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The Covid Narrative Continues to Unravel

It is ‘lucky’ that the war in the Ukraine has diverted attention from the collapse of the Covid fear narrative. Revelations of manipulation and bad faith continue to appear.

The Russian invasion of the Ukraine has enabled the West to divert attention from the Covid narrative, which is in the process of collapsing. It leaves behind not just discredited political elites and mainstream media, but also increasing evidence of malfeasance.

One reason for the overhyped anti-Russian propaganda over the Ukraine has been to conceal the emerging truth about Covid. And politicians in trouble like Boris Johnson always hope that they will be harder to dislodge once they claim the mantle of ‘war leader’.

The result is a partial rollback of the Covid restrictions in several countries. In France President Macron has suspended most Covid restrictions, and vaccine passports, ahead of the oncoming French elections. Maybe Macron fears that the 30% or so of French people who are resisting the vaccines might resent his publicly expressed desire to wreck their lives. Similarly, many American States and Canadian Provinces have also rolled back restrictions. This reflects abrupt shifts in public opinion from bemused compliance to shock at Trudeau’s treatment of the truckers. It has nothing to do with public health – but then it never did.

The Israelis, whose mortality figures show the (by now expected) correlation between more vaccinations and more deaths, are rethinking the idea of endless boosters. Once the boosters fall by the wayside, the associated vaccine passport narrative must eventually fail.

Iceland has just removed every pandemic restriction, including any need to be vaccinated to travel there.

Elsewhere, of course, the bureaucrats keep as many restrictions in place as they possibly can, and often merely ‘suspend’ meddling which they can reinstate if and when another opportunity arises. In addition, the WHO is signing most national bureaucracies up to an arrangement whereby next time they can ‘legally’ make them adopt whatever measures they feel like imposing. This is just more of the Globalist/WEF fantasy that behind the scenes they can continue their march towards a world technocratic totalitarian state by endless bureaucratic regulation. And by WHO we mean, of course, the hybrid Public/Private globalist entity that gets much of its funding from corporates such as Big Pharma, including Bill Gates’s secretive GAVI Alliance with Pfizer and Moderna.

So what has been happening in the recently, conveniently neglected, Covid narrative game?


People are often much more influenced by evidence of bad faith and ill-intentions than persuaded by rational arguments, which many of them have neither the time nor the wherewithal to consider. That’s why ‘demonising’ people is such a key part of every propagandist’s repertoire. Those who realized that lockdowns and vaccines were useless and dangerous had to be accused of wanting to kill granny.

In the same way, Putin is depicted as an insane warmonger to prevent people understanding that the West could have avoided the mess in the Ukraine by actually listening to Russia’s concerns and proposals. By not doing so, the West made war happen.

Now however evidence of bad faith on the part of the CDC and Pfizer has appeared which cannot help but increase the rate at which the ‘Awakening’ – the rejection of globalist Deep State narratives by a significant share of the population – is happening.

A few hardy souls in the US Congress have played an outsized role in revealing the lies behind Covid. Already Rand Paul, son of Libertarian hero Ron Paul, has revealed that Fauci lied to Congress, a criminal offense, about the man-made origins of the coronavirus.

Now senatorial probing has obliged the CDC to reveal that it has been collecting – but not releasing - data about deaths and other side effects of the untested genetic ‘vaccines’. Why did the CDC not release the information? Because telling the truth would increase ‘vaccine hesitancy’, they replied. In other words, the CDC knows the vaccines have bad side effects and is protecting someone other than the general population by not revealing this.

Pfizer’s turn to share the limelight came round too. Apparently, they failed to ensure that the original studies on which emergency use authorization was based were genuine double-blind tests. And they omitted to mention some extra deaths during trials which might have altered the outcome and prevented authorization.

Pfizer wants to keep the ingredients of their RNA vaccines secret for over seventy years. No doubt they have nothing to hide there? It is suggested that Big Pharma has been colluding to try out different variants of their novel RNA vaccines in turn (see the recent post ‘Premeditated Vaccine Harm and Punitive Damages’). It that were the case, there would not be one single Pfizer vaccine whose contents could be revealed. And all but one version of those RNA vaccines would, presumably, not be covered by the US’s FDA’s emergency use authorization.

Meanwhile Pfizer, or one of the increasingly numerous whistleblowers, released pages and pages of Pfizer material on the vaccines’ side effects. These are novel genetic therapies, on which none of the normal long term safety studies have been carried out. You would have thought that the authorities would be more cautious about any side effects. Apparently not – follow the Big Pharma money to the FDA, CDC and Fauci’s own NIH, I guess.

On past occasions vaccines have been pulled after just 50 or so deaths. The RNA vaccines have killed around 50,000 in the West as a whole, according to official data. The real total could already be quite a lot higher and then there are many more people who have been permanently or temporarily debilitated. This kind of unprecedented worldwide official coercion and indifference to public wellbeing has led many to smell a rat.

It looks from here very like a series of overlapping corporatist schemes to monetise an ineffective and dangerous RNA vaccine technology that Big Pharma couldn’t make work, and to foist vaccine passports on everyone as the basis for totalitarian control using cashless Central Bank Digital Currencies and Social Credit Scores.

On the other hand, an alternative explanation for the Covid disaster is simply the normal combination of state incompetence and indifference coupled with politicians’ horror of admitting mistakes. I don’t think so in this case.


