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Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Whether negligently or knowingly, the Political Classes have perpetuated the coronavirus panic long after the epidemic in the spring ended.This has meant a loss of liberty, prosperity and hope.It will not end well.

The coronavirus story continues to unfold. The political systems here in Britain and across the West are seemingly unable to get their feet off the necks of their previously relatively free populations. Small and medium sized businesses are being crushed, and yet they employ most people in the productive section of society and pay much of the tax that states need in order to survive.

This tragedy could be caused by anything from popular delusions shared by hysterical social media users and naturally power obsessed politicians and officials, to a deliberate ‘woke’ DAVOS/WEF Great Reset scheme to break ‘capitalism’ so it can be ‘built back better’ as a Green New Deal by technocratic planners. You pays your money and you takes your choice.

Either way, it is total insanity. There is now a clear dissonance between the daily propaganda about the pandemic, the popular realisation that people of working age are almost wholly unaffected by it, and the lack of excess deaths in Britain above the normal average experience ever since the epidemic ended in the late spring.


In the chart below compiled from ONS data, you can see in red the recorded deaths attributed to the new coronavirus virus in Britain from March (90% of which were ‘with’ coronavirus deaths of very ill and elderly people). These deaths are all ‘excess’ or above the norm because there was no prior norm - this illness being an apparently new cause of death. In yellow you can see the variation of all other deaths above or below the normal average tally of deaths for the relevant weeks in the UK.

If coronavirus deaths were merely as high above the line as the variation in normal causes of death were below it, then overall deaths would be normal – there would be no ‘excess’ deaths. That would mean that a share of deaths was being attributed to coronavirus which would previously have been attributed to other causes, such as other respiratory illnesses.

In the spring, as you can see, this was not the case. There were both excess non-coronavirus deaths above the line (possibly reflecting deaths caused by the lock down?) as well as the new ‘with’ coronavirus deaths. The latter showed an apparently classical infection curve of initially rapidly rising deaths followed by a steep fall off by May.

During the summer, overall deaths in the country were at or below average for the time of year. Virtually invisible coronavirus mortality in the summer was offset by lower-than-average mortality from all other causes. How much better it would have been if the politicos had declared victory and let us all out – but they didn’t want to. It was in this period that masks were introduced across the West to sustain the narrative that society was still in some kind of deadly peril.

Over recent weeks, as winter set in, you can see that normal deaths have been shifted into the coronavirus category. Britain appears to be experiencing a return to a small degree of excess deaths above the previous five-year average. If it persists for two or three months the cumulative effect would be another 3% or so more deaths relative to the average deaths experienced in Britain every year – so not by any means is it a societal emergency.

This small tally of excess deaths is consistent with a few remaining coronavirus deaths amongst people isolated from the corona virus during the spring lockdown. It is also consistent with more deaths of despair, and more deaths due to the NHS’s neglect of its overall medical care of the population. Businesses that barely survived until this lockdown have lost much of their Christmas revenues are now going to fail. This suffering must be laid at the door of the uncaring, feckless state and its self-interested fellow travellers.

ICU occupancy in hospitals is more or less normal, despite the scope for reclassifying ICU beds to suit the story. For example, there was a headline about a Liverpool hospital with an overloaded ICU of 8 beds. The hospital had around fifty other empty beds. This is flat contrary to the panic on radio and TV. The CDC (Centres for Disease Control) confirmed that in America deaths that would normally be attributed to flu have been transferred into the coronavirus category. The same thing is evidently going on in Britain too.


A presumed new corona virus respiratory infection spread rapidly in northern temperate climes in the early spring. As the first cases appeared, there appeared to be a high Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) - because it was attacking a ready supply of very ill and mostly elderly people. This is a normal, expected feature of a new illness outbreak.

(By the way the new coronavirus SARs Covid, aka Covid-19, 2 has not actually been scientifically described, as failed requests to obtain ‘isolates’, in the jargon, have shown. Its existence is still only an assumption. The useless PCR test looks for a DNA sequence found in other coronaviruses and indeed in the human genome).

Competent epidemiologists said at the time (as reported in earlier posts here on that the likely overall IFR would be less than 0.2%. In other words, it would be just like flu. And so it turned out. Even the WHO (World Health Organisation) has confirmed this low and quite unthreatening IFR. For working age people this episode has been less threatening than the flu.

As the illness ran its course, first in London and then in the rest of the country, the virus began to run out of new people to infect. People who had already been exposed to the illness were now immune. Since corona viruses do not mutate rapidly, unlike flu viruses, this immunity is long lasting and probably lifelong.

It is also clear that very many people already have T-Cell immunity to coronavirus, because the virus is so similar to the other, established coronaviruses that collectively cause about a fifth of common cold cases. This means their bodies’ immune systems include cells able to spot bits of this coronavirus and so can set about attacking them. Such people will generally not feel unwell and they will not develop antibodies.

