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The Safe and Effective Narrative is Falling Apart

This is a follow-up post answering a reader’s questions. I continue with something of a rant about how we in the West continue to be harmed, and I link to an article summarising evidence for vaccine harm and its cover-up.

A few weeks ago, I posted ‘Updating the Coronavirus Narrative’. I received the following questions about it. They were:

1) How did I know that over 70,000 people across the West have been killed by the untested RNA gene-altering shots?

2) How do I know that the PCR test had a false positive rate of 2%?

3) Were the typical numbers I quoted, i.e. 1 to 2 million people being tested daily in the summer of 2020 and basically all ‘cases’ being explicable as false positives, correct?

In the autumn of 2021, the official US vaccine harm VAERS database already listed over 20,000 deaths. Of the 77,000 deaths or so that I referenced in my post, 29,000 were reportedly recent figures from VAERS, and around 45,000 were reportedly from the EU equivalent EUDRA-VIGILANCE. Its site is nearly impenetrable but has again been showing figures of this order of magnitude. Lastly there were the much smaller number of Yellow Book deaths recorded in Britain.

Do I think this is a true death total? No, not remotely. The excess deaths among younger people recorded by insurance companies in just the USA are consistent with 50,000 plus deaths there in younger age groups and that’s before a presumably much larger toll amongst the middle-aged and older is factored in. As I have written, across the West the death toll could easily be in the mid hundreds of thousands of people.

There have been many more crippling injuries. Facebook has been suppressing on-line vaccine-harm communities. Some mushroom to tens or hundreds of thousands of members before being closed. Permanent injuries are evidently very numerous, and collectively more damaging than the deaths. There is an estimate that a million Americans can’t work because of vaccine injuries including paralysis, blindness, impaired heart function etc. Is this true? Perhaps the Public Health establishment would like to tell us.

As for the PCR test false positive rate assumption; all medical tests yield some false positives. In other words, a small fraction of any sample population will mistakenly test positive when they are not in fact positive. When medical studies are carried out, assumptions made about the likely numbers of false positives produced by the testing process are always reported. Otherwise, nobody can judge whether the findings are significant or literally caused by a testing error.

A 2% false positive rate (i.e. 2% of everybody tested, not 2% of the positive results obtained) was considered normal and likely by the medical researchers I have been following. Given the hasty creation of a programme of mass-testing run by often less qualified people in the summer of 2020, it was likely that the false positive rate could be significantly above 2%. So far as I know, no government ever revealed its assumptions about what the PCR test’s false positive rate was.

Admittedly our politicians showed themselves too ignorant to understand what false positives mean, but the permanent Public Health bureaucracy certainly should know. The British government would have holed its panic-mongering PCR test narrative below the waterline right at get-go if it had supplied a false positive estimate.

Of course, false positives often don’t much matter in medical studies. If your false positive rate is 2% and a sample of a million reveals 500,000 positives then you have real findings of around 480,000 positives. But if you test a million people and you get 20,000 or so positives then your results are worthless. You are merely party to a hoax, knowingly or not. And so it really was (as I remarked at the time). The Public Health establishment was (literally?) hell-bent on panicking us into wearing useless muzzles like dogs.


As I said in the earlier post, I am about done with patiently analysing inadequate, manipulated and downright mendacious government data. There was another outright lie recently. It was asserted that the UK population was well over 90% vaccinated. However, on the basis of the government’s own published statistics, 15 million UK adults are wholly unvaccinated. By now many more, perhaps most, adults in Britain are not up to date with their immune system suppressing clot-shot boosters. The awakened one-shot-and-done group has stopped allowing their immune systems to be further degraded. They have, in effect, thrown their weight into the resistance, making full bore medical Stalinism harder.

The attempt to jab children is also not going well. Parents are often less cavalier about their little ones’ health than their own. People are increasingly aware that children and babies basically almost never died from Covid. Giving infants untried injections which don’t work and are dangerous just isn’t reasonable. Unfortunately, the Public Health establishment found enough ill-advised parents to cause a macabre surge in orders for infants’ coffins.

It's pretty obvious that the high rates of ‘covid’ in the summer months, when coronaviruses go on holiday in temperate climates, is simply vaccine injury. So are monkeypox (shingles – they use the same photos) and SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) strokes, heart attacks, unusual, rapid onset cancers etc. The fastest growing cause of death in some jurisdictions is unexplained illness that only started happening in early 2021. What could have caused that? For more, see Steve Kirsch’s article below.


A lot of insiders must be wondering about this right now. It makes me sick to the stomach what these people have done, and want to go on doing. I had little trust before in the establishment. Now I have none at all. I am not alone in despising the Davos line-up of warmongering, vaccine-mandating, money-printing fools competing to replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister. But perhaps I shouldn’t have remarked to a hopefully tolerant friend that they might be competing for first place in the queue to the guillotine.

Always assume these people are lying. Let them work to disprove it. People in power don’t generally care about their own populations’ wellbeing. They resent and dislike them, which makes sense because they can be ousted by them. Rightly, they fear losing their hold on power over us. Power corrupts. Ironically, they are hastening exactly what they dread.

You may think this is a globalist attack (‘we are the carbon they want to get rid of’) or just an internationally coordinated failure of ignorant, unaccountable, reckless and corrupt permanent bureaucracies. Either way, readers must see that the system’s failure to engage constructively with its critics on such a potentially serious matter as mass vaccine harm is not consistent with a clear conscience, or an intent to do no harm.

Cock-up or conspiracy? Perhaps it won’t really matter. Forgive me for another reference to the film ‘V for Vendetta’, but for our eponymous hero ‘the only verdict is vengeance’.


Steve Kirsch, whose blog posts appear frequently in the daily emails from Lew Rockwell at the libertarian Mises Institute in America, has put together a lengthy list of indicators that large scale vaccine-harm is occurring, and is being deliberately covered up, in the West.

I invite you to dip in. Grab a stiff brandy, or your preferred poison of choice, and ask yourself while you read what kind of people did this and how long the cover-up can last.

The link to his article is here:

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