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Update on the Fading of the Corona Virus

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Ivor Cummins’ brilliant 8th September YouTube video on the corona virus clearly explains how pointless, misconceived and damaging governments’ reactions to corona virus have been. Can they stop?

Ivor Cummins’ brilliant 8th September YouTube video on the corona virus clearly explains how pointless, misconceived and damaging governments’ reactions to corona virus have been. Can they stop?

This is a brief update note on the corona virus panic, mainly to introduce a half hour YouTube video by Ivor Cummins entitled ‘Viral Issue Crucial Update Sept 8th’ which has had nearly 1.2 million views.  It covers a great deal of ground in very well explained and presented charts. 

He covers some similar ground to my recent post in late August.  He explains that the corona virus epidemics in northern temperate climates – Europe and the north eastern United States - ended a few months ago.  Government measures such as lock-downs, social distancing and mask mandates made no difference to the spread of the virus.  It spread through the 20% or so of the population which was at all susceptible and then faded away.

It points out how few of the dead died just from the corona virus.  More than 90% of the dead had two or three other serious conditions.  He explains that variations in death rates ‘with’ Covid between countries can be explained by whether there was high mortality amongst medically vulnerable people in previous years.  If not, there would be more ‘dry tinder’ and so more corona virus deaths this year.

And, of course, excess deaths for the whole of Europe with around 400 million people was only around 180,000.  This is a tiny figure in comparison.  It is also comparable to the 140,000 excess deaths from respiratory disease two years ago.  But they passed un-noticed.  Several earlier years had as many or more deaths than 2020 relative to population size.

I explained in my post that big countries like America and Brazil were still experiencing outbreaks as the virus spread around their immense territories.  This was not quite correct.  The video explains that viruses, including this coronavirus, manifest themselves differently in subtropical climates such as the American South or West, or Brazil. 

In such places, there are later outbreaks though they are now also receding.  Once again, the contrast between Brazil (no lockdown) and Peru (a very severe lockdown) suggests that lockdowns are ineffective against viruses, if not downright counterproductive.

Lastly it explains how the current wave of PCR tests are creating a ‘Casedemic’.  There are still few hospitalisations and deaths. These are not real cases. The media in Germany kept a similar SARS casedemic going ten years ago for nearly a year.  But fortunately there were no lockdowns and little harm was done. 

This time is different.  The corona virus epidemic is gone from Europe – though the virus will likely reappear in a minor role alongside the usual colds and flus this winter.  But officials are clinging to their new power to attack society to the point of rupture. 

We may be on the verge of a second, pointless wave of destructive government interventions.  It is doubtful that our political masters have any idea how much damage they have already done to the country.  Now they have no idea how to stop doing more. 

There seems to be less and less chance that the state can ever balance its finances or prevent the destruction of its currency.         

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