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A Plague on the Obedient?

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

The DNA altering jabs and the vaccine passports were the goal all along of the globalist covid ‘plandemic’. But the jabs are a useless dangerous cock-up which risk derailing the New World Order.

Time for another brief dip into the muddied waters of the continued hype surrounding the novel common cold coronavirus which appeared in Britain in the spring of 2020. As will be detailed below, practically no reliable information is available about what is going on. Except, I am assuming, overall mortality. The UK government is still, probably, not lying about the total number of people dying of all causes.

I hope readers can agree that periods when no real excess mortality above the recent five-year average mortality occurs means there was no real epidemic in progress. So the emergency mainly amounts to a just over 10% excess annual mortality in March to May 2020 and during a second wave around Christmas. In fact, 2020 overall mortality in Britain was still lower than any year before 2004, and some of the 2020 excess mortality stems from the lockdowns themselves, not covid.

I would add, just in parentheses, that UK average mortality should be tending higher in future. Let us imagine that the UK population, whose birth rate is below replacement, nevertheless stabilises at the current 67 million level, and life expectancy at birth settles at the more or less current level of 82 years. Normal annual mortality would then be around 1.2% or roughly 800,000 per annum. So 2020’s 1% mortality and 600,000 deaths, and 2019’s very low <0.9% mortality (and 530,000 deaths) would both be modest in comparison.

And to repeat from previous posts, the average age of people dying ‘with coronavirus’ - but almost always with other things very seriously wrong with them – is higher than national life expectancy. This novel coronavirus is disproportionately dangerous for elderly ill people and disproportionately not dangerous for younger healthy people (which is why locking the latter down had no beneficial medical effect but did great damage).

Bearing all this in mind, what do we learn from the excess mortality information in the UK this year? Well, since February there hasn’t been any to speak. Throughout the breathless blizzard of scaremongering about ‘variants’ fewer people were dying than usual. Only in the last two months has a slight excess mortality appeared.


Let me just recap first what always happens with a new version of a non-influenza respiratory virus in northern temperate climes – and has happened again. Whether it has done time in a bio-weapon facility or not (I suspect it has, see ‘Viruses, Jabs and Lies), this bug has behaved like any other novel member of the coronavirus family of common cold viruses. It turned up at the end of the winter in early 2020, rapidly ran through people who were at all susceptible to infection, and helped kill a tiny minority of immune-compromised sick people. The returning spring sun, with its concomitant increase in immune system vitamin D levels, ended the winter cold season before the population could achieve so called ‘herd immunity’ in many areas of the country.

Natural herd immunity occurs when there are not enough susceptible hosts remaining for a virus to reliably find a new one before it is destroyed by its current host’s immune system. People who are not susceptible to this virus include people who have already had it, often without knowing it. It also includes people who have had other coronaviruses. For example, Covid-19 Sars 2 is supposedly a 20% variant of Sars 1 from nearly twenty years ago. In other words, they are only 80% genetically the same bugs. Nevertheless, people who had Sars 1 are immune to this virus. So previous brushes with other coronaviruses would seem to confer long lasting immunity, probably on a lot of people. Lastly, human beings have excellent immune systems which seemingly can confer hereditary protection.

The behaviour of this virus, over the year from its first appearance here, seems to be consistent with much or even most of the population not being susceptible to it.

Now, back to last year, after the sun came back during the summer of 2020 nothing happened in reality since we are talking about a winter cold which is not active in the summer. So, in propaganda fairyland the PCR test with its 95% false positives was introduced. It created millions of fake ‘cases’ – people who neither had the virus nor had been ill. The people cruelly put into a mass psychosis by heavy handed scaremongering in early 2020 were kept suitably terrorized.

Everything you think you know from last summer onwards about coronaviruses ‘cases’ , hospitalisations and deaths, has little basis in fact. The authorities knowingly used far too many iterations in the test to generate false positives which they then misleadingly labelled as ‘cases’ wrongly implying that people were actually ill. Meanwhile the hospitals were empty until the winter cold season began again.

Then we had the next outbreak of excess mortality before Christmas 2020. The virus indeed scooped up a new, smaller crop of unfortunates who had become immune-compromised in the meantime (as it presumably will this winter too), and rampaged through regions it didn’t get to properly in spring 2020. Quickly, by the end of February, still in winter, it stopped.

It is important to understand that at this moment early this year, when experimental RNA treatments (not ‘vaccines’ in any conventional senses) were just getting under way, natural herd immunity had been achieved. If this were not true, excess mortality would have continued into the early spring months as it did the previous year.

Hence the rush to deploy novel RNA therapies before people realised it was all over anyway. There was no trade-off for most people between the danger of taking the untested RNA jabs and the danger of contracting the virus, because the latter had already been seen off.

The RNA jabs may be very dangerous. They are also actually pointless for the majority of the population. And that is before we consider the overwhelming evidence that many inexpensive and safe treatments exist for vulnerable people who may contract coronavirus. Such treatments could also have saved many or even most Covid victims in the West if medical and political establishments and Big Tech hadn’t deliberately discouraged their use.

