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Sociopaths and the State of Fear

Acceptance of the modern state means handing positions of power to the small fraction of humanity who are unfortunately sociopaths.In free societies they will not be so favoured.

I was musing in a whimsical way about an imaginary version of the Elysian Fields (aka Champs Elysees for Parisians) which were in Greek myth part of Hades. It was the good part of the Classical Greek concept of the afterlife or heaven. The Fields were reserved for heroes and doers of mighty deeds. The undistinguished mass of humanity was in permanent steerage, condemned to an eternity of existence as the merest shade in a barely lit limbo. Perhaps it is not surprising that the Christian concept of heaven, basically the Elysian Fields for the Demos – for everyone – caught on so well.

I imagined the Fields as literally a sunlit patchwork of playing fields. Each field contained groups of people playing different games or engaging in different, voluntary and cooperative activities. From time to time, some people would leave and join another group that seemed more rewarding. Less interesting activities would shrink and disappear to be replaced by variants of the more engaging pass-times.

All games are only the sum of their rules and of the willingness of all players to bind themselves of their own free will to obey them. And human beings are excellent at improving their well-being by agreeing to cooperate with each other in more and more elaborate and satisfactory ways. They love it. They form highly rewarding communities and keep them going with great gusto and enjoyment.

This libertarian view of life is based on the reasonable notion that human beings are basically good, but not that good and not all of them, or not all of the time. It makes sense for us to cooperate, but not to be so altruistic that some are exploited by others. Being a saint has presumably proved to be an unsuccessful strategy in evolutionary terms, if you assume, as I do, that behaviour is significantly genetically determined. Unfortunately, populations do contain the opposite of saints. There is a small proportion of people, perhaps around 3%, who are sociopaths.


In one corner of my sunlit vision there was a darker, unhappier place. People had been encouraged to join in what looked like a permanent party. But they discovered afterwards that it didn’t live up to its billing. It was eerily reminiscent of the place of mindless pleasure and self-indulgence depicted in the Disney film version of Pinocchio. You could go in but you couldn’t come out. In Pinocchio the victims quickly find themselves enslaved in a version of hell with Fascist overtones. It is well worth watching Jordan Peterson’s videos discussing this story and the Disney film in psychological terms.

In this unhappy corner of the Fields there is no exit and therefore little hope of successful voluntary co-operation. Instead, coercion is used by the rulers of the game to compel the duped to stay in a game which most find disappointing or worse.

So here is the question. Would you expect the sociopaths to be spread equally amongst all the games being played across the vast celestial playing field? Would you expect them to flourish in the voluntary, emotionally rewarding games of cooperation? Or would they be drawn to the game of no escape where they could give rein to their manipulative and exploitative instincts?

Sociopathy is defined as a cluster of characteristics describing people who are charming, manipulative, emotionally ruthless and cavalier about adhering to rules and agreements. Sociopaths could be defined as ‘having an egocentric and antisocial personality marked by lack of remorse for one’s actions, an absence of empathy for others, and often by criminal tendencies’.

The key sociopathic traits are shallow emotional responses and a lack of compunction about manipulating or deceiving others, often by lying, and an inability ever to admit mistakes or to take responsibility. They are tailor made to be elected politicians. Psychiatrists use the term ‘antisocial personality disorder’ (APD). People showing these characteristics are generally described as sociopaths. Sometimes the term psychopath is used interchangeably to describe APD too.

Such people find themselves on a spectrum. At the extreme, exploiting others includes deploying violence against them. A significant proportion of criminals in jail appear to have sociopathic traits. These are dangerous individuals who are willing to control and intimidate others without any conscience. They combine dishonesty, charm and a lack of interest in anyone else’s wellbeing or feelings. They are also calm in conditions of chaos and stress, though they may create these conditions themselves. Professions that include a relatively high proportion of sociopaths include government officials, lawyers, medics, journalists and corporate CEOs.


The central myth of representative democracy is that the theft and bullying that individuals connected with government are legally entitled to engage in is OK because government is run by us, in the form of our elected representatives (for more on democracy, ancient and modern, see the recent post ‘Democracy, the God that Failed’).

We are living in increasingly corporatist societies. Corporatism is a collectivist view that society should be dominated by interlocking, privileged big company and bureaucratic interests. Mussolini said corporatism meant the same as Fascism. Intrusive regulation is used to disadvantage small companies, entrepreneurs, workers and consumers. Wealth creation slows down or stops but wealth transfer to the top of government, banking and corporate entities goes on apace.

