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Joe Rogan Outflanks MSM Covid Fascism Narrative

Joe Rogan’s interview with Robert Malone has put another nail in the Covid narrative’s coffin. He may be ruined as a result, but the credibility of the old Mainstream Media will still be in freefall.

It is time to take up the cudgels once again for liberty. Liberty is the only possible basis on which prosperity and human flourishing can be placed on a decent foundation. Indeed, for most of the seven billion or so people in the world, liberty, however abused it has been by ignorant or malign devotees of the state, is simply key to survival. For more on this see the previous hundred posts on this site. Honestly.

Anyone who thinks that there is any in principle or a priori justification for the modern state in terms of promoting general human wellbeing – rather than self-interested elite parasitism – is still firmly attached to the Dark Side. They will just have to watch in stunned confusion as confidence in the state evaporates in many places over the next decade or so.

Loss of faith in the blandishments of the modern state is accelerating. Ironically it is speeding up in part because of the failure of the Davos Crowd Elite’s plan. They sought to entrench their state privilege by inducing mass hypnosis on the basis of mainstream media hyped-up fear about a novel cold virus. But it only half worked.


We are now at a turning point. The fake coronavirus narrative is finally collapsing under the weight of its increasingly obvious contradictions. Enforcing so called ‘vaccination’ with useless, but dangerous, RNA gene modifying therapies, in order to head off what has now become another seasonal cold, has been exposed as unjustifiable. It is pure political theatre. It has everything to do with a political agenda of totalitarian surveillance and control. It clearly never had anything to do with public health.

RNA ‘vaccines’ have now been shown to have ‘negative efficacy’ against the much-hyped but actually mild Omicron variant after 90 days. In other words, having had the shot eventually makes you more likely to catch Omicron. Omicron is fast becoming code for ‘sniffles for people whose immune systems are being undermined by the shots’. Of course, the jabs are still killing and maiming. Their victims now will include children who were never at risk from the original (and state-engineered and funded – lest we forget) virus.

Not to worry, the jab deaths can just be conveniently folded into the Omicron column. And even better, they can also be listed as ‘unvaccinated’ Omicron deaths if the deceased died less than 14 days after their latest shot.


Aegon, a major Dutch insurer, recently reported a tripling in claims on life insurance, notably in America in Quarter 3 of 2021, relative to the previous year. This follows American insurer OneAmerica’s report of 40% higher mortality in the active population (see ‘Premeditated Vaccine Harm and Punitive Damages’). And it’s a rising trend.

A tripling of claims is a non-trivial event in an insurance business based on careful analysis of health risks. Life insurance is typically taken out by working age men to protect their families’ income if they die before retirement. So here we are seeing evidence of big, unexpected increases in mortality in the active population. Realistically this mortality must relate to the RNA jabs, although there must also have been some deaths caused by medical neglect during the lockdowns, for example, failure to diagnose cancers early enough.

On the subject of cancer, there are persistent reports of increased cancer mortality, including from hitherto rare forms, and of people unexpectedly coming out of remission after getting jabbed. And, remember, only 5% of the jabs seem to have been responsible for all the deaths and harm. Imagine how much suffering Bill Gates and his Gavi associates, Moderna and Pfizer, could cause if we were all equipped with vaccine passports and had to accept whatever jabs the globalists required.

That seems to have been the plandemic’s ultimate objective. ‘Useless eaters’ (a favorite elite phrase), retirees depending on ‘unaffordable’ pensions, and dissidents with low social credit scores (like your correspondent here) would all be given the ‘bad jabs’ and whisked off to Covid heaven. Despite welcome climbdowns over mandatory vaccines in the UK NHS, these people are still at it, trying to require new or transferring NHS employees to take the poisonous jabs. Where Davos appears to be in full control, in Italy, France and Germany and in Australia and New Zealand, the effort to make people submit to the vaccine jack-boot is in full swing. I expect serious political violence in the next year or so.

But by now rather more people know friends harmed by the jabs than they know people genuinely killed by ‘Covid’. Which is quite understandable since so few people, officially, died from Covid. In January 2022, a Freedom of Information Act request asked the UK Government how many people aged 65 and under had actually died from the coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic, having nothing else seriously wrong with them - no ‘co-morbidities’. What was the answer, in a country where well over a million people die naturally over any two-year period?