Soon the existence of large and growing numbers of immune people increasingly left the virus with fewer and fewer opportunities to spread itself before its annihilation by its current host’s immune response. The number of genuine cases accordingly fell precipitately from the late spring as populations approached a general ‘herd’ immunity.


I have been saying this until I am figuratively blue in the face. Lock downs, masks, and social distancing all made no difference or made apparent coronavirus mortality worse. They have also caused significant additional deaths and crippled many businesses and careers.

Yes, many lock downs, including in Britain, may have been introduced after the infection had peaked. Deaths, of course, lagged infections by some weeks. But even in jurisdictions where lock downs were introduced ‘in time’ there is no preventing the virus running its course. There are by now ample studies demonstrating the lack of benefit from the government measures imposed since March in the West. There are none demonstrating the contrary. The ‘science’ is, as usual, on the sceptics’ side.

However, the mass media is keeping this debate a fact-free area. This is partly because Ofcom, the UK regulator, has had a legal mandate since March to penalize mainstream media outlets who contradict the government’s coronavirus narrative. Big Pharma is such an important advertiser, and many journalists sympathise with the DAVOS/WEF view that the pandemic has (regrettably of course!) created an opportunity to further its schemes.

Why did some countries experience more corona virus related mortality than others? As Dr Yeadon explains, in an attachment to the Zerohedge article linked in below, there are two main explanations:

1) China is a usual, natural source of respiratory viruses including the annual versions of the flu, given its huge human and animal populations and its location in the northern temperate zone. That makes it likely that it, and neighbours like Japan, Taiwan and Korea, have populations that have been repeatedly exposed to past corona viruses including the closely related SARS 1. They will therefore have much higher levels of T-Cell immunity and lose far fewer people before achieving herd immunity.

2) The other explanation is called ‘dry tinder’. About 550,000 people on average die in Britain each year. Fluctuations around that level average of plus or minus 5% - 10% (such as we have experienced this year) happen often. Respiratory disease is often what kills people who are approaching death. If a country had an unusually mild flu season in the previous year or two, there will be an accumulation of vulnerable people. They will die in larger numbers when a more formidable flu or coronavirus virus appears. These differences seem to explain the higher ‘with’ corona virus death rates reported by the UK and Sweden compared to Germany or Norway, for example. Three quarters of deaths in Sweden (which overall are well below the British figures) occurred in nursing homes where such ‘dry tinder’ would accumulate.

Dr. Yeadon notes that seven of the years since 1993 have had higher relative excess deaths than 2020 – every three to four years on average. During these other episodes none of this year’s destructive, pointless measures were even considered.


Rather than bringing the lock down fiasco to a timely end, the members of the UK government’s SAGE advisory group ensured we didn’t return to normal. This group apparently did not include epidemiologists initially. Most of the advisors came from institutions supported by Bill Gates, which has a well-known interest in promoting vaccination programs, including one in Kenya where women were reportedly given substances to make them sterile in a WHO supported anti-tetanus vaccine experiment.

Be that as it may, SAGE has steadfastly maintained that, as only 7% of the UK population has antibodies to coronavirus, the remaining 90%+ are still at risk. They deny the likelihood that many, even most, people in Britain have T-Cell cross-immunity. They deny that most people who have been are exposed to the coronavirus will not have antibodies to it.

Dr Yeadon explains that most people fight off the disease before getting to the stage where significant antibodies are produced, and antibodies tend to be withdrawn in the months following an illness. SAGE may be operating on a false premise. Far more people may have had the disease or were immune to it from the start. We are really at or near herd immunity, otherwise there would be many more genuine corona virus deaths.

Instead, everybody must be controlled until, guess what, a vaccine has been developed. And not just any vaccines but untried and inadequately tested vaccines bought at great taxpayer expense from Big Pharma. None of the companies proposing these vaccines know how many people must be vaccinated for each reduction in hospitalisations or deaths.

These proposed vaccines have to be stored at implausibly and impractically low temperatures, at around -90 degrees centigrade in the case of the Pfizer vaccine. This is because it contains delicate ‘messenger RNA’ designed to modify your cells’ to produce viral antigens! Apparently repeated, quarterly jabs may be needed.

And what about the conventional Russian vaccine? It has been available for months, is free, and is being used widely in Asia. Of course, that means no loot for Big Pharma. Even the UK medical publication, The Lancet, reported that the Russian vaccine was unproblematic.


As winter approached, we were treated to the disaster of massive testing using the wholly unsuitable PCR test. It is useless, but it certainly supported the bureaucracy’s long-evident desire to impose a second lock down. The PCR test picks up fragments of genetic material from a number of viruses. These include SARs 1, on which it was actually tested – there still being no isolates of the new coronavirus available.

The PCR test can record as positive somebody who was exposed to any of these viruses months ago without, likely enough, being infected, still less being ill. Amongst the mass of false positives there would be some genuine new cases, perhaps in pockets which had not yet achieved herd immunity, as the winter cut Vitamin D levels and therefore lowered human immunity. But the mass of ‘cases’ is basically fake, as explained in my previous post and by Dr Yeadon in the link below. The coronavirus scam is itself the pathology. We should end it immediately by ending this misconceived, ineptly executed mass PCR testing.