People still grudgingly support the current political system because they have been indoctrinated by media and their schooling, and because they believe they will go on benefitting from transfer payments extracted from the dwindling ranks of productive people. Nevertheless, part of the public’s acquiescence is based on the assumption that people calling the shots in corporations and governments are people like them – good but not that good, and trying to do a reasonable and honest job, most of the time.

The problem takes on a different complexion if in fact the top of the pile is disproportionately populated by sociopaths who are fundamentally willing to lie and cheat to secure and hang on to power – and have no interest in the wellbeing of their countries. As Goering explained at his trial at Nuremburg after WWII, it is certainly possible to manipulate a population through the use of fear into accepting totalitarian rule. It had only been necessary, he said, to convince Germans that they were in danger from external and internal enemies to get them to go enter a disastrous war.

Once one accepts that the massive media, corporate, educational and deep state government structures in our society are likely to be controlled in some degree by sociopaths, one see’s that they will resort to lies and intimidation to increase their own importance and to maintain control. The fact that government structures provide safe spaces for sociopaths is one excellent reason for moving towards stateless, ‘private law’ libertarian societies.

Our societies’ political economies are dominated by narratives designed to keep people scared and afraid. As Chancelor Sutler says in the film ‘V for Vendetta’, the regime has constantly to remind the people why they need it. Politics really does seem to be downstream of culture, so anyone seeking to understand much of what’s happening now could do worse than just watch the films ‘V for Vendetta’ and ‘The Sum of All Fears’.


When I was young the Soviet Union and the fear of Communism was a fertile source of public anxiety which could be ratcheted up to support a vast national security state system in the West. And it worked well. I remember an otherwise well-informed colleague in the early 1980s who really believed that most of his exorbitant taxes where devoted to defending us from Soviet aggression. This fear narrative was kept going long after it was clear that the Soviet Union had neither the will nor the resources to attack the West. And it led to at least two occasions on which the world nearly resorted to nuclear war by accident.

Central to the Cold War narrative was the Kennedy presidency. JFK succeeded Eisenhower as US president after the latter warned of the growing power of the US military, industrial and congressional complex. Elected on a campaign to close the ‘missile gap’ with the Soviets, JFK he then discovered that there was no such gap, rather the reverse.

He was plunged into the Bay of Pigs fiasco. The CIA staged a forlorn invasion of Cuba by Cuban refugees which was to be ‘rescued’ by a planned US airstrike in support of the freedom fighters, thus ensuring that the US and Cuba would be at war. But Kennedy cancelled the planned strike, to the fury of the Top Brass.

The US Chiefs of Staff then proposed a planned escalation of tension with the Soviet Union leading to a US nuclear first strike. At that point Kennedy is reported to have left the room (the US Air Force head at the time was used as the basis for the protagonist in Peter Sellar’s film ‘Dr Strangelove’ about nuclear lunacy).

On another occasion the intelligence community came up with Operation Northwoods. This was reported on and put on the public record by Congress during its 1970s investigation into Kennedy’s death, which at least confirmed that his murder had been the result of a conspiracy. Northwoods was a scheme to attack US and Cuban planes and ships and blame the resulting deaths on the Castro regime in Cuba – thus justifying, you guessed it, warrrr!

The highlight was a plan to crash a remote controlled (previously emptied) airliner off the Cuban coast. The Cubans would get blamed for the resulting ‘deaths’ while the US would run a highly publicised but ‘tragically’ unsuccessful ‘rescue’ mission. In other words, this was yet another False Flag operation designed to gull western publics into supporting aggression.

After Kennedy was killed, his successor Johnson used the so-called Gulf of Tonkin incidents as False Flags to ramp up US involvement in Vietnam. North Vietnamese warships were said to have fired on US warships on two occasions. On the first the US is believed to have fired first. On the second, as Johnson later admitted, nobody knows who fired on the US ships but it certainly wasn’t the North Vietnamese.

JFK’s memory is dominated by the Cuban Missile Crisis when the USA and Russia nearly went to war. The US started it by putting nuclear missiles in Turkey close to the Soviet Union to create a realistic nuclear first strike threat. The Russians responded in kind, perhaps unwisely, by shipping missiles to Cuba. Nuclear war nearly ensued. Kennedy and Khrushchev went on to establish a deep, surprisingly personal, relationship via backchannels and based on their mutual determination to control their militaries.

This ‘backchannels’ relationship to ‘stave off disaster’ is echoed in the film ‘The Sum of all Fears’, as is European elite interest in USA and Russia destroying each other. At the time of his death Kennedy was using similar unofficial channels to seek peace with Cuba.