Apparently, only seventeen hundred people aged 65 and under died just from Covid. That is practically nothing. It’s less than the 2,000 or so people killed by the RNA ‘vaccines’ in Britain according to the government’s own Yellow Card (grossly under) reporting system. There were admittedly another 15,000 deaths of older people attributable just to Covid, most in their eighties. But it is still far, far short of the national medical emergency that governments, public health establishments and global mainstream media tricked the more credulous and trusting members of their populations into believing.

For this, we closed down active society – by definition mainly comprising people under 65 – and wrecked so many businesses and lives for the profit of Big Tech and Big Pharma. And no, it’s not true that the lockdowns, masks and travel restrictions significantly protected people from Covid. They were essentially useless as well as very damaging in every way. Countless studies have confirmed the truth of this failure. It is not contestable any more.


The latest nail in the coffin of the Covid Psychological Operation (‘PsyOp’) is another Joe Rogan interview, this time with Dr Robert Malone. He is credited - correctly as far as I can tell, despite globalist ‘fact-checking’ - with a significant role in developing much of RNA technology. I attach a link below to the entire three-hour interview which is still on the Spotify Podcast site, as is Joe Rogan’s earlier interview with Dr Peter McCullough discussed in ‘Joe Rogan Interviews Dr Peter McCullough’.

Full Length ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ Episode 1757, with Dr Robert Malone.

I try to listen to – and indeed read reviews of – everything I recommend to readers here. But for those pressed for time I can report that the Malone interview covers similar territory to the McCullough interview (except for its last 13 minutes which I will discuss in my next post). Again, it is so matter-of-fact and calmly evidence-based that it took me quite a time to realise my blood was boiling just listening to it.

I was much affected by the deliberate effort made to deprive Covid sufferers of proven treatments which would have saved many lives. The official treatment was simply no treatment until the lucrative and political vital RNA vaccines could be given emergency use approval. Meanwhile many doctors have been hounded and threatened with losing their licences to practice because they have threatened Big Pharma’s profits by saving lives inexpensively and ahead of the vaccine roll-out.

State licensing of doctors and other professionals clearly makes them simple dependents of the state. They have to do what they are told, however stupid or indeed evil, or lose their livelihoods. So that’s yet another reason why healthcare, and so much else, would be better in a free, private law, society. There would be no state licencing. Vaccine passports are just the globalist bureaucrats’ scheme to make everyone else need a revocable licence to have a life’, thus suppressing dissent from their total control.

Robert Malone highlights the possible reproductive risks associated with the RNA jabs. Just to be clear, no work on the adverse longer-term effects of the jabs, including reproduction, was ever carried out in any human trials. That’s because by definition there wasn’t time to do long-term studies of the kind needed for all normal approvals. But in the animal studies carried out on different, earlier versions of what became the RNA vaccines, toxic spike proteins accumulated disproportionately in animals’ ovaries.

Readers will be aware that RNA jabs are altering women’s menstrual cycles on a large scale, and are associated with increased risk of early-stage miscarriage. We just don’t know yet whether many women will be made infertile or not by the jabs. But we will in due course.

It there is any significant problem of this kind, then the WEF globalists, bought and paid for politicians and bureaucrats and the Big Pharma executives are not going to be in a good place. They can’t keep the lid on the harm they have done, and it looks as though they cannot achieve the absolute control of dissent that was the whole purpose of ‘Covid’.

They may have thought that their best bet was starting a war in the Ukraine in order to rein in anti-globalist opposition and justify wartime repression. But the Russians aren’t cooperating. They won’t invade the Ukraine. The WEF oligarchs and their stooges in Washington and Brussels know the Russians have promised publicly, if dragged into a war over the Ukraine, to hit NATO targets in Europe and America – to get those giving the orders. That would finish off the EU and NATO, not to mention US military credibility.


Meanwhile, unsurprisingly, the globalists are putting huge pressure on Spotify to delist Joe Rogan and other voices of sanity. Kennedy’s recent Fauci book, and the two Rogan interviews, have basically holed the globalist Covid narrative below the waterline and for good, at least in the USA, and probably the UK, which is being influenced by the political fall-out in the US.

Joe Rogan averages 11 million listeners a podcast while CNN gets less than a million for its broadcasts. The most listened to ‘mainstream’ journalist is the courageous Tucker Carlson on Fox News who gets maybe a fifth of Mr Rogan’s audience. What has happened to the Mainstream Media (MSM)? For some time, it has seemed that only Big Tech was shoring up the traditional MSM TV and newspapers. MSM output automatically occupies the top rungs of Google search results. Dissenter sites have mysteriously been much harder to find.