In America an extra million people died during the first year of the pandemic. This is more than a thirty percent increase in annual mortality over the likely recent average toll, compared to Britain’s just over 10% excess mortality. Right next to America is Canada. Canada has similar climatic and demographic conditions to northern US states and yet it had basically no excess mortality at all. This is also true of many other countries and country pairs in 2021. The difference is not readily explicable in terms of government intervention either way. There is no reason for the virus to be different north of the border. The discrepancy between Canadian and American mortality remains unexplained.

If you look at overall mortality over the last century or so you see a smooth general fall caused by generally improving living standards, especially better nutrition and sanitation. What you do not get is a material mortality signal for past ‘bad flu’ years such as 1957/58 and 1968. This by the way also applies, in reverse, to specific mortality from diseases for which vaccines have supposedly been the cure. The downward trend in that disease’s death toll rarely shows a discernible impact from the vaccine’s introduction.

Except that there is a very clear and horrible mortality signal for the outbreak of Spanish Flu, which was thought to be a viral problem. But it seems that whenever any tissue or remains from the period are investigated the individuals who perished during the Spanish Flu are found to have died from bacterial pneumonia. So they were not actually deaths from respiratory virus attack. As more people now understand after ‘Covid’, people in poor health are often assailed by many bugs and other co-morbidities in their final months. The Spanish Flu could certainly have also been a flu epidemic, but bacteria seem to have been the agents of death.

So why wouldn’t subsequent flu outbreaks not show increased mortality caused by accompanying bacterial infection? The answer would be antibiotics, which didn’t exist in 1918. For a couple more decades people with serious bacterial infections were segregated in ‘septic wards’ and mainly left to die. Antibiotics ended all that. I may be sceptical about the medical profession’s claims in many areas, but antibiotics are a miracle.

So what might have happened in American hospitals and nursing homes in 2020 to generate the pronounced increase in mortality? It can’t be that the coronavirus was bioengineered to be more dangerous (see below) because mortality in Canada was unchanged. The American health system is a byword for expense and excessive and unhelpful medical intervention. It is also deeply influenced by financial incentives, including payments from Big Pharma for promoting certain treatments regardless of cost.

It is a fascist system in the Benito Mussolini sense – a fusion of state power and private profit grabbing. Costing nearly 20% of GNP, US medicine delivers no better results than less corrupt systems achieve for a lot less. It is the opposite of what would happen in a free private law society (click here to see post ‘Healthcare in a Libertarian Society’).

Anyway, back to Covid. The explanation seems to be that doctors did not treat people who were believed to have a viral disease. Antibiotics work on bacteria but not viruses. The solution was going to be these untried RNA vaccines which were touted in America and Britain from the beginning. Big Pharma and its American allies in the CDC and FDA and NIH were going to make money.

But the vaccines would not get emergency use authorization if Covid turned out to be treatable with existing medicines, for example antibiotics, then there would be no emergency use approval for novel vaccines. Hence the determination to persecute US doctors who discovered that ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine worked to save people from ‘Covid’. Both after all have antibiotic properties.

In addition, the US system developed financial incentives to allocate more money to Covid cases and deaths and to encourage the use of ventilators and the expensive but harmful anti-viral Remdesivir (‘run death is near’). As ever, incentives matter. Whatever the reason one can see that the American system had incentives to create the outsize US Covid mortality total we actually saw in 2020.


At the beginning of the Covid hysteria many independent commentators pointed out that the new coronavirus showed evidence of having lived in a laboratory for some time. The virus had already adapted to live on human cells, which laboratories find much easier to use. It also showed signs of genetic engineering. These commentators were vilified and persecuted. And now we have emails from that time, to and from Fauci, showing there was a deliberate effort to suppress the truth.

The novel coronavirus has a so-called ‘Furin Cleavage Site’ which makes it easier to attack human cells. This site does not exist in other members of the coronavirus family. The genes that code for it match part of a sequence patented by Moderna more than five years ago. Apparently, the chance of that happening by accident are vanishingly small.

Similarly, the new coronavirus contains three inserts of genetic material from the HIV-1 virus which also supposedly cannot have happened by chance. I mention the HIV inserts, not just because they support the notion that the virus is in some sense man-made, but also because, before the Ukrainian war drove Covid from the headlines, there were reports of HIV and AIDS problems. Perhaps it was the next attempt to spread fear in populations.

AIDS means ‘Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome’. People who have been injected with the RNA ‘vaccines’ have immune systems which have to cope with their own body’s production of a toxic Covid spike protein. For as long as it lasts – nobody seems to know whether or not the effect is permanent – their immune systems may well be weakened.

Note that none of this evidence seems to point to Chinese involvement. It is rather the reverse, if anything, seeming to be made in the USA.


For comparison, in the late 19th century there was an attempt to introduce a smallpox vaccination which was in fact faulty and made things worse, just like the RNA vaccines at the moment. Coercive policies were also unthinkingly adopted then. I am amazed that in liberal England there was actually an attempt to compel vaccination. Evidently public health is a topic on which officialdom feels it can expect public tolerance for state coercion.

However, there was stout resistance. Many people were arrested, fined and imprisoned. Officialdom doubled down as it became clear that they had made a mistake, as they seem to have done with Covid. Because of course officials and politicians never admit mistakes.

This behaviour is unlike that of private individuals and enterprises, which generally have to admit mistakes earlier on. A free society depends on effective voluntary cooperation. So people have to maintain a reputation as honesty in their dealings. Officials are, of course, legally protected by state privilege from the people they so frequently injure.

The smallpox saga ended in serious disorder in Leicester in 1885. It culminated in the ousting of the council, which was then, unlike now, a substantially autonomous governing institution. Only at that point was the misconceived vaccination campaign abandoned.

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