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Stealing the US Presidential Election

The Democrats knew they had to steal the US Presidential election from Trump to be able to bring in the Green New Deal and the rest of Davos Crowd Communism 3.0. They underestimated the task.

Last week President Trump won the US Presidential in an electoral college landslide. There was an increase in voter turnout to 67% from the more usual 50% seen in presidential elections. But the fix went in as the Democratic Party made a concerted effort to steal the Presidential election. The result is still in doubt.

The Republicans held on to their majority in the Senate and picked up several seats in the House of Representatives. One of many discordant elements in this story is how come higher Republican vote shares in Senate and House races were not matched by higher Republican vote shares in the Presidential election.

The evidence points to a massive voter turnout for Trump which would likely have moved all the battleground states his way, and perhaps others. In Pennsylvania in the early hours of the morning, with most votes counted, including some of postal ballots, Trump was 700,000 votes in the lead. A similar situation was developing in the other marginal, contested states.

Then they stopped the count in Pennsylvania, which I believe is unprecedented. When they restarted a couple of hours later, hey presto, the ratio of Biden votes to Trump votes had mysteriously jumped. By morning the State of Pennsylvania had allegedly gone to Biden.

At one point a number of votes, variously reported as being 120,000 and 220,000 votes, was added to the count in Wisconsin, all of them Biden votes. A similar Biden spike appears in a neighbouring state at about the same time. By the time Wisconsin allegedly went to Biden by a hair’s breadth, voter turnout had reached a staggering 89% of the registered voter population. It is simply not a credible figure. It must represent a lot of false ballots.

I don’t propose to get into many of the various vote rigging techniques on display in this election and indeed many earlier ones including dead voters, multiple votes, and second home owners who voted for Trump from their main residence and for Biden from their second homes.

The US system has always tolerated an element of electoral malfeasance. It has typically been worse in big cities, with famously corrupt Tamany Hall style Democrat machines in places like New York and Chicago. But Republicans have not been without sin. The 2000 result in Florida probably represents a stolen election exploiting Florida’s then notoriously crooked and inefficient practices.

The result was getting Bush Jr rather than Al Gore as US President. It’s not clear how much difference that made, since both were effectively Washington insiders. Eight months later, on Bush’s watch, we had the controlled demolition of the three World Trade Center buildings on the 11th September 2001. This was followed by an American (and British) campaign to bring death and misery to several Middle Eastern countries - for no particular reason, as Forest Gump would say. Would it have happened under Al Gore’s watch too?

Anyway, back to the early hours of 4th November in the key states in contention. Everything had been going the Democrats’ way. They had been supported throughout by pretty much the whole mainstream media, as well as the big corporations, big tech and the financial establishment who are so keen on the promised WEF ‘Great Reset’. For four years the media have been relentlessly planting the ‘Orange Man Bad’ meme in the heads of information-poor voters. As the election approached, pollsters obediently conditioned voters to accept a Biden victory on the basis of alleged double-digit Biden poll leads. The least one could say is that it was all bogus.

(Most people don’t understand that polls are there to manipulate voters not enlighten them. But plenty more people realise this now after another blatant pollster fiasco.)

And then early in the morning the Democrats counting the votes in key states realised, I think, that despite the vote rigging they had already organised, the Red Wave surge in turnout meant that Trump would still win. They stopped the counts in order to organise massive additional voter fraud. What other explanation could there be?


There is intriguing, verifiable evidence of one kind of vote rigging, in the wee small hours, and in the key states. I do not mean by the way to assert that was the only or even the largest fraud perpetrated during the presidential election. But it is one that can be demonstrated, as is explained in the article linked in below:

Long story short, because of the Coronavirus panic more people voted by postal ballot in this election. The postal batches of postal ballots statistically all have to have nearly identical splits. When you consider the vote count from a typical state, you can draw a graph of Biden’s (or Trump’s) vote share on the vertical or Y axis. On the X axis, the horizontal line, you have the times when the results for different voting-in-person precincts, and for different batches of postal votes, were declared. This information is all in the public domain.

By way of example of what the charts should show, let’s take Florida. It used to be one of dirtiest shirts in the pile for Republican and Democrat vote fraud. It has cleaned up its act. Like Texas it carried out the count efficiently. They finished around the time the shenanigans in the inefficient Democrat machines were still going on. There have not, as far as I know, been accusations of material vote fraud. No doubt coincidentally, Florida has a virtual Republican super-majority in its state legislature.