As a virus runs out of possible hosts, i.e. natural herd immunity makes itself felt, it is put under enormous evolutionary pressure to get better at spreading itself. The obvious thing to do is to become less and less virulent. The virus doesn’t ‘want’ you staying in bed ill and alone. It needs its current host feeling fine, and out and about meeting as many potential hosts as possible. As less virulent forms appear, these so-called ‘variants’ have been used by mainstream media propaganda to scare people into getting jabbed. But these variants are less virulent. They cannot hurt people with natural immunity. These variants are 99.7% or more the same as the original bug. They are easy meat for unimpaired immune systems that make such short work of an 80% variant like Sars1.

Propaganda or otherwise, the terrifying reign of the variants didn’t prevent the whole period from February onwards being one of markedly lower overall mortality than usual. That means nothing was happening in reality despite the media tide of tripe and hype.

The pattern of the virus’s normal and seasonal evolution is clearly seen in the chart below of excess mortality in Sweden. Swedish excess mortality has been lower than in Britain. Its figures include no deaths caused by lockdowns because they didn’t have any, further demonstrating the point made by over thirty studies that lockdowns did no good at all. Politicians used them for purposes of social control and fearmongering propaganda.


The globalist political and medical establishment hyped the appearance of a novel member of the well-known coronavirus family of common colds into a scamdemic. It suppressed several effective treatments for the coronavirus. The result was hundreds of thousands of avoidable deaths globally. It is a simple crime against humanity - for which they risk being held accountable if the current drive to create bio-medical surveillance states fails.

Cheap treatments offered no profit to Big Pharma and Bill Gates whose financial interests and contributions to organisations like the WHO and SAGE experts’ employers are interlinked. Nor could they help build a totalitarian technocracy via vaccine passports.

The obvious conclusion is that this was planned from the beginning to get the world to the point where everyone could be forced to take genetic modification protocols which had always previously failed to get approval because they are useless and dangerous.

The focus is on making people accept a jab which is not a vaccine and which turns their cells, possibly permanently, into factories for making toxic spike proteins. The proof of this is not just that alternative treatments like ivermectin have been suppressed here (but not in India and many other non-western places). Another sign is that conventional, non-DNA altering, vaccines like Russia’s Sputnik V shot are not permitted here.

Western governments under the thumb of Big Pharma and Davos cliques have bizarrely arrived at a moment of dawning political difficulty. Millions of trusting cooperative citizens understandably lined up to get the jabs. They had been misled, for the most part, into thinking that the virus posed a realistic threat to them. Quite understandably, they thought the jabs meant that they would not get the illness, still less die from it. And clearly, if the ‘vaccines’ prevented you getting infected you couldn’t pass the illness on to anyone else. What was not to like?

Well, they don’t work. Jabbed people still get ill and sometimes die. They carry viral loads that are said to be as high or higher than infected unvaccinated people so they do allegedly transmit the illness. So the disease, which can never be eliminated anyway because it has animal hosts too, cannot be controlled by the jabs either. As a result, double-jabbed people are still lumped in as potential ‘spreaders’ by public health officials.

Because the DNA jabs make your cells produce only the original bug’s toxic spike protein, to which your body is encouraged to create countermeasures, vaccinated people are effectively tailor-made to encourage their viruses to evolve slightly different spike proteins so as to remain infectious. With this simple change the jabs lose ‘effectiveness’.

In the case of normal, natural immunity the body seemingly identifies much of the virus’s proteins, not just the nasty spike proteins. When a ‘variant’ with an altered spike protein appears in a healthy, already immune, unvaccinated person its other sequences are very likely to be recognised. The bug is therefore still firmly shown the door without illness, after a note has been made of its altered proteins.

And before you ask, I don’t know whether the jabs actually compromise already acquired natural immunity. There is evidence that recently infected people who nevertheless get the jab are more likely to suffer side effects. Nothing is really clear about what happens to those (the majority?) who already had immunity after infection by earlier coronaviruses.

The propaganda machine has of course been working overtime to convince people that the unvaccinated are the problem. The CDC has been using Covid deaths in the first half of the year, when most of the population was not vaccinated, out of context to mislead people.

The unvaccinated, by the way, include people who had their second jab less than two weeks earlier. So if you die just after either jab because of its side effects, you are counted as a death amongst the unvaccinated. The CDC also applies the PCR test at a lower iteration rate for vaccinated people - thus drastically reducing fake cases amongst them – while using the higher 95% false positive iterations to exaggerate ‘cases’ in unvaccinated people.

But despite this dishonesty, the truth is seeping out. Countries with high rates of vaccination have more hospitalisations and higher mortality than countries with lower rates of vaccinations. Israel is the poster child in this respect. And the government there has responded by imposing booster shots to combat the failing effectiveness of the original jabs.

Whilst total numbers of deaths of vaccinated people may still be low, it does seem that the DNA jabs are somewhere between useless and damaging. Hopefully, human beings’ wonderful natural immune systems will nevertheless prevail despite the jabs’ failure.


The DNA jabs are potential killers on several possible counts.