Towards the end, Kennedy instructed the US military to withdraw from its small but burgeoning involvement in South Vietnam within six months. When they didn’t do so the die was cast. It’s all in ‘JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters‘, by James Douglass. You can form your own view about JFK’s death, and the death of his brother Bobby Kennedy when he campaigned on investigating his brother’s death in 1968. But I defy anyone not to understand that the executive suites of the corporatist welfare warfare state are inevitably going to be replete with entrenched sociopaths.

The Soviet Union eventually collapsed of its own accord, simply because of the long-term uselessness of all state central planning and direction. Its fall took Communism down with it as a credible political belief system. Unfortunately, it did not finish off the credibility of collectivism in general (aka Fascism, Technocracy, Socialism, Statism, Corporatism etc.) as an approach to societal organization.

But it did mean that henceforth FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) would have to be instilled in western populations by new state sponsored narratives. The elites settled on a mix of a manufactured terrorist threat after the planned demolition of three buildings in New York in September 2001, and on the fake global warming narrative.


Global warming was consciously adopted by die-hard socialist ideologues as a new way to achieve a globalist technocratic totalitarian society. Corporations and chancers of all stripes have also happily clambered aboard the green gravy train. It represents yet another opportunity to strip-mine western populations of their remaining wealth by directing vast sums to state-mandated value-destroying ‘zero-carbon’ investment.

Every ten years we are told the world has only a decade to save itself from climate disaster. The UN just announced yet another ‘code red’ emergency and there is a clock ticking away with allegedly only six years to go before doom becomes inevitable. A quarter of UK children are meant to have nightmares about this world ending threat. It’s a disgrace.

The bureaucrats get their ‘green’ ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) regulation. It is designed to prevent savers and investors from controlling their own resources – for example to invest in reliable, inexpensive energy, or bitcoin etc. Those people never seem to understand that once you finally choke off capital formation and investment, society must implode – but then do sociopaths really know or care how normal human cooperative effort works? Meanwhile many people experience pervasive anxiety and fear.

Long story short, there is no evidence that carbon dioxide (CO2) can cause significant warming, unfortunately. The UK would be much improved by a degree or two rise in average temperatures. As with Covid, there are only garbage-in garbage-out computer models masquerading as reality. They garner fat fees and subsidies for their creators in return for spreading massive doses of groundless FUD in the globalists’ subject populations.

If anything, the level of CO2 in the atmosphere alters after changes in global temperatures have already occurred. In other words, atmospheric CO2 is a lagging indicator, not a cause. CO2 is however absolutely vital to all plant life, and therefore animal life, on Earth. Without it we would all die. Our chucking more CO2 into the atmosphere has greened our planet. It is doing nothing but good.

For more on this see the posts ‘Human Ecology and Renewable Energy’ and ‘Some Perspective on Climate Change’. You may also enjoy ‘Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom’, a brief but pithy book by Patrick Moore, a founder of Greenpeace, which unmasks this and other related scams and scares.


By now about half of the United States population is aware that not two but three buildings were demolished at the World Trade Centre in September 2001. But only two towers were actually hit by airplanes that day so how come three were utterly destroyed. How indeed?

The two iconic towers we shall never forget were indeed hit. As a result, relatively low heat fires broke out on the nearest floors. The heat was not great enough to stop people walking down the stairs to safety past them. They were far too cool to melt the buildings’ steel frames. So much so that just before the tall towers collapsed there were firefighters working their way methodically up the stairs reporting in unhurried terms on fires which were self-evidently not a threat to the buildings.

When those towers went down, they did so suddenly and as perfectly as only a controlled demolition can achieve. The towers didn’t bend or deviate in their free fall at the points where the supposedly causative airplane strikes had occurred. The only way to achieve this is to set charges of specialist explosive at the base of each of the tens of massive steel pillars supporting these structures. Lengthy preparation and application are needed to set explosive charges so that each pillar will be instantly vaporized at its base at temperatures of up to 1500 degrees. The aluminothermic reaction explosive in question combines aluminium and ferrous oxide to create sudden intense heat. It leaves tell-tale residues which were found at bases of the towers, despite the hasty disposal of much of the debris.

The clearest evidence for what lies in the demolition of the World Trade Center building 7, a nearly 50 story building in the same complex. As you can see from the video below, it had had some fire damage. But it had not been hit at all as the other two buildings were. What you see is simply a perfect planned demolition any contractor would be proud of.