Looking at the presidential vote count chart for Florida, you see initially the veritable scatter of data points representing different individual voting precincts reporting. Each one naturally has a different vote share according to the political make-up of each locality. These are the results of votes actually cast in person in individual voting districts or precincts. So far so good. As most precincts get counted you see in the chart that attention begins to shift to counting the large number of postal ballots.

Here’s the point. The postal votes have been sent in from across the entire state and collected together. They are not ordered or counted by voting precinct. As the blocks of postal votes are announced, therefore, a perfectly straight line necessarily appears on the hitherto messy chart. Each block of postal votes is a statistically valid representation of the same information i.e. the split state-wide between Biden and Trump supporters amongst postal voters. These results must all be nearly the same. There should never be a crook or jump in this flat line of postal ballot vote counts.

As soon as the first few batches of postal ballots are counted you know what the split in all the other postal ballot batches is going to be. At the count they knew already who was going to win. (Because Trump support tends to be highest in more remote, rural areas there is a very slight tendency for the line to tend towards Trump over time, but it is not material except to make sudden increases in Biden’s support still more questionable.)

Most states show the correct pattern of a straight line representing every batch of postal votes having the statistically inevitable nearly constant Biden Trump split for the state in question (which of course does not rule out other kinds of fraud earlier). But not the battleground states. There the postal ballot results suddenly gap upwards in Biden’s favour. In some states two separate, statistically impossible jumps were required to head off a Trump victory. This can only be fraud. And it is timestamped and clear for all to see.


Supreme Court Justice Alito ordered Pennsylvania to separate out all the ballots counted after a certain time. They chose to disobey, thus preventing an investigation of these ballots. Again, the implication must be that those ballots would have revealed fraud. Now the’ good’ and ‘bad’ boxes and votes are all mixed up. This, American legalese, is ‘Exspoliation’, which means evidence is contaminated by improper mixing and a badly documented chain of custody. All the votes in Pennsylvania, good and bad are now, probably, bad.

What with one thing and another Biden’s notional tally of electoral votes, shorn of all the battleground states subject to legal challenges and investigations is only just above 200 at the time of writing (PM 12/11/20), and well below the 270 needed for victory. If enough legislatures refuse to authorise their Electoral College delegations as a result of fraud, then the election is tossed into the House of Representatives. There it’s one state delegation one vote, which means Trump would win.

You might be interested in Tom Luongo's Gold Goats ‘n Guns podcast 'Trump and the Exspoliation' about the attempt to steal the US election and the likely reaction of Democrat and Republican supporters and politicians:

Tom is suggesting that a massive number of Trump supporters have been radicalised by this election. In the terms of the film ‘The Matrix’, they have taken the Red Pill, bigtime. Now they see their opponents in the Big State, Mainstream Media and Corrupt Corporate alliance clearly. At the same time moderate Democrat politicians and their disproportionately information-poor voters are also having a red-pill moment. They are starting to realise that the Marxists of the Black Lives Matter mobs and the Green New Deal are a clear and present danger to them.

Whatever happens, faith in the political system as an honest means of mediating differences between regions and interests is gone, and for good. The outcome will be violence either way and, in due course, significant potential for secessions and/or civil conflict.

I leave the last word to the actor Jon Voight, make of it what you will:


The dishonesty, the fear and the growing impoverishment and polarisation of Western societies are all the results of the relentless accumulation of centralised governmental power in the West, especially in Washington and Brussels. The more the big government faction in society advances, the worse it gets.

Every four years one lot of Americans is ever more fearful of what that government will do to them if the other lot takes it over. The fear is becoming palpable. The idea that a Great Reset one-world totalitarian WEF Green Fascist state would do anything other than ratchet tensions up several more notches is just naïve.

Need I add that in a Free or Private Law Society none of this would happen? America and the West has had a dreadful year of mishandled jack-boot coronavirus measures, of widespread looting and rioting in cities. Finally, in America at least there is now a clear failure of trust and institutional integrity. Whether the failure is total or not depends on the resilience of the US legal tradition in the face of self-interested big state propaganda.

All of this avoidable evil is simply the consequence of too many people harbouring the mind-virus of belief in the indispensability of the state.

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