Rogan is not a libertarian firebrand. He a ‘normie’ who carefully built up his huge audience by being willing to engage constructively with views from across the political spectrum as a kind of honest broker. Now he is under sustained establishment attack. He made the mistake of apologising to try appease Covid Karens. Doing so will have cost him many listeners who want to hear courageous journalism. Now Spotify has been emboldened to delete more and of his interview podcasts.

His best course was to stand up to Spotify, if necessary by taking his audience to another platform. Understandably, perhaps, he couldn’t. Whether or not Joe Rogan survives Big Tech and Big Pharma Covid censors, he has played a big role in defeating Davos’s Covid plan.

Meanwhile, over the last two years MSM outlets have mutated from offering biased pro-state reporting to simply acting as propaganda mouthpieces of the globalist elites and especially Big Pharma, Big Tech and the Covid scam. Big Pharma is the biggest advertiser, next to government itself, for many MSM outlets in the US. It is among the biggest funders of US congressional re-election campaigns. Many US TV stations might just as well be rebranded ‘Big Pharma TV’ because that’s how they survive.

In Britain, where direct Big Pharma advertising is discouraged, the government is splashing out doing their advertising at taxpayer expense with the same effects on MSM truthfulness.

With the McCollough and Malone interviews, and with Kennedy’s book ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’, it’s becoming clear that MSM censorship now tends to increase the audience for dissident voices. MSM censorship is boosting the credibility of dissenting voices while the MSM’s own credibility ebbs away. This is not just in America but also in Britain, where over a million people have been cancelling their BBC licences annually. That is a very big change.


I want to highlight a new book by Kees Van Der Pijl called ‘States of Emergency’. It describes how the the Covid Pandemic was planned over several years and in particular how its possible outcome was deliberately gamed in late 2019 just as the virus itself was about to spread, or more likely to be spread, around the world.

I haven’t read it, yet. I have attached a link below to a longer review of the book distributed by the Lew Rockwell website which is related to the eminently respectable Mises Institute, which is a stronghold of the Austrian School of Economics and libertarian study. I also used the Mises review of the Fauci book, so make of that what you will, and salt to taste.

Full Text of Lew Rockwell’s Review of Kees Van Der Pijl’s book ‘States of Emergency’.

Below are the first opening paragraphs of the review:

“On January 23 I reviewed on this website Kees Van Der Pijl’s new book, States of Emergency. Van Der Pijl answers the question so many people have of why and how a fake “deadly pandemic” was orchestrated with worldwide participation in the fraud. He shows that the event was long in the making by a global elite consisting of philanthropists such as Bill Gates, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Welcome Trust, elite organizations such as the World Economic Forum, tech companies and multi-billionaire owners, Fauci at NIH, CDC, FDA, WHO, pharmaceutical companies and lobbyists, and elite organizations and groups created for the purpose of concentrating power and advancing and protecting the global elites’ rule by using fear to condition the masses to being controlled and deprived of a voice and alternative explanations.

I had been thinking along these lines, but lacked Van Der Pijl’s detailed knowledge of the personalities, organizations and groups and the interactions and cooperation between them. He gives us the story. It was an elaborate exercise in massive deception and censorship that was able to discredit the world’s most renowned medical scientists and to elevate pure fiction to fact and public policy.

We owe it to ourselves to read States of Emergency in order to come to terms with the fact that we are ruled by people devoid of integrity to whom truth is an inconvenience and who are concerned solely with their control and power.”

The rest of the review (see link below) is quite a revelation. At the pre-plandemic simulation various government and military worthies suggested closing down the internet to prevent dissenting views from scuppering the official covid and vaccine narrative. But Big Tech representatives assured participants that they would be able to suppress dissent on the internet by censoring it.

Well, I don’t think that worked out quite as they hoped. Certainly, Zuckerberg and Facebook are now pretty exposed. So is Go Fund Me. Their decision not to hand over $8 million of donations to the Canadian Truckers may well be the apogee of its corporate existence. It may also result in their prosecution in the US for wire fraud, which would be an open and shut case.

The WEF globalists resemble the German tanks stalled outside Moscow in December 1941, with victory slipping away and eventual defeat looming. It’s not to say that they won’t do as much damage to Western economies as possible with their green ‘build-back-better’ obsession. We already have artificially engineered supply chain failures, an energy crisis in the EU created by a refusal to import abundant Russian natural gas, and the threat of a major war. All testify to the globalists’ refusal to go quietly into that good night. They still hope that by 2030 ‘you will own nothing and you will be happy’.

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