My question is: what was going through the minds of the people who detonated those charges, or who ordered others to do so, in the two tall towers? There were still a couple of thousand innocent people in the towers awaiting rescue and teams of firemen dutifully clambering up the stairs to reach them. What kind of people would do such a thing?

On a somewhat lighter note, one might imagine the plight of whoever was in charge of the demolition of Building Seven. Perhaps the ‘airplane’ allocated to conceal the demolition of WTC7 had got lost? Late that afternoon it was clear that the building would soon be reoccupied and the preparations for demolition might then be noticed before they could be concealed. Better to bring it down too.

All of us remember the shock of that day. It spread more FUD in one day than any other event. On cue, the Patriot Act was introduced to suppress constitutional liberties in the service of the new ‘War on Terror’. The Pentagon issued a list, that same evening, of six Middle East countries which must undergo bloody regime change to eliminate the risk of global terror. Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya and Yemen were on the list. It was off to the races, starting with Saddam Husein, on twenty years of FUD, mayhem and deep state profit.

Afghanistan, from which former CIA asset Osama Bin Laden supposedly launched the attack, was not on the list. Leaving Afghanistan alone might have seemed suspicious. So we got stuck in there too. It cost the American people another trillion dollars to wreck a country which had little if anything to do with one of the greatest false flags in history.


People who still don’t understand that central or state planning of economies and societies never works, and always causes great suffering, are either delusional or totally indifferent to whether what they say has any truth in it. At the top of the global pile, there are interlinked state, media and corporate elites many of whose members in fact do share the delusion that they are entitled and able to run the lives of the populace as they see fit.

They share with Libertarians the awareness that the current Democratic Socialist regimes in the West are heading for breakdown. Only massive borrowing and furious money printing has been heading off the inevitable moments when western socialism fails as completely as the Soviet version did. People in positions of power naturally wonder what would become of their power and indeed safety once the masses discover their savings, pensions and jobs are vanishing, as happened in Russia.

In 2016 the Brexit Referendum, and Trump’s election as US President on a promise to end America’s Middle East wars, suggested to many globalists that their grip on the affections of people in the West was indeed failing. And so was laid the basis for Covid-19, the biggest PsyOp (corporatist or deep-state speak for Psychological Operation) of all time. Timed to cripple Trump’s chances of re-election, it represented a globally coordinated campaign to scare the world’s population into a psychotic delusion caused by fear of a terribly overhyped somewhat engineered cold virus.

The objective was to strip us of our freedom by scaring us into accepting the full range of totalitarian control methods including Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). For more see post ‘Hyperinflation, Bitcoin, Gold and FIAT Currencies’. Above all they needed the vaccine passports which are key to absolute control of society. Only then could the unrest caused by the socialist collapse be contained safely – they thought.

Once such passports are successfully introduced you are lost. The state then need only threaten you with the loss of your vaccine passport to coerce you into accepting whatever potion Bill Gates and Big Pharma deem you need to take, however unhealthy. Or into giving up your property. In 2030 you will own nothing and be happy, as the billionaires of the Davos Crowd’s World Economic Forum remind us on their website.

Big Pharma cashes in on another strip-mining scam and Bill may get to cull a world population he has said is too big for (his) comfort. Meanwhile Big Tech gets to run the IT heavy Social Credit and Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) systems in return for doing the State’s dirty work censoring free speech. Their job is to prevent as many people as possible from realizing what is happened.

To accomplish all this, the media and the globalists have had to go all in. They have engaged in vicious wholesale propaganda, i.e. lying and censorship (see post ‘Viruses, Jabs and Lies’), designed to rob as many people as possible of their reason.

Above all they needed fear. They had in a sense to make the people as mentally ill as the numerous globalist elite sociopaths. Great progress has been made in understanding how to crush hope and spirit in a population in order to make it more malleable. In the video below the whole approach to how to accomplish this is set out very clearly. After the last year and a half much will seem very familiar to the locked down populations of the West.

Another source of insight into what has been done is Laura Dodsworth’s best selling book ‘A State of Fear: how the UK government weaponized fear during the Covid-19 pandemic’.

Of course, the globalist project will not prevent the explosion they deeply fear. In fact, they seem not to have realised how much economic damage their planned lockdowns would do, as Melinda Gates confirmed when she said as much (see post ‘Lock-downs are pushing States into Coffin Corner’). The whole project is totally misguided and anti-human. But then as long as you have the modern state in your life, you will be subject to endless, pointless scaremongering in a society dominated by corporatist sociopaths.

We should leave the last word to Lord Voldemort as the archetypal sociopath in Harry Potter: “There is no good and evil. There is only power, and those too weak to seize it.”

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