Based on the US VAERS, the EU’s Eudravigilance and the UK’s equivalent system. the jabs’ side effects in terms of strokes, heart attacks and other causes will by now probably have killed around 50,000 people and incapacitated many, many more.

The so-called fact checkers have been out in force claiming that not all deaths sent in to these agencies are necessarily caused by the vaccine, which is true if misleading. But accounts of people being prevented from submitting deaths and injuries to these sites, and the high proportion of cases which are typically not reported (reporting is voluntary) suggest that the real figure is likely to be significantly higher.

You could say that even 100,000 deaths caused by the gene therapy jabs only represents a death rate of 1 in 10,000 of ‘The West’s’ roughly 1bn inhabitants. So, if the virus was a real threat to all these people, that risk might even be acceptable. But it isn’t true. Take Sweden’s school age population of 1.8 million. Covid deaths were, I understand, zero.

If these youngsters are ‘vaccinated’ there will certainly be deaths. These would all be avoidable pointless deaths. Clearly government scientists must know this too.

And this applies to much of the population below the age of 60 or 70. The vaccines kill more people than they could save in healthy groups – especially now we have underlying herd immunity. (There’s a better case for vaccinating the vulnerable, though treating early with ivermectin may still make more sense). How many more healthy people, and in which groups, have been killed by the jabs nobody knows. One estimate is twice as many deaths.

Nobody knows in part because governments and Big Pharma are not collecting data or studying the long-term effects of the jabs. But they do censor medics raising concerns.

I mentioned in my previous post that historically DNA jabs had failed to gain approval because animal test subjects died off when exposed to ‘wild viruses’ because their immune systems overreacted to kill their hosts (so-called ‘ADE’). Originally, they all died. But we are told that the jabs have been tweaked and are now safe(r). I also mentioned the possibility that hard to detect micro-clots caused by the jabs would cumulatively harm key organs and lead to eventual, widespread heart failure. Also many women also report altered menstrual cycles after taking the jab, giving possible support to long held concerns about infertility.

I have no idea whether any of these issues are going to result in more deaths in months and years to come. But, astonishingly, governments and Big Pharma don’t know either. Their behaviour is extraordinary, at least to those who assume government and its creations (Big Pharma, Big Tech and MSM Media) are really interested in the wellbeing of ordinary people.


Everything points to the Covid ‘plandemic’ being a psychological operation designed to create controlling universal vaccine passport systems. Once everyone has to have such a passport their liberty is gone. And it’s not just the jabs. Effectively the vaccines create a mechanism for cutting out any group technocratic totalitarians don’t approve of. That’s why healthy people have to be jabbed, because such a system depends on universal cradle to grave application and control. Who cares if young men die of myocarditis because of the jabs, providing the rest are enrolled in a bio-medical terror state.

What a pity from the point of view of the Davos crowd and power grabbers everywhere that the DNA vaccines are clearly duds, and indeed killers. How inconvenient and incompetent. The signs are everywhere that Davos controlled politicians are rushing for the finishing line by imposing vaccine passports before enough of the obedient jabbed wake up and realise they have been duped.

In some societies like the USA and some eastern European countries there are too many unvaccinated to make this an easy proposition. Governments might terrorise the last 10% of their population into getting jabbed, but if a quarter or more selflessly stick to their guns, thus protecting everybody’s liberty, then the medical terror state may well fail.

And over time there will be booster refuseniks. It’s a bit of a giveaway that the jabs are so poor that you need to top up regularly. Many will lose patience and become ‘unvaccinated’.

Interesting splits are opening up around the world. I have long suspected it is impossible to explain to people why authoritarian socialism – communism, fascism, corporatism etc. - is such a bad idea. Countries may have to actually experience it before they really understand. Much of Eastern Europe is behaving as if it has been ‘innoculated’ against totalitarianism.

Russia is not having the DNA jab, having come up with a sensible conventional long-lasting vaccine, Sputnik V, which it is making widely available around the world. In Romania 70% refused the jab. The government has scrapped the vaccine passport. The Romanians know all about communist dictators. I remember Christmas 1989 when they shot theirs.

For another eastern European take on the whole business, I attach a link to an Armstrong Economics post containing a short video of Croatia’s leader dishing out some common sense to scaremongering journalists.

Interestingly Sweden and Denmark have scrapped the vaccination passport idea too. Sweden’s brilliant demonstration that the lockdowns were medically useless and highly damaging to wellbeing may be the reason why this has happened here and in its neighbour.

Meanwhile outside the West, in the third world, most notably India, they have cottoned on to the Big Pharma agenda. Increasingly they are just treating anybody who falls ill with ivermectin. India is familiar with earlier state attempts to compulsorily sterilise women. Perhaps unsurprisingly, their vaccinated population is down around 10%.

The jabs, especially if reinforced with endless boosters, could represent a significant risk of large-scale mortality. It seems unlikely. But it is also unknowable because of the irresponsibility of our ‘leaders’ in failing to make sure the DNA therapies were safe. If a significant die-off did happen over the next decade because of the vaccines then, ironically, it would mainly impact Western populations credulous enough to trust the modern state.

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