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What’s Causing All Those Excess Deaths?

Western governments are well aware that their populations are experiencing increased mortality and widespread injury following the RNA vaccination campaigns. I link here to a Tom Woods episode discussing how many people have been kept in ignorance.

Today’s post is another dive into the history of the infamous bug. I attach a link to Episode 2209 of the Tom Woods Show below. It is a discussion about how sources of establishment information which have any conflicts of interest have completely refused to admit that there were any other effective treatments for the awful bug or that the RNA vaccines are useless, harmful and sometimes lethal.

This will not come as a surprise to readers of this blog. In the UK we currently have about 1,000 excess deaths per week. That means that about 10% more people are dying than is normal. This is even more surprising when you consider that after an epidemic there is generally a period of less than normal mortality because some medically vulnerable people will already have died early during the epidemic.

Mainstream media is beginning to report these deaths, especially instances of heart problems and strokes in younger people. But as one wag has said, ‘Heart problems must be blamed on everything except that thing that you made us take’.

Most western countries are experiencing more deaths in 2022 than in 2021, when the vaccinations were being introduced, and in 2020 when the supposedly unprecedented epidemic failed to generate any excess mortality in many countries.

Another extraordinary fact that has gone almost wholly unreported in the mainstream media (MSM) is that life expectancy in the USA fell from 79 years in 2019 to 76 years currently. That means a lot of people have been dying recently. And it means that deaths have been disproportionately occurring among the younger age groups, because deaths in older age groups do not have much effect on life expectancy statistics.

Younger age groups experienced virtually no mortality from the bug itself. But, as reported in earlier posts here, life insurance companies are reporting big increases in deaths in prime age adults. There are signs of still higher increases in mortality among children and teenagers.

Clearly the RNA vaccines must be implicated in this loss. For each death there are many more people afflicted with permanent serious life changing injuries including blindness, heart attacks strokes and partial paralysis.

All-pervasive censorship has been used to prevent public awareness of the scale of the disaster, and of the crime, facilitated because six globalist-controlled companies control a very high proportion of the MSM world-wide. This Tom Woods episode also highlights the West’s fundamentally corrupt public health systems.

Doctors who disagree with the ruling elites’ public health narratives have been fired and threatened with losing their licences. Once again systems of state control, licensing and subsidy tend to deprive people of their integrity by making them dependent on political interests. And states’ interests are not aligned with those of their populations.

Key to the operation of this massive misinformation exercise has been the collusion of the most prestigious scientific and medical journals in deliberately suppressing scientifically supported research. They suppressed many studies demonstrating that ivermectin and other treatments were effective in safely treating the bug. And they allowed the system to represent the RNA vaccines as ‘safe and effective’ when they knew that there was evidence that they were neither.

Just hearing how US hospital doctors were deliberately misled into believing that they were mostly treating seriously ill unvaccinated people, when the opposite was the case, makes this episode well worth listening to. Here is the link:

I attach a link below to a short video of GB News’s Mark Steyn talking about sudden deaths of athletes, increases in ‘unknown cause’ mortality, and the correlation between vaccination rates and excess mortality in EU countries. Apparently, least vaccinated Bulgaria has negative excess mortality (excess life maybe?) whereas Portugal, the most vaccinated EU state for which there is mortality data, has nearly 25% excess mortality. Of course, once again, ‘Correlation is not Causation’:

In another part of the puzzle, a recent Oxford study reported that after just 30 days one of the latest jabs achieves a minus 44% efficacy. In other words, it quickly makes the victim more vulnerable to Covid.

The information that the whole pandemic and vaccination narrative was never even remotely benign is not news to the growing numbers of sceptics relying on uncorrupted information. But it apparently still is for the masses who have been deliberately deceived, and continue to be. As ever, the question is when or whether enough people will awake to what has been done. And what the globalist elites will say and do about it.

At the moment, as restrictions continue to ease - even Canada has got rid of vaccination travel requirements, though not the Biden Regime – the elites hope that the whole episode will fade from humanity’s collective memory without anybody being held to account.

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The most obvious and earliest medical fraud was the research paper that facilitated the PCR test con: How Scientific Fraud took the World Hostage - Dr. Simon (

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