Thanks to SAGE we had a PCR manufactured ‘second wave’ tailor-made to facilitate a lucrative program of mass vaccination for Big Pharma and another lurch towards more state control of our lives. Just when in reality the world is close to shaking off the ‘virus’ anyway.


Since coronaviruses do not mutate nearly as easily as influenza viruses, immunity acquired against them lasts for many years. A recent survey of people who had the Sars 1 coronavirus showed robust T-Cell immunity after 17 years to Sars 1. All also had T-Cell cross-immunity to the current corona virus. The likelihood is that by now most of the population is immune to it.

The coronavirus killed vanishingly few healthy members of the working age population which is why it was moronic to impose lock downs to prevent contact amongst them. Coronaviruses cause just some of the many respiratory illnesses that represent a danger to people who have compromised immune systems. Since vaccines work by stimulating and preparing the body’s own immune systems, not supplanting them, they cannot help people with weakened immune systems – i.e. the great majority of the victims.

Unsurprisingly there is no evidence that the Pfizer vaccine has any effect in cases of severe coronavirus illness. It is alleged to be 95% effective in mild cases of coronavirus. By definition, mild cases couldn’t be serious anyway. Why run the risk of side effects of vaccinations merely to stave off a mild illness to which one is almost certainly immune.?

I have included the link to the Zerohedge story mentioned above. Once opened you will find a video of Dr Yeadon discussing the state’s incompetent handling of this wholly avoidable mess. There is also an inserted copy of an application made by Dr Yeadon and Dr Wolfgang Wodart to the European Medical Agency to suspend all SARS-CoV-2 vaccine studies, especially the Pfizer vaccine (Dr Yeadon is a former Pfizer Vice President and Scientific Director).

The submission asserts that tests must be developed to address the following problems:

1) ‘The formation of so-called “non-neutralizing antibodies” can lead to an exaggerated immune reaction, especially when the test person is confronted with the real, “wild” virus after vaccination. This so-called antibody-dependent amplification, ADE, has long been known from experiments with corona vaccines in cats, for example. In the course of these studies all cats that initially tolerated the vaccination well died after catching the wild virus.

2) The vaccinations are expected to produce antibodies against spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2. However, spike proteins also contain syncytin-homologous proteins. These are essential for the formation of the placenta in mammals such as humans. It must be absolutely ruled out that a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 could trigger an immune reaction against syncytin-1, as otherwise infertility of indefinite duration could result in vaccinated women.

3) The mRNA vaccines from Pfizer contain polyethylene glycol (PEG). 70% of people develop antibodies against this substance, and this means that many people could develop allergic, potentially fatal reactions to the vaccination.

4) The short duration of the study does not allow a realistic estimation of the later effects. As in the narcolepsy cases after the swine flu vaccination, millions of healthy people would be exposed to an unacceptable risk if an emergency approval were to be granted.

In short, the vaccine could make people fatally vulnerable to the illness it is expected to protect against, it could make women infertile, it could generate severe and even fatal allergic reactions, and it simply hasn’t been tested long enough to find out what its long-term effects might be. All this to provide us with less protection than we already have.


I need hardly add that this tragedy is a pure example of state incompetence and lack of care. It couldn’t happen at all in a free society. Apart from anything else, the vaccine producers would be uninsurable because they are rushing out untested vaccines which are highly likely to have serious side effects.

States simply misrepresented a normal respiratory illness as a serious societal threat to justify repeated violations of the non-aggression principle. Their measures have resulted in nothing but additional avoidable deaths of despair and deaths due to medical neglect at the hands of state-sponsored health care organisations.

The Political Classes in the West are happily dishing out lucrative deals to their donor friends in Big Pharma to make us take untested and useless vaccines (in America Big Pharma is head of the list of political donors alongside the arms makers). States have subsidised them, and protected them from liability for any defects in their vaccines.

Millions of businesses have been bankrupted and tens of millions of people have lost their jobs. The UN has just opined that over 200 million people may be at risk of starvation in poorer countries because of the disruption to world food supply chains. However that may be, the suffering is great, and there is more to come. At a certain point one has to conclude that those who advocated for and imposed these measures have blood on their hands.

The recent experience of the stolen election in America and the shift in power in the EU to the unelected Politburo in Brussels suggests that popular frustration may in future have to be expressed in the streets rather than at the ballot box. Argentina, like Peru, has had a particularly brutal lock down, for no particular reason. So, lastly, I attach a link to an article by Tom Luongo over at Gold Goats ‘n Guns. It contains a twitter-embedded video showing demonstrators breaking a riot police shield wall. Welcome to 2021.

PS: I found this article in an email from the Mises Institute. Repeated mass vaccination with untested vaccines is coming. A study showing that vaccines are bad for children may be apropos.

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