment because they are a threat to the gravy train.

RFK’s underlying question is – ‘Why are so many Americans chronically ill, especially why are so many more cases of autism being reported as the number of childhood vaccinations or doses has been increased from 3, when he and I were youngsters, to 73 now?’

Correlation is of course not causation. Maybe there is an explanation other than rampant childhood vaccination. But if so, why does nobody in power look for it?

It is said that 3% of Americans - around ten million people - have never been vaccinated and that amongst these people autism and cancer are largely absent. In particular the Amish population, which does not hold with modern medicine in general, refuses vaccines. Like other unvaccinated groups, it seems to have little if any autism, diabetes or cancer. One wonders, too, where the allergies or food intolerances so many people seem to have now have come from. Are they the results of damaged immune systems?

I seem to recall that researchers use ‘immortal’ human cell lines in vaccine research. It seems that they are easy to keep. They reproduce indefinitely, unlike normal human cells. That would be because they are cancer cells. Note that although RFK may not have specifically made this point, if these cells find their way into the final product, might this explain why cancer is now so much more prevalent than it was?

In passing, the useless but incredibly profitable and sometimes lethal covid RNA ‘vaccines’ get a mention as another example of the Public Health and Big Pharma vaccine scam, without RFK’s really dwelling on the point. The point is clearly made that vaccines should never be mandated, still less used as the basis of a surveillance friendly ‘passport’.

RFK has been asked elsewhere whether he is saying all these millions of doctors and officials are somehow lying about the benefits of vaccines. No, he responds, a very small number of people at the top of Permanent State agencies and related privileged corporations are lying. Everyone else is just being deliberate misled.


RFK takes a similar stance on the American Empire and its over $1 trillion annual budget. He wants to close it down. Its main victim is the American People. America has been impoverished by trusting in its rapacious Military Industrial Complex (MIC). It is arguable that if the United States had closed down its National Security State after the cold war ended then the American federal budget would be in balance and the national debt would be much lower. Instead, few if any opportunities were taken to settle rather than inflame disputes around the globe. Western states have shown a heady mix of callousness and ineptitude in provoking murderous ‘wars of choice’ against societies unable to defend themselves. The latest MIC projects are Ukraine and Taiwan. All to enrich MIC.

RFK refuses to expose himself to yet another mainstream media smear, this time ‘Putin Apologist’. But he does explain that the Western attempt to destabilise (‘regime change’) Russia using sanctions and Ukrainian cannon fodder is profoundly discreditable. It could easily have been avoided. He explains – which many Americans and others don’t know – how the West reneged on nearly every promise made to Russia over the last thirty years about NATO expansion, nuclear weapons and arms control, thus provoking the Special Military Operation in 2022.

America’s current positioning of nuclear missiles on Russia’s borders now repeats the introduction of American missiles into Italy and Turkey in the early sixties. That provoked the arguably rash Russian response of putting its missiles in Cuba. Neither America nor Russia could be expected to passively accept such aggressive moves. Hence the Cuban Missile Crisis under JFK. And the current emergency.

RFK has also been asked about his stance on inflation, or the general rise in consumer prices, and what he would to reduce it. Entirely to his credit, he pointed out that inflation is something that governments create when they insist on spending more money than they can raise in taxes or borrow from the public, in particular on ‘defence’. They come to depend on perpetual creation out of nothing of new currency. Getting rid of the $1 trillion plus lies-based imperial budget, as he proposes, would therefore create an opportunity to stabilise the value of the dollar.

So far as I know, RFK hasn’t taken the same robust attitude to the great climate change scam. It is one of the key fake narratives of our time. It can only survive by relying on fearmongering akin to that mobilised to induce panic during the covid ‘plandemic’ psyop. Climate scientists, like doctors and mainstream media, depend on the Permanent State for budgets and approval. They are the many who cannot generally afford integrity and must accept the lies which, once again, are being generated by very small numbers of permanent state and globalist bosses.

By and large, dissenting opinions, based on actual science and research, are now usually put forward by people who are independent enough to stick their necks out. Which on its own is a big argument in favour of a shift to non-state or small-state social organisation.

RFK may be a ‘man of the left’ trying to revive a broken wing of the Democratic party, but it is past time that these divide and rule left/right narratives were dumped. A consensus must arise around rooting out the elite liars that are threatening the future of humanity by promoting their anti-human agendas.

If formal political systems, especially uni-party systems like the Democrat/Republican and Tory/Labour establishments, are to play any role in defeating malign Permanent State interests, then outsider candidates such as RFK, and indeed Donald Trump or Nigel Farage, need to take the stage. It is not clear whether they will be allowed to do so. Even so, RFK has already put a dent in the credibility of Big Pharma, the Military Industrial Complex, and the mushrooming Censorship Industrial Complex.

RFK explains that the law is often a better way to get at the truth of a matter, as distinct from uncertain political approaches. As part of the legal process each side often employs its own scientific experts. Through their rival claims and arguments, the truth may be uncovered. And it is the truth that matters, and which should not be hidden, and certainly not for corporate and official profit.

He is very sceptical about encouraging public trust in the state and corporate sponsored ‘experts’. Official demands that people accept policies based on their version of the ‘The Science’ are deceptive, meaningless and counter-productive.

What if the law, rather than politics, became the primary way of ascertaining the truth of situations where some people appear to be being harmed by others? Especially if there were to be little or no coercively secured government funding to reward liars.

I can’t leave without pointing out again that none of this would be a problem in genuinely free societies based on public support for independent ‘zero-violence’ legal arrangements. Without the modern welfare/warfare state, health provision would probably go back to being run by competing, largely mutualistic, associations whose interests would be aligned with their own members, and not with those of the state, nor the medical profession.

Government would not be able to protect corporate interests from liability by legislation, or by censoring or threatening would-be truth-tellers. With properly aligned incentives based on voluntary cooperation, and not state coercion, there would much higher standards of professionalism, honesty and intellectual rigour throughout society.

As the current Big State model descends into dangerous farce on all fronts, one might begin to hope for such an enlightenment to follow its eventual, painful dissolution.

Here is the Rogan podcast link:

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